• No, It's Not A Deepfake. Yes, The Language Matters
    Trump co-opted the term "fake news," so let's be careful with "deepfake." It's not doctoring an already existing video.
  • Let's Find 'Anti-Fragile' Solutions To The Loss Of The Cookie
    Writer Nassim Taleb coined the term anti-fragile to describe things that actually get stronger from adversity, stress and disruption.
  • Relationships Key To Your Personal, Professional Growth
    Last week I had the distinct honor to reconnect with many of the people behind the launch and expansion of the internet advertising industry.
  • The Saddest Part Of Sadfishing
    Why do I feel so uneasy about too-personal sharing on social media?
  • America's Consumer Anxiety
    Income inequality isn't an accident. It's central to everything that's happening in the American economy.
  • The State Of The Digital Advertising Union
    We are still seeing digital ad fraud at an industrial scale, and certain players -- cough, Facebook -- not really addressing some of the most pervasive issues.
  • The Google Maneuver
    Google's ban of third-party cookies in Chrome could destroy thousands of jobs, erase billions in investment, or cripple digital ad accountability.
  • Global Chaos Will Affect Ad Spend
    With all the various uncertainties in the world, plus the fact that this year will be such a high spend, I predict 2021 will be down year for ad spend.
  • Saying 'So Long' To SEMPO
    The search industry no longer needs SEMPO, at least as a stand-alone organization. And if that's the case, then SEMPO knocked it out of the park.
  • Why I'm Canceling The Apple Card -- And So Should You
    Apple defaults even basic questions or support to some odd semi-human Goldman Sachs robo-banker who seems to want to drive you to cancel.
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