Chuck Fletcher

SapientRazorfish Technology Director of Emerging Experiences

Chuck Fletcher is obsessed with creating experiences that cross the line between the digital and physical worlds. He now finds himself as the Technology director of Emerging Experiences at SapientRazorfish. Over the past 15 years, Chuck has held the position of CTO and Emerging Technology leader at various agencies, content creators and startups. When not working on new experiences for clients, Chuck spends this time building robots and racing quadracopters.

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Panel: Engaging with the Always-Connected Customer
Date/Time: 10:30 AM

The Net was one thing, which mobile then took to a level of mass portability. The Internet of Things creates a totally new dimension, with constant connectivity the new base of consumer marketing. How do marketers deal with consumers in connected cars with unlimited data plans, homes where devices constantly communicate with each other and wearable gadgetry that never leaves the wrist? This discussion zeros in on getting the right kind of marketing messages to the consumer based on the platform, location and context.

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