• Documentary's Golden Age, On Netflix
    Here's my list of documentary films to watch and share.
  • The Big Idea, Revisited
    It was two hours past midnight, now 2019, and the CEO of the biggest social media company in the world was sitting quietly at home, staring into the fire.
  • At Least 50% Of TV Ad Jobs Will Be Gone In 5 Years
    For people who work in TV advertising, the next five years are bound to be bumpy -- but not because everyone is cutting the cord.
  • The Benefits Of A Shrinking Ad-Tech Landscape
    Ad tech has been filled with me-too companies and those living off their funding for far too long.
  • 2018: Tumultuous Year In News, Technology
    It's been a volatile year in tech, as crosscurrents and political upheavals were driven by powerful tech platforms.
  • No, You Can't Value Facebook At $1,000 Per User
    It's a study perfectly designed for the headlines: researchers at Tufts University paying people to walk away from Facebook.
  • What Didn't Change The World Of Advertising In 2018 -- And Probably Won't In 2019
    From blockchain to AI, here are some of my favorite trends or technologies whose hype exceeds their real-life impact.
  • Next Year, Let's Explore Your POV, My POV -- And Truth Somewhere In Between
    Next year, make an attempt to understand ideas and points of view outside of your "bubble."
  • Is Google Politically Biased?
    As a company, the answer is almost assuredly yes. But are search results biased? That's a much more nuanced question.
  • Pizza, Rent -- And Trump
    On my block, there are a lot of closed storefronts. They used to be neighborhood restaurants, a hardware store, a local pharmacy. All gone.
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