• Is TV Advertising Stagnating?
    Streaming is the way of the future, which we all know, but the model for advertising that has been carried over from linear to streaming is not the right one.
  • No News Is Good News
    While the news we watch pushes all our hot buttons, it doesn't serve a useful purpose but does the exact opposite, leading to mental & physical ill-being.
  • Social Media Harms: Victims' Voices Matter
    Talking with three people currently examining the negative impact social media has on kids and teens -- and advocating for change.
  • Marketing Festivus -- Way Too Early
    Quoting Frank Costanza in "Seinfeld": "The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances." So here goes!
  • Standing Tall With Tech In Israel And Ukraine
    The technology industry in Israel and Ukraine needs our help. Let's do everything we can to keep our business flowing to those companies.
  • How's Your Mobile Phone Etiquette?
    These days, calling someone unannounced is considered bad form -- and it's even worse to leave a message. Really?
  • In Defense Of SEO
    Did SEOs ruin the internet, as a recent post claims? Nope. Millions of websites have been optimized by SEOs to make the internet a less confusing place.
  • Barack Obama Calls For A New Kind Of Media
    "The level of polarization that we're at right now is not helping anybody, except maybe some talking heads, and folks on TikTok -- who are monetizing it, by the way."
  • The Problem With AI Isn't That It's Inaccurate
    What we don't expect is some of the completely left-field stuff we get from generative AI.
  • Ad Overfrequency Sucks!
    Who's really getting hurt by streaming ad overfrequency? No one dies here. But according to a new study, more damage is being caused than we might think.
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