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Cory Treffiletti

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Cory Treffiletti is the Chief Marketing Officer for Voicera. Cory has pioneered digital and data-driven marketing efforts as the CMO (VP) for Oracle's Data Cloud and CMO (SVP) for BlueKai, the leading cloud-based, marketing data management platform. Cory has been a thought leader, executive and business driver in the digital media landscape since 1994 helping build successful companies such as i-Traffic, Freestyle Interactive, and Carat (Aegis). He has written a weekly column on digital marketing since 2000 for MediaPost's OnlineSPIN and Media Insider column as well as published a book called Internet Ad Pioneers (available on . He currently serves on the board of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and is a graduate of the Newhouse School for Public Communications at Syracuse University.

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  • The Value Of Genuine Relationships At Work in Media Insider on 03/21/2018

    Sales and marketing are people-oriented businesses built on relationships. Unfortunately, a lot of these relationships are "fake," meaning your associates don't have much interest in you as a person, but are more interested in you as a representative of an opportunity. The quickest way to find this out is to move from one job to another and see whose perspective on you changes along with the role.

  • Embracing Partner Marketing To Drive Results in Media Insider on 03/14/2018

    There's an often-overlooked tool in your toolbox, an element that can bring massive returns when executed correctly: partner marketing. Marketers fail to make use of this tool for two reasons. First, it's a long play. Partner marketing requires an investment of time before it bears fruit. Second, it's hard and requires focus. Partner marketing is like native advertising, where you have to learn about the channels at your disposal and customize approaches for each one.

  • Transparency: Make It Your Problem Before Someone Does It For You in Media Insider on 03/07/2018

    Transparency is a big word for an important idea, but I'm curious if it will actually have an impact on the advertising business. If you casually peruse articles about advertising published in the last few years, you'll see a steady increase in the volume of people talking about transparency, but if you dive one layer deeper, you'll find it's still just talk - not a business practice for most companies.

  • Why Do Digital Marketers Overlook Direct Mail? in Media Insider on 02/28/2018

    How many of you are purely digital marketers? How many of you have ever tried direct mail? If you answered "yes" to the first question, and "no" to the second, it's time to think again. You might be overlooking a superbly valuable channel that most of your competitors are also overlooking.

  • Sometimes You Just Need A Bon-Bon And A Break in Media Insider on 02/21/2018

    "Oprah says she gets up early, and so does Elon Musk. Steve Jobs did it, so why not me?" you might say. The fact is, these people try to get up early as often as they can, but sometimes they sleep in.

  • Content Marketing: Not As Easy As People Say It Is in Media Insider on 02/14/2018

    Content marketing is one of the most difficult forms of marketing to master. First off, it takes a village. A successful content strategy requires writers, designers and media people who understand how to find the right audience even if it is not through paid media.

  • A Series Of Single And Doubles, With The Chance to Swing for The Fences in Media Insider on 02/07/2018

    The Super Bowl is over, basketball is headed towards the All-Star break and baseball is about to herald the arrival of pitchers and catchers. I love sports and all its analogies - so, as we enter into this glorious time of year, I start thinking about how what I do relates to the games we all love to watch.

  • Speak Softly -- And Don't Carry A Stick At All in Media Insider on 01/31/2018

    The original quote actually goes, "Speak softly and carry a big stick" and is initially attributed to Teddy Roosevelt. Unfortunately, this is too often the predominant approach of media salespeople. Far too many of them talk first and try to bludgeon you with their product rather than ask questions and listen.

  • The Future Of AI? Just Watch Your Kids in Media Insider on 01/24/2018

    If you truly want to witness the future, look no further than your own kids. Even better: If you want to keep your kids happy, simply give them some AI to play with.

  • When Influencers Are A Good Influence For The Wrong Reasons in Media Insider on 01/17/2018

    A few weeks ago I wrote about being authentic and genuine, both as a brand and a person. Unfortunately, there's a downside to always being authentic, because that can lead to incredible rudeness. How do you balance "being yourself" with being professional in the workplace?

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