• The Potential Woes Of Working From Home
    Digital connection cannot possibly incorporate all the nuance of face-to-face connections needed to form trust and teamwork.
  • Are You A Zoom Zombie?
    So I hear you've been on Zoom a lot lately. How's that going?
  • What Facebook Can Learn From Ryanair
    In 2014, after business slippage, Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said it was "going to stop publicly pissing off people," which led to a turnaround.
  • What Is Google Giving You For Your 31%?
    How can a fully automated software system take so much from so many so often -- and deliver so little relative value?
  • The Evolution Of Social Media
    Social media needs to evolve and accept that it is a publisher and not just a platform.
  • TV And The Baby Boomers
    I spent an unhealthy amount of time watching TV when I was young. It couldn't help partially form the person I am today.
  • A Delicate Balance: Masks At Retail
    The challenge here is that the policy has to be enforced by store employees, who lack training or experience in doing so.
  • Sorry For The Bad News
    As a marketer, part of your job is to meet the moment. And, given necessary lead times, meeting the moment means anticipating the moment.
  • Automating TV Ad Activation Is Hard: Adobe Exits The Business
    Here are the main reasons why so many companies tried and failed to build profitable, scalable businesses automating TV advertising with digital-born techniques.
  • Consumers Are Illogical -- And That's OK
    Consumers seem to rarely do as they say and say as they do.
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