Deer Valley, UT - December 8 - 11, 2019

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Data-Driven Tactics of 2020

If "data is the new oil" how are email professionals mining, refining, and fueling up their programs with it? From growing universal IDs to expanding user profiles, from powering real-time triggered messaging to finding new and smarter user segments to target, our semi-annual Email Insider Summit gets down to tactics. Some of the most experienced in-box ninjas will reconvene to share their best practices for every part of the email workflow.


Rules of Engagement: Winning The Attention Wars of 2019

Distraction, information overload, fragmented attention, clutter, message fatigue, invisibility. Email marketers face both structural and cultural challenges in getting recognized even by existing customers. At our 33rd installment of the Email Insider Summit, we fully engage the big media war of 2019 - not just getting noticed but getting genuine attention, not just clicks and conversions but building relationships, experiences and loyalty. For the Summit we bring in 50 well-known Brand marketers responsible for the Email strategy and technology decisions for their companies to network, debate and share best practices about marketing using Email.


Customer-First Meets The In-Box

It's not about the campaign calendar, anymore. It's not about your content strategy. And its definitely not about your channels. It is about the customer - her schedule, her journey, her experience. And that changes everything, from the way email teams work internally and across silos, how data are gathered and deployed, which technology marketers apply, and the role of content and service int he messaging mix.


Email 2018: ROI Is Always Trendy

Two decades after its introduction to most consumers, email remains king of the digital ROI hill despite waves of contenders. But to keep its rightful place leading the emerging people-based, AI-driven, cross-channel marketing trends, email pros must walk the walk of emerging approaches. At the annual MediaPost Email Insider Summit we keep it practical - focusing marketers on the strategies and tactics that will keep email both at the center of the conversation with your consumers but also form the hub of more personalized, omnichannel marketing for your brands. 


Keeping Customers First In The Robot Age

The spring 2017 edition of MediaPost's Email Insider Summit will highlight marketers learning to aim the latest trends in messaging, tech and distribution at marketing goals, not gadgetry. We will feature people-based marketing that builds longer term lifecycle relationships with consumers, not just executes immediate campaigns.


Email: A Strategy, Not A Tactic To Cross-Channel Success

As the best most persistent identifier in a cross channel marketing world, email is no longer merely a tactic. At the annual winter Email Insider Summit at Deer Valley we  show how the smartest marketers are making this channel core to an always-there strategy. As brands embrace more holistic approaches, from cross-channel campaigns to single user views to lifecycle profiles of the always-on consumer – email has a golden opportunity to become the most reliable activator of other channels. It turns vague social channel exchanges into ongoing person-to-person relationships. It leverages content to immerse customers in ongoing mutli-touch brand stories. And it aims those channels into more measurable, reliable conversion paths both online and off. 

At winter EIS we explore how the best email practitioners are connecting the humble, familiar in-box to social messaging and ad targeting, to enlarging content marketing investments, to better attribution modeling, to taming big data, to customer acquisition, to bricks and mortar activation and even to the next generation of mobile messaging. 

The silos are melting. The channels are multiplying. Integrated marketing approaches are an imperative, not an option. But email remains the killer app in maintaining the one-to-one connection across all of those touchpoints.  


Email and the Converging Data Universe

Increasingly, data is driving the world of marketing and email is no exception. We’re tackling that head on with one full day of the Email Insider Summit dedicated to dealing with data: How to break down data silos, how to share data between ESP and other partners, how to create universal profiles from disparate data sources and how to use data to drive email marketing to new levels of relevant personalization and smart automation.

We also look at that plateau where many emailers get stuck as they’re looking for the next big thing. How do you move from “good” to “great” with your email marketing strategy?  Finally, we turn the lens on the evolving ecosystem of email automation, our evolving relationship with our customers and the other dynamic realities of email marketing today.



Email may have established a track record as the most stable of online channels, but the smartest marketers are betting on massive changes in the future. Over three information packed days, we look at email from every angle: Looking Forward, Looking Out and Looking In.


Omnichannel's Secret Weapon

Data has become the powerhouse of a marketer's toolbox, as organizations are using information about customers to create more personalized and targeted marketing experiences across channels. Email marketing platforms are designed to track and analyze the customer lifecycle journey and many organizations are realizing that email can be the foundation for a strong digital marketing program.

Join us as we explore how email is driving the omnichannel marketing efforts at leading organizations. At the show, we will also be discussing topics including: employing big data for advanced segmentation and predictive modeling; overcoming the challenges of siloed marketing departments and making the most out of transactional emails.
We will hear from global brands about how to build triggered email programs that map to the customer's journey and how to run discounts without devaluing your brand. Leading marketers will also discuss innovations in email and how to adopt these advanced practices.Then join us for fun-filled afternoons and evenings with networking activities, dining experiences and cocktail parties with the industry's top marketing and agency executives.

The Email Insider Summit is a unique event where the biggest brands and brightest minds caucus for three-days on the state of email marketing. The event, hosted at a luxury resort, is perfectly structured to offer all attendees the most valuable mix of high-level sessions and networking functions.