• D2C Marketers Will Accelerate Visibility Into TV's Kicker Effect
    When will TV companies start getting at least partial credit for the kicker effect they provide to search and social ads?
  • Is Third-Party Data Dead?
    Our efforts continue to improve the more we layer in the right data, but very little (if any) of that data is third-party-based.
  • We Have To Dig Deeper For True Disruption Threatening Advertising
    Ken Auletta had me at "disruption." I've just finished reading his new book, "Frenemies, The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else)."
  • The Long Last Mile
    The web is my home lifeline to the world. Which is why having a single provider of that wire - and a mediocre one at that - is frankly terrifying.
  • Jim Acosta, Deepfakes -- And The Death Of Truth
    Today, it's Jim Acosta's arm coming down slightly faster that it actually did, in a doctored video. Tomorrow, he's asking things he never actually asked.
  • TV Networks Win If Advertisers Get More Transparency, Automation, Control
    TV networks are being pressured to deliver much more for advertisers, even if they have to do it with less: more value-add, more integrations, more digital sizzle.
  • Is It Too Early To Predict 2019?
    I feel it's OK to share what I think are the three most important topics of conversation as we head into the new year.
  • Why Marketing Is Increasingly Polarizing Everything
    Our country is being split down the middle and driven to either side - shoved to margins of outlier territory. And marketing is partly to blame.
  • Why Discovery's Live Border Show Is A Terrible Idea
    Discovery executives said the show, which will report live from a different border location each week, will not be "political." But of course it will be.
  • Data, Trust -- And Flying Pigs
    Data and trust should -- and could -- go together. But the choices we have made as an industry have severely damaged the relationship between the two.
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