• Great Advertising Is Local
    A toast to ad events held locally -- where the real impact of advertising is felt, and where so much of the very best work in our business is done.
  • Handshake Or Fist-Bump?
    My tolerance changes depending on the situation and my own comfort level. After meeting up with 10 or 15 people at a conference, I switch to a fist-bump.
  • Putting A Label On It
    Will slapping a warning label on toxic news sources have any effect? How about labels on cigarettes -- and in pharma ads? The answer is complicated.
  • Is Fox News Really A News Organization?
    Not only did the network not cover the news in the first of the Jan. 6 hearings, but it made a concerted effort to obstruct viewers from watching the news.
  • CMOs And Premier League Soccer Managers Have Something In Common
    Both have short tenures. And CMOs take the blame for results affected by forces well outside their control.
  • Is The TV Business Ready For Ad Ratings?
    Let's attack some of the real, low-hanging fruit in the gaps in today's TV ad measurement. Content versus ad ratings should be first in line.
  • Why Are Apple and Meta Duking It Out On TV?
    The data-driven ad wars are heating up -- but not in the way you would have expected!
  • The Complexities Of Understanding Each Other
    The more real-world experience we have with each other, the more successful we will be when it comes to truly getting into someone else's head.
  • Is The Current State Of Media Sustainable?
    "A lot of white people have been terrified, and there's profit in the terror -- algorithmic profit from these networks that don't care about the content," said Baratunde Thurston.
  • Time For A Little Perspective
    When the world is full of sound and fury, I come back to the James Webb Space Telescope, which will enable us to lift our gazes higher and see further.
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