August 7, 2014
New York

The Augmented Shopper

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Thursday, 08/07

7:30 AM
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Opening Remarks
Chuck Martin, Editor, Net Future Institute, AI & IoT Daily 
9:15 AM
9:15 AM ET
Keynote: Adapting to the Changing Mobile Shopper
While purchases still occur in stores, retailers today face a number of challenges in adapting to their customers’ rapidly changing behavior. In this keynote address, Ryan Craver, Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff for Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor, tackles some of the foremost retail trends, including: declining store visits, using third-party mobile apps, shifting consumer engagement habits and even accepting Bitcoin.
Ryan Craver, Senior Vice President Digital & Emerging Brands, Lamour Group 
9:45 AM
9:45 AM ET
Panel: Moving Past Trials into the Real Money in Mobile Commerce; Mapping the Mobile Strategy

Many brands and retailers are still just scratching the virtual surface of the mobile shopping revolution while facing customers who are going mobile all the way. From mobile media reaching interactive shoppers in real time to creating rich, mobile consumer experiences in and around stores, agencies are working to lead brands to tie the entire value chain together. This includes meeting customer needs and desires, dealing with legacy systems and infrastructure and marrying shopping activities to CRM systems, not to mention already built online ecommerce platforms. And then there’s the challenge of who owns or manages the consumer mobile experience, with retailers, manufacturers and startups all vying for control. Facing competing interests for resources, retailers and brands must find a way to turn the corner. This panel digs into the challenges and solutions to map the consumer’s mobile path to purchase.

