• A Call To Advertise Responsibly In Digital
    Marketers will need to be overt and purposeful about drawing digital advertising red lines, and transparently publish how well they have done.
  • Why The Media Should Care About Crypto
    Media companies should watch the crypto space very carefully. I believe they will be watching their own future.
  • Can AI Solve The Jobs Problem?
    Can AI replace the roles you have open, or at least allow you to reallocate your people to roles that are more valuable?
  • Friendship, Uncoupled
    With social media, friendship is now many steps removed from its physical, intimate and organic roots. It is stripped of the context in which it evolved.
  • Crypto Criminals, Beware
    Crypto critics say digital coins are payment method of choice among criminals such as ransomware hackers because the coins are untraceable.
  • The Crumbling Of The Facebook Empire, Part II
    More evidence of trouble brewing in Menlo Park: Facebook product manager-turned-whistleblower Frances Haugen -- and she brought RECEIPTS.
  • These Are Not The Droids You Are Looking For
    Asking Facebook to provide an accurate reach measure is objectively reasonable. Why then is the company's answer so smarmy?
  • If You Build It, They May Not Come
    "Field of Dreams" is more than a simple story about family and love of baseball. It's also an analogy for the interaction of product and marketing.
  • Moving Beyond Willful Ignorance
    This recent plague of willful ignorance is many things --- but most of all, it's one more example of how we love to separate "us" from "them."
  • Boardroom Dramas: 'Billions' Vs. 'Succession'
    While the series are different, they are both -- at their core -- the battle of the billionaires.
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