• What Robots Can't Do
    in the end, robots don't lay brick, or carpeting, or install light fixtures, or hang wallpaper -- or do hundreds of other jobs that require human hands, math and labor.
  • Racism In Our Algorithms -- And In Ourselves
    Our algorithms should counter our biases, not amplify them. But that only happens if we're willing to acknowledge we have them.
  • Maybe Amazon Can Help Save The World?
    The company that invented its own holiday -- Prime Day -- is in a unique position to shape the views of consumers on sustainability.
  • Hunkering Down For Election 2020
    Among the media-related developments I'll be watching: our deepening trust issues with information channels that can be manipulated with ease.
  • Fireworks Replaced By Intel Drones?
    Aspen, Colorado has decided to have a drone show rather than fireworks this 4th, with an eye on wildfire concerns.
  • The (Continuing) Importance Of Brand
    Brand power is awesome, yet most marketers focus on on the back end of the sales funnel - chasing a sale.
  • You Were Right Walt Mossberg, The Cookie Did Not Improve Online Advertising
    Browser cookies are effectively going away as a tool for managing online advertising.
  • Duration Weighting Could Lead To Better Creative
    Duration weighting provides an opportunity for the media and creative to be more aligned. For a video to be watched all the way through, placement and audience have to align, but the message itself must be engaging.
  • The Inevitability Of The Pendulum Effect
    Politically and socially, we're in the middle of a swing to the right. But this will be countered inevitably with a swing to the left.
  • Facebook Breaks The Bank
    Here comes Libra -- a planned digital currency developed by Facebook, designed to run on the Libra blockchain. But leaders in the crypto space are hardly cheering Facebook's arrival.
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