Deep Internet Thoughts -- From All Of Us

In the spirit of the holiday season and the preponderance of prognostications for the future of 2022, I decided to not partake in a pundit’s priority of predictions, but rather I decided to post “deep digital thoughts” in the style of  "Saturday Night Live'"s Jack Handey meets comedian Steven Wright.  I even want to test this out as an experiment and see if any of you have more.

If you buy digital ads with crypto currency, does anyone really make any money?

If I buy intangible real estate in a digital publication to reach a data-driven audience, but I pay for the media costs in Bitcoin or Ethereum, was there ever a true transaction taking place? 

If a click occurs after hours on a website, and the user abandons their cart and never responds to an email (maybe even providing a false email address), was there ever any real engagement?

If 28.5% of total email traffic worldwide is considered spam, is that distributed evenly -- or are all my emails being ignored, and someone else has all their emails being responded to?



If a tree falls in a digital forest inside of Decentraland, does it make a sound?  What if the speakers are turned off?  Did anyone else hear it?

If Facebook is now Meta, what do we call metadata on Facebook?  Is it Meta metadata?

If Bugs Bunny had a Boston accent, would he say, “WhatsApp, Doc"?

When searching on Google Maps or Apple Maps, does anyone actually use the estimated time to walk for directions over a mile?  When I pull up the directions for a 3-hour drive, and it says to walk would take 18 hours, does Google really think there is chance I was going to walk?

Why does Alexa always interrupt me when I am talking to my wife?  Even my 10-year-old son knows better.

Has Siri ever actually answered a question correctly for you?  Me neither.

Don’t you hate people who answer their own questions?  I do.

Do people really believe everything they read on the internet? 

Do people really think Facebook is a viable source of news and information?

To be honest, that is all I could come up with so far.  Do you have any good ones that you can add to the comments section?  If you are reading this, it’s a slow Dec. 29, so take a minute and drop a comment in and share your very own Deep Thoughts!

Happy holidays, everyone!

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