• Bias: Bug Or Feature?
    When I talk about artificial intelligence, I think of a real-time Venn diagram in motion. One side is the sphere of all human activity. This circle is huge. The other side is the sphere of artificial intelligent activity. It's growing exponentially. And the overlap area between the two is also expanding at the same rate. It's this intersection between the two spheres that fascinates me. What are the rules that govern interplay between humans and machines?
  • Reddit And Violent Speech: Can It Ban Hate?
    When the media talks about social media and the impact hate speech and Russian political tactics are having on civil society, they list the best-known social networks. However, one of the most popular and provocative sites is often left off the list, and out of the conversation: Reddit. But now the site is taking steps to clarify how it moderates posts. "In particular, we found that the policy regarding 'inciting' violence was too vague," it noted.
  • Yep, We Should Be Scared Of AI
    They had invited me to talk about the technological singularity: the moment when computer intelligence surpasses human intelligence. "Is it true?" they asked, brows furrowed. "Are the robots going to kill us all?" "Very possibly," I replied. "But that's not why we should be scared." Let me explain.
  • The 5 'Ss' Marketers Want From Vendors
    Over the last few months I've had the opportunity to speak with close to 50 marketers, friends, clients and former colleagues. The conversation eventually made its way into a discussion of relationships they had with various consultants, advisors, and agencies. Just for kicks, I built a word cloud from my notes and saw five themes emerge from what they wanted from a vendor. I call them the five "Ss."
  • FOMO: More Than A Feeling
    A new buzzword has popped up that describes a state of mind I had never leveraged in marketing before: FOMO, the fear of missing out. This fear stems from our "connected everywhere" lifestyle. With literally everything a click away, people are tempted to check in all the time, afraid something important could happen and they would miss it.
  • When Technology Makes Us Better People
    Technology, we collectively owe you one. Why? Because without you, we wouldn't be slowly chipping away at the massive issue of sexual predation. #Metoo couldn't have happened without you.
  • Digital Dopamine: When 'Delightful' Becomes a Drug
    In the world of software, buzzwords come and go -- but if you watch their trajectory, you can see where things are going. It used to be you wanted your content to go "viral" and you wanted your apps to be "sticky." But now, for investors and startups looking to get a foot in the door, subtlety has been replaced by a clear urgency. Developers want their software to be addictive, a habit that users can't break, that connects at a level that transcends thought. And investors are all in. They want the next Candy Crush or Pokemon Go, using …
  • Are Agency Careers A Dead End?
    A couple of years ago, I asked the readers of this column "Would You Want To Be A Media Agency CEO In 2015?" The point was that the role of leading an agency, or a group of agencies, was not an easy job. Fast-forward to today, when agencies and their holding company motherships have become damaged goods, with revenues and margins facing south, growth stagnant, their very existence threatened.
  • Will Mobile Become The Dog Wagging TV Advertising's Tail?
    There's no question that mobile advertising will someday -- perhaps in five to seven years -- overtake television in overall U.S. ad spend. However, I think that it's quite likely that mobile will become the dog wagging TV advertising's tail well before it becomes the largest platform for U.S. ad spend. Here is why:
  • Balancing Owned, Earned and Paid Media Ain't Easy
    In marketing circles, the current construct for developing a strategy revolves around paid, earned and owned media. This is a useful model to start with, but it doesn't provide enough granularity around timing. A strong strategy for marketing campaign development requires you think how these three areas interact and at what time you should be launching each phase.
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