Adam Kasper, Chief Media Officer, Havas Media 
Michael Lieberman, Co-President, Joule 
Barry Lowenthal, Former CEO, Media Kitchen 
Rachel Pasqua, Practice Lead, Connected Life, MEC Global 
Douglas Rozen, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, OMD 
Phuc Truong, Managing Director, U.S. Mobile Marketing, Mobext/Havas 
10:30 AM
10:30 AM ET
Case Study: How Hillshire Used Beacons to Increase Purchase Intent 20X
With the launch of their newest sausage links, American Craft, Hillshire Farm needed a way to increase sales and awareness of the product by differentiating themselves against competitors in an oversaturated category, leveraging just digital advertising and implemented new mobile technology to target consumers at times most relevant to purchase: while in stores. With their agency BPN, Hillshire launched the first refrigeration category CPG beacon campaign. Chris Hiland, Chief Strategy Officer of BPN North America, details how they did and what they have learned so far.
Chris Hiland, Chief Strategy Officer, BPN 
11:00 AM
11:00 AM ET
Coffee Break
11:30 AM
11:30 AM ET
Panel: Is the Mobile Shopping App Dead?
No matter how hard they try, many retailers can’t get the majority of their customers to use their apps, despite heavy development and marketing investments. While apps dominate the general mobile usage landscape, it’s a different story when it comes to commerce around physical retailers. As companies divert resources to growing and improving mobile website commerce capabilities, what is the future role of the branded retail app? This panel deals with which customers go which route, with emphasis on where loyalty and customer segmentation is headed.
Bill Tucker, Executive Vice President, 4A’s 
Andy Chu, Divisional Vice President & GM, Sears Holding Company 
Tim Dunn, Director of Strategy, Isobar 
James Green, CEO, Magnetic 
JiYoung Kim, SVP, Strategy & New Solutions, Ansible Mobile 
Sonia Sahney Nagar, Senior Director of Mobile Product Strategy, RetailMeNot 
12:15 PM
12:15 PM ET
Panel: Momentary Marketing: The Split Second Approach to Intercepting Shoppers
Shorter consumer attention spans with constant but intermittent small screen viewing present a unique challenge to marketers for presenting a compelling proposition in quick and even segmented timespans. What ads move the shopping needle? And what about the role of search, social media and flash sales, which can hijack any traditional purchase path? And where’s the line between a shopper receiving an unexpected message they perceive to be creepy and one they consider brings them great value? With the increasing ability for marketers to link to massive data troves, what kind of media messaging makes for happy shoppers, even if they weren’t necessarily expecting a message?
Michael Berelian, SVP, Group Director, Digital Shopper, Geometry Global 
James Citron, President, Outspoken 
Craig Elimeliah, Director of Creative Technology, North America, VML 
Alex Lirtsman, Co-founder and Chief Strategist, Ready Set Rocket 
Puneet Mehta, CEO, Co-Founder, MobileROI 
James Mullany, Group Director, Agency Media, Beeby Clark+Meyler 
1:00 PM
1:00 PM ET
2:00 PM
2:00 PM ET
The Modern Wallet: Mobile Payments Making Life Easier
There’s no denying the impact that digital connectivity is having on our daily routines. It’s changed how we watch video, keep tabs on our health—even the way we connect with our favorite World Cup players. And more recently, digital is starting to transform how consumers pony up cash for their everyday purchases. And for consumers using mobile payment technology, digital is already the norm. In fact, according to Nielsen’s Q2 2014 Mobile Wallet Report, 40 percent of mobile wallet users say they use mobile methods as their primary mode of payment. Ravi Viswanathan, Client Services Director, of Nielsen takes an in-depth look at mobile wallets, including who are mobile payment users, new payment methods and the barriers to growth in adoption of new payment methods.
Ravi Viswanathan, Client Services Director, Nielsen 
2:30 PM
2:30 PM ET
Panel: Beacon, Beacons, Everywhere Beacons
One of the hottest mobile shopping developments has been the introduction of beacons. Ask any major retailer and they’ll tell you they’re all over beacons, rushing to put them into stores in hopes of reaching customers closer to the point of the purchase decision. But wait! It may be tougher than it sounds, including persuading shoppers to use particular apps as they roam the store, hardly a mainstream behavior, among a host of other somewhat tricky issues. This panel tackles the short- and long-term prospects for the true role of beacons in the shopping process as well as reviewing the results of some of the early trials.
Warren Zenna, EVP, Managing Director US, Mobext / Havas Media 
Michael Foschetti, Managing Director, Havas Discovery 
Phil Hendrix, Director, IMMR 
Henry Lawson, CEO, AutoGraph 
Scott Varland, Vice President, Creative, IPG Media Lab 
Jesse Wolfersberger, Director, Consumer Insights, GroupM Next 
3:15 PM
3:15 PM ET
Coffee Break
3:30 PM
3:30 PM ET
Panel: Path to Transaction: Managing the Transition from Trigger to Consumer Action
Mobile shoppers continue to find ways to use their phones in stores, whether for showrooming or to get more information about an item of interest. They may scan UPC or QR codes or receive shopper alerts based on location as they roam the aisles. We know technology exists to reach the roaming shopper, but what is the path from trigger to transaction? And what kinds of engagements can mobile shoppers expect after that first invitation to interact. This panel takes on the road to relevance after the trigger and increasing the propensity to close the deal with the mobile shopper.
Ian Beacraft, Digital Strategy Director, Havas Worldwide 
Jeremy Geiger, CEO, Retailigence 
David Javitch, VP, Product, Scanbuy 
Michael Miller, EVP, Managing Director, Catapult 
Jude Ramayya, CEO, Founder, Impiger Mobile 
Omar Tayeb, CEO, Blippar 
4:15 PM
4:15 PM ET
Panel: Payment, Shmayment: What’s the Real Deal with Mobile Wallets and Checkout?
Despite the lack of widespread customer demand, the move to mobile wallets and payments marches along, driven in part by many new entrants who propose various payment methods. Research does show that consumers want to get out of stores faster and mobile checkout and in-aisle payments hold the promise of bypassing long checkout lines. With mobile payment startups lining up against traditional and major payment processors, merchants and consumers both face a somewhat bewildering number of choices. This expert panel sorts it all out.
Dan Israel, Owner, Reptile Storytelling 
Damien Balsan, Co-founder, EVP Business Development and Strategy, LoopPay 
Jason Gross, VP of Strategy and Marketing, Verifone 
Jeff Malmad, Managing Director, Head of Mobile and Life+, Mindshare NA 
Lori Salow Marshall, CEO & Founder, BYNDL Inc. 
Jason Peaslee, Managing Partner, Thrive Analytics 
5:00 PM
5:00 PM ET
Conference Concludes