• These Times Are Not Normal. Don't Make The Mistake Of Acting As If They Are
    I watch everything that's happening, and I think: How can anyone focus on ordinary, everyday business?
  • Video Ad World Will Change More In Next 6 Months Than In Past 6 Years
    Why? For one, incumbent TV companies are hard-pressed to respond to new viewer demands.
  • Let's Put An End To Doomscrolling!
    Doomscrolling describes the near-endless phone scroll of reading news feeds and diving into content that relates to the day's topical news.
  • Hope's Not Dead, It's Just Been Handed Down
    My hope now comes from my kids. Maybe my hope that technology will ultimately make us better people wasn't wrong, it just had to skip a couple of generations.
  • Hyper-Local News, From Way Back When
    What is hyper-local news, and is there any chance it will emerge as the voice of our communities? An example buried deep in the archives may hold some clues.
  • Huh? Advertisers Boycott Social Media Now, Plan On Raising 2021 Investment
    Many advertisers that are now on the boycott bandwagon will have to rethink their strategies completely if the boycott does not yield results.
  • We Won't Have Major League Sports This Summer (Or) Fall
    For advertisers dependent on live sports on TV, it's time to get your Plan B in place.
  • The Media World, Brands, Are Changing -- For Good
    Brands are becoming more than a voice for profit. They are becoming a megaphone for their customers.
  • Are We Killing Politeness?
    When the President of the United States is the poster child for rude behavior, it's tough for politeness to survive.
  • Why Does Search Suck?
    As the companies that control web search have shifted from providing a service to selling products, search has slowly, inexorably, evolved -- and not in a good way.
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