• What Would Ad Industry Do If It Heard 22% Of Nielsen's TV Panel Were Bots?
    Folks would be up in arms. Yet how come most yawn when you talk about the clear, unmistakable problems of fraud and opacity in digital?
  • How Media -- And Politics -- Can Be A Matter Of Perspective
    The way you look at media is heavily influenced by your age, life stage and the environment in which you were raised.
  • Is There Still Room In Today's Marketing World For Rick Steves?
    U.S. travel writer and TV personality Rick Steves is -- well, there's no really kind way to put this -- a weenie.
  • Warren Takes On Facebook's No-Fact-Check Policy
    Warren's team placed an ad on Facebook surely designed to be provocative, falsely claiming Facebook had endorsed Trump.
  • Uber Driver Proves Once Again That Uber Model Sucks
    Looking more deeply into one Uber driver's account of his week -- and counting up exactly how much money he actually made.
  • Paradox: Streaming Wars Will Be Great For TV Advertisers
    One reason why: Much of America can't access streaming services.
  • Is B2C Marketing Really Different From B2B Marketing?
    To be honest, I think the demarcation is unnecessary. Marketing is about finding the right message that resonates with the right target and delivering it to evoke a response.
  • The Difference Between Right-Wing And Left-Wing Media Brain
    I hesitate to put yet another wall between conservatives and liberals. But, in seeking answers to complex questions, I think we have to be open about our differences.
  • What is CTRL-Labs, And Why Did Facebook Buy It?
    The team at CTRL-Labs is using signals from the brain as a powerful way to connect machines and the brain itself.
  • Open Office, Office Tech And The Death Of Creativity
    Now that we're debunking the usefulness of open-office plans and Slack, let's also take a look at the agency ecosystem.
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