• The Death Of Mobile?
    Mobile's future is in question if it continues to be the primary means of junk, spam and general frustration in our lives.
  • The Decoupling Effect: How Regulators Struggle To Keep Up
    For a start-up, "decoupling is looking at one activity in the customer value chain and deciding to do it much better than the incumbent."
  • What Cory Booker Knew About Twitter Before Trump
    Trump didn't invent the use of social media as a way to connect directly and authentically with his electorate. That honor goes to Cory Booker.
  • How YouTube's Big Goal Backfired
    A billion hours of video viewing per day? What could go wrong? Videos calling the Parkland shooting victims "crisis actors": listed on YouTube's trending page.
  • Why We Still Need The TV Upfronts In 2019
    For one: People are still watching TV, and they're not just folks "65 to dead."
  • The Globalization Of Sports Media Celebrity
    It really doesn't matter where you play, if you play better than everyone else. Digital media has globalized celebrity in a way unseen in previous years.
  • Why Are So Many Companies So Horrible At Responding To Emails?
    I hate 62.4% of the people I email in the futile expectation of a response...sometime...in the next decade or so...
  • TED 2019 Asks Big Questions
    TED Conference 2019 set to explore "the inspiring possibilities that happen when we ask what ideas are truly worth fighting for, worth living for."
  • To Fix Workforce Diversity Problem, We Need To Solve Recruitment Problem
    Looking for your first job, you rely on job boards and recruiter tools. For more senior positions, you rely on your network. Both factors are biased.
  • Way Past The Looking Glass
    In adland, "transparency" is more like a circus mirror: one-way glass in some places, clear in others, and reflections distorted by design.
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