Dave McAnally

Resolution Media Director of SEO

Dave McAnally is Director of Content Solutions at Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group Company. In this capacity, he oversees the development and training for search engine optimization (SEO) in the company, as well as working directly with Fortune 500 brands like Lowe’s, Glaxo Smith Kline and Unilever to execute SEO strategies. In his nine-year tenure with Resolution, he has worked with client teams to grow the SEO practice from less than 5% of the company’s services to nearly 30% of total revenue, with over 60% of clients employing Resolution Media for both paid and natural services.  He’s worked directly with clients such as McDonalds, Eli Lily, Frito Lay, Fed Ex, Pier1, Hyatt, Rolex and more. Currently he is the Director of the content team, which includes team members in San Francisco, New York, Charlotte and Chicago Offices. In addition to overseeing client work, Dave is a frequent guest speaker for marketing classes at University of Chicago.

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SCIENCE: Discussion: Making Do In The Mobile Metrics Muddle
Date/Time: 3:15 PM

Most marketers and media buyers, if not vendors, seem to agree that measurement remains mobile’s weakest link. Transparency, discrepancies, app vs. Web tracking – all thwart basic ROI calculations. And yet marketers have no choice but to invest ahead of their own trust in the system. So how are they making do? We ask mobile experts to share their tricks and tips for assessing mobile ROI. 

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