• Reopening: Being More Than A Cog In A Machine
    Accommodating the very real and justified fears of so many will be critical to making reopening work.
  • Data, Technology, AI -- And A Little Bit Of Luck
    To be lucky, you need to push into uncomfortable areas to acquire knowledge, and you have to be willing to listen and learn.
  • Social Media Reflects Rights Vs. Obligations Split
    The right tends to focus on individual rights they feel they're at risk of losing. The left thinks more in terms of societal obligations.
  • In Favor Of Cancel Culture
    When a brand makes a decision, its opponents may cry "cancel culture." But there are times when it's little more than smart brand marketing.
  • To Integrate Measurement -- Or Not To Integrate Measurement?
    In my home country, The Netherlands, Kantar and Ipsos will now deliver a fully integrated set of media usage data across all media.
  • When Retailers Become Media Sellers
    Retailers are looking beyond optimizing their own operations through data, and moving toward new revenue streams.
  • Context: The Smoked Paprika Of Your Campaign Recipe
    Contextual targeting with a little bit of data layered over it is extremely effective at delivering a relevant message to a targeted audience.
  • Picking Apart The Concept Of Viral Videos
    Is going viral all it's cracked up to be? For example, what if you're targeting a smaller audience?
  • 'Nomadland' Tells The Truth About America
    Real-life characters make up the backbone of "Nomadland" -- people who reject the label of homeless and instead call themselves "houseless."
  • How NOT To Do Corporate Social Media
    Major global corporations can still make my jaw drop with their utter social media tone-deafness. For example, Amazon vs. Senator Warren.
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