• The Biggest Changes In 'TV' May Not Be What You Think
    Inventory is no longer finite And what's more, the audience is no longer captive.
  • Can Media Move The Overton Window?
    There is a frame that sets the boundaries for what the majority of society understands to be be acceptable for public discourse.
  • Harvard Firebrand Larry Lessig: Tax Facebook To Save Democracy
    "A tax that increases with the level of engagement would give platforms a financial reason to discourage excessive use and the spread of harmful content."
  • The Real Problem With Apple's Ad
    It forced us to reckon with all the ways we've abandoned tactile, physical, real-world experiences in favor of our digital toys.
  • It's Not Your Father's Upfront
    For one, Netflix was all in on ad tech (and the NFL), and advanced TV technology was a major topic at presentations.
  • Why Marketers May Or May Not Like OpenAI's Conversational Assistant
    The integration of voice and video features translates to a fully active AI assistant, with broad implications for our industry.
  • Uncommon Sense
    "Common sense" is one of those underpinnings of democracy that we take for granted. But what if the very concept of common sense isn't true?
  • The Danger Of AI Search
    If the rumors are correct, Open AI is broadening its reach and is taking on Google search in a full-frontal assault.
  • Video Audience Measurement Is More Broken Than You Think
    In today's world, we know EXACTLY where people watched something. We just can't combine the metrics together to figure out the totality of their viewing behavior.
  • What Just Happened To DoubleVerify?
    Why did its stock price drop more than 35% in after-hours trading after it reduced its full-year guidance from 22% to 17%?
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