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Cory Treffiletti

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Cory Treffiletti is the Chief Marketing Officer for Voicera. Cory has pioneered digital and data-driven marketing efforts as the CMO (VP) for Oracle's Data Cloud and CMO (SVP) for BlueKai, the leading cloud-based, marketing data management platform. Cory has been a thought leader, executive and business driver in the digital media landscape since 1994 helping build successful companies such as i-Traffic, Freestyle Interactive, and Carat (Aegis). He has written a weekly column on digital marketing since 2000 for MediaPost's OnlineSPIN and Media Insider column as well as published a book called Internet Ad Pioneers (available on . He currently serves on the board of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and is a graduate of the Newhouse School for Public Communications at Syracuse University.

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  • A Call To Arms In Data in Media Insider on 07/11/2018

    As more consumers become aware of data use, they will likely pressure the federal government to develop some kind of broader national legislation that could be even more restrictive and detrimental to the ad- and mar-tech sector than the GDPR and recent California legislation. This needs to become a central issue, and the large companies in the data, digital media and technology business need to band together to address it proactively.

  • Voice: One Medium To Rule Them All in Media Insider on 06/27/2018

    n case you haven't noticed, voice is everywhere. It is quickly going to become the dominant way we interact with computers in the coming years, and is going to have a massive impact -- in some ways, devastatingly so -- on the world of advertising and marketing.

  • Data Ignorance Is Not Data Bliss in Media Insider on 06/20/2018

    Do you know where your data came from, where it is and what it's doing?

  • Email Is A Life-Stage Tool in Media Insider on 06/13/2018

    Often overlooked, never appreciated, email is still the backbone of a company's go-to-market strategy.

  • A New Paradigm For Advertisers in Media Insider on 06/06/2018

    Is advertising going to take a step backwards? I ask this question because I find the current state of advertising to be fascinating. Let me explain why.

  • GDPR's Impact On Your Inbox in Media Insider on 05/30/2018

    My inbox is exploding with GDPR notices, but does ignoring these emails and refusing to click and accept these new policies mean the end of junk mail in my inbox? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

  • Voice Is The New Black in Media Insider on 05/23/2018

    Media has to change every couple of years, or it gets old. We had print, then radio, then TV. Along came the Internet, then mobile - and now it's voice, an entirely new medium that will disrupt everything that has come before, but maybe not in the same way as previous disruptions you've witnessed.

  • The Benefits Of A Shrinking Ad-Tech Landscape in Media Insider on 05/16/2018

    There may not be a dot-com bubble to burst anymore, but we are certainly entering into a period of consolidation and possibly reduction in the overall number of vendors around for you to spend your dollars on. In my humble opinion, this is a good thing.

  • Data, Storytelling And The Zen Of Marketing Management in Media Insider on 05/09/2018

    I've always believed marketers should be storytellers first, but they need to manage data to make sure their stories are being told to the people who care the most. A solid marketer should put together a strategy based on four steps, and these steps have to be pursued in order.

  • Facebook Embraces Its Mis-Steps With Emotion in Media Insider on 05/02/2018

    This past weekend, during the NBA playoffs on TNT, I watched something that caught me off-guard. It was Facebook's "Here Together" ad - by and about Facebook - and it was one of the most genuine and articulate ads I have ever seen from a web-based company.

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