• A World Flattened By Social Media
    If the sum total of my Facebook feed defined the actual world I had to live in, I would get pretty bored with it in the first 15 minutes.
  • TV's Still Where It's At, Even If Upfronts Are Moving
    The death of TV as the most dominant medium is grossly exaggerated.
  • We Must Make A Difference
    Like so many others, I'm discovering I don't know nearly as much about racism as I thought I did. I'm learning that I need to listen.
  • The Positive Role Of Media In Today's World
    I have written time and time again that media has a responsibility to present a fair and balanced perspective on what is going on in the country.
  • Crisis? What Crisis?
    We're collectively unable to remain focused on anything without being distracted by the next breaking story in our news feed.
  • Hate Speech Thrives On Reddit
    Reddit is mostly an unregulated Wild West trying to balance an open-platform philosophy with the web's increasingly dark wave of racist and sexist memes.
  • How Brands Should Engage With The Protests
    Don't. If you're worried people will be wondering why your brand isn't more vocal -- they aren't. Nobody cares about your brand right now.
  • The Monster In The Mirror
    We (advertising) created a monster in social media, and it is now deployed by parties who are unconstrained by the rules of engagement for advertising.
  • Help Spread Words That Heal
    The media can help to spread rational thought and stoke symbols of hope -- but today there's no Walter Cronkite. Instead, we have Mark Zuckerberg.
  • How Social Media Is Rewiring Our Morality
    I never would have dreamed that one of the many fault lines in our society would be who wore a face mask and who didn't.
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