• Wanted, To Protect Democracy: Good Journalism
    We need more moments when an investigation -- or dogged determination -- transforms the public's knowledge of something profoundly important.
  • The CTV Ad Problem
    Do you wonder why auditors and verification services are reporting so much digital ad fraud in CTV these days?
  • What Will The Rest Of This Year Look Like? Go Vote And Let's Find Out
    I sincerely hope we can have two months of positive dialogue and healing while waiting for winter.
  • How To Look Past The Nearest Crisis
    When the world is going to hell in a hand basket, we don't realize that the past is a poor foundation on which to build our future.
  • Amazon's COVID-19 Windfall
    Are the steps Amazon has taken during the pandemic good customer service, or antitrust? Or both?
  • The End Of The Upfront --- At Last!
    The only reason the upfronts take place when they do is because of events that have been dated since the invention of VCRs.
  • A Textbook Case: How Schools Can Learn From Publishers
    As the U.S. educational system goes online, it's likely to follow the path of incumbent publishers as they adapted to the online world over the past 20 years.
  • I Really Don't Like Game Shows
    The pandemic may have temporarily halted intelligent programming, replaced by a plethora of goofy game shows.
  • Tired of Reality? Take 2 Full-Strength 'Schitt's Creek's
    There is a direct correlation between feel-good fantasy and feeling-shitty reality. The worse things get, the more we want to escape it.
  • On Anonymity, Friends --- And How Real People Matter
    Selling a phone on Craigslist, I found strangers who curse at you and think nothing of it --- and then, something better.
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