• Will California Put The Nail In The Coffin Of Third-Party Data?
    It's entirely possible that third-party data may become unavailable to marketers within the next 24 months. What impact will that have on the entire ecosystem?
  • The Importance Of Playing Make-Believe
    I'm concerned that rather than making their own make-believe, children today are playing in the highly commercialized imaginations of profit-hungry corporations.
  • Building Authentic Brand Impact With Video
    NGOs, nonprofits, and brands need a new chair in the C suite: CSO, chief storytelling officer.
  • Digital Ad Fraud Down: What Does That Really Mean?
    Yes, it is good news that we are down 11% on bot fraud -- but this is a $700 million improvement on a $221 billion global digital ad market.
  • Now Hear This!
    Audio is looking interesting again, because new distribution channels for talk and music are being adopted wholesale by consumers.
  • What 'Avengers,' 'GoT' Teach Us About Marketing
    The movie and TV show both have a firm grasp on the art of storytelling.
  • Selfies: A Different Take on Reality
    Taking a selfie when you're in front of a gorgeous view? "Self-presentational concern" can creep into these lifetime moments and suck the awe right out of them.
  • Tribeca Takes Audiences Inside Stories
    I went to Tribeca Film Institute's Virtual Arcade to see the best in VR and peek around the corner at what's ahead.
  • The Christchurch Call: Social Media's Role In Fomenting Extremism
    A meeting of world leaders and tech execs, set for Paris in May, comes in response to the horrific terror attack that killed 50 people last month in New Zealand.
  • FTC Fine Teaches TikTok The Wrong Lesson
    TikTok will pay the largest fine in COPPA history for illegally collecting personal information from children. It will change some practices - and them move on.
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