• Do Consumers Really Care About Socially Conscious Marketing?
    Many studies say yes, but I'm not sure if consumers are really prepared to change their buying habits.
  • The Durham: We Will Miss You
    The holidays this year will be a little bit different for many of us, because we lost one of our most cherished people last week. We lost John Durham.
  • The Unusual Evolution Of The Internet
    The internet evolved as a wide-open network forged by starry-eyed academics and geeks who really believed it might make the world better.
  • TikTok And The Growth Of Unfiltered UGC
    If you check out TikTok, you might think the content seems a bit handmade or even amateurish -- but that's the point.
  • A Rhetorical Question Reveals A Racist Bias
    I'm sure it was a mortifying moment for the folks at CBS News: the moment they realized their tweet was not going to land the way they intended it to.
  • Bridging My Red And Blue Worlds
    Political disagreement, essential to the effective functioning of a liberal democracy., should not become so dramatic that both sides Balkanize around non-political issues like public health.
  • An Ode To 'Saturday Night Live'
    Thinking about how the show has maintained such longevity over the years, and the cultural cornerstone it represents.
  • Trust In Tech Companies: It's Complicated
    If you want to know who can be trusted most with your data, it's the companies that don't depend on that data to support an advertising revenue model.
  • Kenosha's Deep Fake Problem
    The judge's willingness to keep even basic video zoom technology out of evidence in the Rittenhouse trial suggests it should be a preview of what's ahead.
  • In Ad World, Diversity And Inclusion Have A Long Way To Go
    Globally, the most common forms of discrimination in our industry occur on the basis of family status and age, not gender or skin color.
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