• AI Is Eating Our Industry -- And Maybe The World
    If you thought views, likes, search results, reach, frequency, and any other kind of marketing and advertising data is safe from AI-driven manipulation, think again.
  • The Future Will Be About Walled Gardens -- And That's OK
    Most times, a walled garden is essential to ensure a reliable, functioning ecosystem for users, and is where many companies focus their resources for differentiation.
  • Welcome To The (AI) Jungle
    AI is poised to disrupt the music business today far more than the arrival of Napster did back in 1999.
  • The Comedic Comeback
    When you build a career on likability in the era of social media, you have to accept that it's a pretty tenuous foundation for fame.
  • Cigarettes, Guns, And Hollywood
    How can impressionable young people separate horrific on-screen violence that celebrates murder, from the real images that flash across social media and news?
  • In A World Of Universal Plausible Deniability, Here Come The Trust Titans
    As AI tools get better and better, and there becomes no way to distinguish between real and fake, it becomes harder to prove that real content is real.
  • Be Like Nick
    Our industry lost one of its all-time best executives -- and, most importantly, human beings -- when Nick Johnson, chief revenue officer at Spotter, passed away in April.
  • Can AI Bring Us Together & Save The World?
    The recent advancements in AI are possibly the single greatest advancement since the Internet went mainstream, and it can bring opportunity to more people than we think.
  • The Pursuit Of Happiness
    The problem with happiness: It's kind of like quantum mechanics: The minute you try to measure it, it changes.
  • When AI Lies
    I was researching a paper, and Bard provided what appeared to be great titles and links to scholarly articles. But the links failed 100% of the time.
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