Ronjan Sikdar

Nielsen Vice President, Media Analytics

Ronjan Sikdar leads the digital practice for Nielsen’s Media Analytics group. His team works with the top digital-native companies to help them understand today’s fragmented, multi-screen world with custom research and analytic approaches. Ronjan's team also designs research capabilities for emerging technologies like virtual reality.

Ronjan has been with Nielsen for over 12 years, with prior roles new product strategy & innovation, e-commerce and social media. He’s played roles that cover elements of client consulting, product development, data science, and advanced analytics. He attended Carnegie Mellon University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Statistics.

Ronjan lives in the Bronx with his three-year-old son and wife of five years. In his spare time, he writes for the site he founded, He and his sister run a scholarship program for disadvantaged high school graduates in Chicago.

Meet Ronjan at:

Presentation: The Angles of Virtual Reality
Date/Time: 12:00 PM
In this research-based presentation, Ronjan Sikdar, Vice President, Media Analytics at Nielsen, will provide an overview of the virtual reality industry from three angles: publishers, advertisers and consumers. He will explore how effective 360 content is in regards to comparable measurement, uncovering key themes that have largely been absent from the public conversation.

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