• Will Mobile Become The Dog Wagging TV Advertising's Tail?
    There is no question that mobile advertising will someday -- perhaps in five to seven years -- overtake television in overall U.S. ad spend.
  • Amazon Starts Disrupting Grocery Store Loyalty Programs!
    Amazon and Whole Foods was a shock to many people (myself included), but now that the dust has settled, it's clear this marriage is step towards the disruption of another age-old category - grocery loyalty programs.
  • To Buy Or Not To Buy - The Touchy Subject Of Mobile ECommerce
    A recent report from Akamai indicates that users have little patience when it comes to making purchases on a mobile device. Here are just a few of the stats.
  • Why September 12th Matters
    September 12th is very special day. Every year, reliably, something big happens on that day. This year is no different. The new Apple iPhone will launch on September 12th. Hillary Clinton's book, What Happened, hits bookstores, NASA is launching its Expedition 53 Launch Mission on September 12th. And it's even National Milk Shake Day.
  • The Agency Holding Company Model Is NOT Dead -- Just Challenged
    After WPP's poor financial showing in its latest results, much has been made of the imminent demise of Sir Martin's agency conglomerate, and the ad agency holding company model in general. Let's be clear: there are a lot of pressures on that model. But it should survive -- in one form or another.
  • Evaluating Your Content Management Solutions
    The world has moved from a brand-centric broadcast mentality to a customer-centric content marketing strategy. That means you have to create content even more customized to the needs of your audience, and you need to be able to distribute that content across any channel, fully acknowledging that the number of possible channels is always increasing.
  • The Assisted Reality Of The New Marketer
    Last week, MediaPost's Laurie Sullivan warned us that the future of analytical number crunchers is not particularly rosy in the world of marketing. With cognitive technologies like IBM's Watson coming on strong in more and more places, analytic skills are not that hot a commodity anymore. Ironically, when it comes to marketing, the majority of companies have not planned to incorporate cognitive technologies in the near future. According to a report from IBM and Oxford Economics, only 24% of organizations have a plan to incorporate CT in their own operations.
  • Digital Platforms Cautiously Begin Content Moderation
    Facebook, YouTube, Google, and GoDaddy have all moved cautiously to limit or remove hate speech, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis from their platforms -- while Reddit and 4Chan have so far remained on the sidelines, as the platforms of choice for both Trump supporters and outspoken extremist groups.
  • Solving For Hate
    Like you -- I assume -- I hope-- I was saddened and sickened by the events that unfolded in Charlottesville last weekend. Saddened by the hatred. Sickened by the violence. Filled with grief, and despairing of our ability to soothe these tensions and heal these divides. To be clear -- because these times require us to make no assumptions -- I denounce, unequivocally, neo-Nazism, the alt-right and white supremacy. Denouncing these things is easy (for most of us). Figuring out what to do about them is hard.What should we do, for example, about hate speech?
  • Whether Or Not Software 'Eats Agencies' Is Up To Agencies
    Venture capitalist and creator of the web browser as we know it Marc Andreessen famously wrote an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal in 2011 titled "Why Software Is Eating the World." He argued that the disruption of business by the internet and software was only just beginning, and that all industries around the world would eventually find themselves hollowed out -- or "eaten" -- by digital-first, software-based competitors. Certainly, we've already seen Andreessen's thesis play out in different arenas. Who in the ad industry is likely to be served up next to ravenous software competitors?
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