September 30, 2015
New York, NY

Re-Programming The TV Audience


Wednesday, 09/30

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Opening Remarks
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:15 AM
Avails: The State Of Next Gen Inventory
Whether you want to buy households via addressable set top boxes or people and content via automated programmatic platforms, there remains confusion in the market over the state of the advanced TV market itself. What inventory really is available from what providers and over which platforms?What are the national and local avails? How will service providrrs How are planners and buyers embracing programmatic platforms and addressable advertising to satisfy different goals? How do managed services and self-service differ? Where is pricing relative to traditional buys? And where do they expect the most growth in coming years?
Tim Hanlon, Founder & CEO, The Vertere Group 
Jonathan Bokor, SVP, Director of Advanced Media, MediaVest 
Steven Feldman, Senior Director, ONE TV, AOL Platforms 
Monica C Smith, Founder, Marketsmith, Inc. 
10:00 AM
Keynote Interview: Reinventing TV

One of the largest independent media agencies in the market, Horizon and its Director of National Broadcast David Campanelli argue that advanced TV is the future of the medium. They recently formed a specialty HorizonAdvanced practice that integrates advanced, addressable and programmatic buying into the national television activation team. Campanelli discusses how these techniques and technologies are changing the landscape.


David Campanelli, Executive Vice President-Chief Investment Officer, Horizon Media 
Steve McClellan, Editor, MediaPost's Agency Daily (MAD), Mediapost 
10:30 AM
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The Data-Driven Plan: Precision Buying
While programmatic and addressable TV platforms are just getting started, the mountains of digital data around consumer media habits has already fundamentally changed the way planners look at TV. They can find their audiences watching shows and during dayparts that traditional data never imagined. The implications are profound. The buy side can now find value and efficiencies in places sellers never anticipated. The buyers now know more about the audience than the seller. How are media buying decisions now being made, and how does it disrupt the relationship among seller, buyer and distributor?
Cesar Brea, Partner, Force Five Partners 
Ethan Rapp, SVP, Program Management, Simulmedia 
Erica Schmidt, Executive VP, Managing Director, North America, Cadreon 
11:15 AM
Presentation: The Benefits and Challenges of a Programmatic Television Ecosystem
Is “programmatic TV” really the inevitable (or preferred) end result of ad automation’s relentless march? What stands to be gained and what lost? And Is this next step in programmatic a solution in search of a problem?
Michael Bologna, President, one2one Media 
11:30 AM
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Panel: How Does Advanced TV Add Up?
As TV buying moves way beyond traditional techniques and relies on much more complex inputs and platforms, so too will the metrics. Who is measuring what? Which metrics and data vendors are emerging as important players in the advanced TV space. What do the numbers mean when compared to traditional metrics or even to other digital platforms?
Charlene Weisler, Founder, Weisler Media 
Todd Gordon, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, US, MAGNA GLOBAL 
Ben Tatta, President, Media Sales, Cablevision 
12:15 PM
Election 2016: Arming Up For The Next Big Battle
In 2012, the advanced analytics techniques of The Obama for America campaign helped put data-driven TV buying on the map. Ever since, both parties and an explosion of political marketing firms have conducted a highstakes arms race of data and tech in preparation for 2016. How did these players test their system in the 2014 cycle? What did they learn, and what can other marketing categories learn yet again from the marketing segment that started us talking about advanced TV approaches?
Jonathan Weitz, Partner, IBB Consulting Group 
Chris Choi, Director of Media, Blue State Digital 
Evan Hanlon, President, [m]PLATFORM US 
12:45 PM
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