• Leveraging ABM As A Fluid Piece Of Your Strategy
    Marketers have long been using account-based B2B marketing to align sales and marketing against a predetermined list of key accounts.
  • 1,000,000 Words To The Wise
    I have spent much of the last decade or so trying to understand -- and write about -- the thorny entanglement of technology and human behavior.
  • Media Reports Amplify NYC Crime -- But Are They True?
    Crime reports sell papers and glue viewers to the screen, even if the data says that NYC is in fact pretty damn safe.
  • Why Participate In The Most Controversial World Cup Ever?
    Especially when, over the last 20 years, we have learned that the value of FIFA sponsorship is grossly overpriced and overvalued.
  • Thank You For A Little BASIC In My Life
    I'm grateful to the educators who pushed me to learn BASIC programming when I was a kid, because it had lasting implications on my career.
  • Using Science For Selling? Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No
    Introducing science into the marketing process may be like having Bill Nye the Science Guy teach you about quantum physics during Saturday cuddle time.
  • What's Next For News?
    Checking in with tech reformer Roger McNamee, who says "the role of media in our society is to be a countervailing force to power."
  • Social Media And The Dragon
    Statista expects a bright future for social media ad spend: a compound annual growth rate of 11.24% through 2027. I find those numbers curious,
  • Winning Without The Tailwinds
    History and math tell us that the extraordinary market expansion that we've been experiencing isn't likely to continue.
  • Is Your Eyesight 20/20? How About Your Foresight?
    Being farsighted means I need glasses to focus closely, but I must take them off to see far away. That's just like my view of the world right now.
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