• OTA Fastest-Growing Acronym In Premium Video Advertising -- NOT OTT
    Heroes & Icons, Bounce, Escape, Laugh, Grit, Comet and MeTV. Do you know those TV network brands? You should.
  • The Truth And Nothing But The Truth (In Media)
    What exactly is "truth" anymore, and how does that word apply to media and advertising these days?
  • Dear Facebook: It's Not Me, It's You
    So let's say, hypothetically, one wanted to break up with Facebook? Just how would one do that?
  • Digital Danger Ahead
    Slowly, you've been telling the web things about you - without meaning to.
  • Agency Holding Company Model Is Broken -- And Fix Is Unclear
    The ecosystem is typically fragmented across a range of agencies, service providers and consultants, as well as internal partners and service providers.
  • Get Ready For A Turbulent 2019
    Among the disruptions I expect: more retailers shutting down, more trade disputes and tariffs, and macroeconomic challenges.
  • 2019 Is The Year Of #VoiceFirst
    Tech companies have all caught on to the idea that voice is the new UI. Voice is a level-setter.
  • The Strange Polarity Of Facebook's Moral Compass
    For Facebook, 2018 came in like a lion, and went out like a really pissed-off Godzilla with a savagely bad hangover after the Mother of all New Year's Eves.
  • Advertising Activism Has Impact
    The era of brands sitting on the sidelines is over. Every ad placement is now an endorsement.
  • What Comes After The Age Of Apple?
    To help answer this question, we're republishing an open letter I wrote to Tim Cook when he took over from Steve Jobs.
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