• You Know What Government Agencies Need? Some AI
    When the bar is set as low as it is for government customer service, using AI -- even with current limitations -- would still be a step forward.
  • Do We Love Our Children?
    "I'd rather give my kids Jack Daniels and weed than Instagram," is Professor Scott Galloway's memorable line in the sand.
  • How To Fix The U.S. Government
    Ranked-choice voting makes our vote count, and rewards politicians who listen to the majority rather than to a small group of extremists.
  • Write Congress Today About Ukraine Aid Bill
    Emails sent to members of Congress are incredibly powerful, much more so that most people think.
  • Why Aren't We Talking More About Ad Fraud?
    A premium partner should be able to provide log data that shows exactly where your ads ran, at least within a specific and predetermined rate of accuracy.
  • Dove's Takedown Of AI: Brilliant But Troubling Brand Marketing
    I can't help worrying when complex issues like AI and GMOs are broad-stroked by the same brush, especially when that brush is in the hands of a marketer.
  • Can Chat GPT Change Your Mind?
    In a controlled and randomized study, GPT-4 demonstrated a greater ability to shift opinions during a debate compared to human participants.
  • Our Industry Needs To Improve Our Industry Education For Colleges
    Involvement from the advertising and marketing community has largely been the responsibility of local news media, businesses and agencies.
  • What I Learned Searching For $25B In 2023 U.S. CTV Ad Spend
    I learned a lot from many of you, and believe I can now put a much finer point on understanding the scale of the CTV ad market.
  • The Art of Separating Expertise From AI
    How do you tell the difference between an expert and someone using AI tools to manufacture a story of their expertise? This is where critical thinking comes in.
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