Chris Choi

Blue State Digital Director of Media

Chris leads BSD's Media team, supervising a team of planners and strategists and overseeing the agency's global media engagements for leading nonprofits, political candidates and causes, advocacy organizations, and corporations. Prior to joining BSD, Chris was Director of Digital Marketing for the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC), where he oversaw digital marketing programs for President Obama’s second inauguration. During the 2012 election cycle, Chris served as Senior Advertising Strategist for Obama for America, responsible for managing and overseeing all social media marketing, including the largest ever political marketing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. In this role, Chris also led the campaign’s paid field marketing programs, which were directly responsible for registering and turning out hundreds of thousands of voters in key states. Previously, Chris helped launch Bully Pulpit Interactive, where he led many of BPI’s largest client engagements, including the ACLU, Democratic National Committee, and EMILY’s List. Chris has also previously worked on several political campaigns, from a statewide Senate race in New Jersey to a Connecticut mayoral race.

Meet Chris at:

Election 2016: Arming Up For The Next Big Battle
Date/Time: 12:15 PM
In 2012, the advanced analytics techniques of The Obama for America campaign helped put data-driven TV buying on the map. Ever since, both parties and an explosion of political marketing firms have conducted a highstakes arms race of data and tech in preparation for 2016. How did these players test their system in the 2014 cycle? What did they learn, and what can other marketing categories learn yet again from the marketing segment that started us talking about advanced TV approaches?

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