• Social Media Reflects Rights Vs. Obligations Split
    The right tends to focus on individual rights they feel they're at risk of losing. The left thinks more in terms of societal obligations.
  • American History Can't Be Buried
    Historians say it's reasonable to expect New York to live up to its obligation to shepherd and share the extraordinary and essential archives of 9/11.
  • Climate Change, Pandemics, Terror Attacks: Focusing On What Really Matters
    There are major crises in the world. And we waste time on culture wars and whether Twitter should have changed its font.
  • Why I Don't Love Slack Like I Used To
    I liked the Slack ad that aired during the Olympics the first 10 or 20 times I saw it, but less so the next 100 or more times it played.
  • Did Anyone Watch The Olympics?
    Olympic TV viewership was down an average of 45%. Based on that fact, the answer to the question is "not really."
  • Why is Everthing Now 'Unprecedented'?
    What was once considered unthinkable can eventually become acceptable or even popular, given shifting sensitivities of the public.
  • Evolution of UGC: From MTV To TikTok
    I have two stories to tell, one about how UGC began, and a second about how its complexity continues to grow.
  • Time For Another Rant: Dear Digital D2C Marketers
    A couple of issues require your attention -- because, frankly, they should no longer occur, given today's technology and a few decades of experience.
  • People V. Ad Platforms
    With a few exceptions, anyone can use any language to tell any lie to anyone else using the internet. All humans have become unregulated media channels.
  • The Media Makes Me Feel More Anxious About COVID Wave 3
    I am a parent with kids 12 and under, and I constantly see news that reflects my concerns about them returning to school.
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