• Data Quality Update
    How can we best measure data quality? The "nutrition label" idea is helpful -- but a few facts do not comprise transparency.
  • Can I 'Marie Kondo' My Media Consumption?
    I spend too much time reading a litany of websites on a daily basis -- but does any of that give me joy?
  • It's The Fall That's Gonna Kill You
    Advertising and our attitudes toward it change through the life cycle of a brand, product or company.
  • YouTube Kills Comments
    As platforms like YouTube and Facebook are steadfast in their role as platforms, not publishers, they walk an increasingly complicated line.
  • FTC Fine Teaches TikTok The Wrong Lesson
    If there's anything Facebook's history has shown us, it's that when you get to a certain size, you stop caring when the FTC hits you with fines.
  • How D2C Brands Are Truly Different From Legacy Brands
    Likening these new brands to those they are disrupting is like saying that Amazon is just a freshened-up version of Sears or Walmart. It is not. They are not.
  • Do You Let Your Kids Watch The News?
    Way back when, my parents didn't have to turn off the TV for fear my mind would be soiled by stories of misogyny by public officials or hate crimes.
  • Beijing's Real-Life 'Black Mirror' Episode
    The Chinese government has been experimenting with a social credit program that rewards good behavior and punishes bad. Next year, it becomes mandatory.
  • Is Advertising Obsolete?
    Imagine a world wiped clean of advertising of all kinds. Would you still be able to find all the information about products you could ever want? Of course you would.
  • We Are All Frauds: The Way We Advertise Does Not Work (Says Havas)
    Shockingly, a Havas study issued every two years since 2008 shows consumers around the world couldn't care less if the majority of brands disappeared overnight.
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