• Attacks on Brand Purpose Are Unwarranted
    Is brand purpose a king with no clothes? That's what some marketing experts claim.
  • Will We Over-Commercialize The Metaverse?
    I think this whole push toward the metaverse makes sense. It smells a lot like the push toward digital in 1995.
  • Adrift In The Metaverse
    The metaverse is a world of our own making, where we imagine we can fix what we screwed up in the maddeningly unpredictable real world.
  • Apple Vs. Facebook: Game On
    So we have two big players, each staking out a position in the Metaverse and each with significant obstacles to a winning strategy.
  • The New Company We Already Love To Hate: Meta
    What's really sad is that there's little we can do to steer Meta's vision or ambition. The Big Corporate Advertising Shutoff of 2020 had zero effect.
  • TV Ads Will Straddle Streaming AND Linear For Years To Come
    Linear isn't going away any time soon, and the implications are significant.
  • What You Say AND How You Say It Matter When Presenting
    People like to think that if they've told the story, it's done. I do not agree.
  • Whatever Happened To The Google Of 2001?
    Everything seemed so audacious and brashly hopeful, like ideological optimism just might rewrite the corporate rulebook.
  • Mass Personalization Comes To The Pharmacy
    Patrick McLean, CMO of Walgreens, provided a roadmap that was both surprising and inspirational at the DPAA conference.
  • Dave Chappelle And The Messiness Of Ethics
    The Chappelle controversy reminds us that there are ethical dilemmas we have yet to grapple with -- areas where we don't, in fact, know our own ethics.
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