• Agency Pitch Controversy That Isn't
    General Mills CMO Ivan Pollard issued a statement following backlash against the terms of an agency review his company is conducting.
  • What WON'T Happen In Cannes Next Week?
    Contrary to the session promo headlines, the industry isn't likely to make any real progress in solving several big issues.
  • This Column Can, Like, Help You Present Better, You Know?
    Most people think their speech sounds like a Shakespearean sonnet, but in reality, it's like what a non-Phish fan hears when they listen to Phish: painful and meandering.
  • The Gap Between People And Platforms
    As we rely more and more on software, we gain a false confidence that it replaces human-powered expertise. It doesn't.
  • Has Curation Jumped The Shark?
    Content curation was a wholly new discipline, but with a trajectory that had value in 2011, when McGraw Hill published my book "Curation Nation."
  • Not Much Between Us And Dystopia
    Huh? Conference attendees applaud ideas meant as pranks -- like VoteAuction.com, where voters can sell their vote directly to the highest bidder.
  • Brand Direct: Fact And Friction
    Is traditional retail disrupted by D2C? Certainly, retail is suffering, but direct selling by brands may not be the reason.
  • Axl Rose, Pinot Noir -- And Marketing
    If you ask marketers what they wish they had more of, they will inevitably say budget. But they should also be asking for time.
  • A Few Thoughts On Trump, Wikipedia -- And The Perfect Pour
    Say what you want about Trump, but he does generate a lot of froth. And froth needs time to settle. Just ask the brewers of Guinness.
  • Can Dweb Save The Internet?
    Early web innovators are uniting to to use decentralized technologies to "Lock the Web Open."
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