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Previous Event Agenda
Search Insider Summit: Dec 2015

6:00 PM Welcome Cocktail Party

Vahalla Room

7:00 AM Registration Opens
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Google

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8:45 AM Opening Remarks
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:00 AM Keynote: Avis Budget: The Future Of Capturing Demand In Fractured Customer Journeys

Gone are the days someone sits down at a desktop computer to complete a transition using search as the entrance to the Internet. Consumers jump from desktop to tablet to mobile. While car rental companies generally don't generate demand, they can capture it by being present in the micro moment when someone needs an automobile. What are the implications of multiple devices on search engine advertising and marketing? With more than thousands of rental locations, join Neal Zamore, VP of consumer marketing at Avis Budget, as he walks through how the company captures demand from online digital media and offline, such as television, when consumers use search to query generic car rental options. Zamore also will share his vision of search for the future.

Neal Zamore , VP of Consumer Marketing, Avis Budget
9:30 AM Panel: When Browsers No Longer Become Search's Front Door

The browser and the search engine have traditionally represented the front door, a way to discover new content and find answers, but machine to machine and mobile devices continue to change the way consumers receive information. Today more information gets pushed to consumers through beacons and sensors. How do marketers optimize content as technology pushes messages based on historic searches, email messages and calendar reminders? As media becomes more connected, how do marketers optimize content and what happens to paid search advertising?

Steven Gibson , Client Director of Search, Initiative
Mike Grehan , Chief Marketing Officer, Acronym
Clayton McLaughlin , VP, Performance Media Group Director, Havas Media
Josh Miller , VP of client solutions, Performics
10:00 AM Presentation: Connecting Television With Search

Understanding the dynamics between on-air television broadcasts and search engine advertising and marketing becomes critical in a cross-screen strategy. The erratic path to purchase makes it important for search marketers to understand how television drives search and how search drives television viewers. What do marketers know about how messaging, frequency, sequence drive response across TV and search? Join us as Erin Everhart, digital strategist and content marketer at Home Depot, explores the ways marketer should think about the future cross-screen media buys and strategies.

Erin Everhart , Digital Strategist and Content Marketer, Home Depot
10:30 AM Panel: Moving Programmatic Media Buys Into The Hands Of Search Marketers

It makes sense for paid search professionals to run programmatic buys because of the similarities in automation and optimization processes. Yet programmatic buying became isolated into separate media, centralized into trading desks. Concerns over transparency, attribution, measurement and control have begun to slowly surface, but are paid search professionals ready to manage programmatic buying?  What will it take? What are the roadblocks?  What are the benefits? Join a panel of experts to explore the options.

Katherine Janca , Associate Director, Programmatic, The Media Kitchen
Lee Goldberg , President, Vector Media Group
Frank Lee , Industry Lead, eCommerce, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
Sid Shah , Director of Business Analytics for Advertising Solutions, Adobe
11:00 AM Interview: What About Ad Blocking?

Research shows the number of people globally using ad blocking software grew 41% during the first half of 2015, compared with a year ago. Experts say we can expect to see percentages creep higher in the coming year, as more consumers adopt iOS 9, which supports ad blocking in Apple's mobile operating system. Where do content and native ads fit in? Should marketers be concerned? What are the challenges and options for those who spend numerous hours crafting paid search advertisements only to have them blocked from serving up in the browser?

Marjorie Gray , Digital Brand Manager, DISH
Gerry Bavaro , SVP, Enterprise Solutions, Merkle
11:30 AM Keynote: How Data-Driven Attribution Returned Greater Returns For TransUnion

Travel with Ken Chaplin, CMO at TransUnion, to discover how the company gained unprecedented visibility into the customer journey through data-driven attribution beginning with search. Learn how the strategy enabled fact-based decision making for greater returns on marketing investments.

Ken Chaplin , CMO TransUnion Consumer Interactive, TransUnion
12:00 PM Roundtables

When Browsers No Longer Become Search's Front Door - Steven Gibson, Client Director of Search, Initiative @skyabove

Moving Programmatic Media Buys Into The Hands Of Search Marketers - Katherine Janca, Associate Director, Programmatic, The Media Kitchen @katherinejanca

Taming The Beast: Taking Control of The Data - Erin Everhart, Digital Strategist and Content Marketer, Home Depot @erinever

The Fragmented Path to Purchase in "I Want to Know (Go, Do, Buy)" Moments - Gerry Bavaro, SVP, Enterprise Solutions, Merkle

12:45 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Yext

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities Magnetic

Grab a Go-Pro and hit the slopes for Magnetic's Third Annual SIS Ski Competition!
Skiing at the Deer Valley Resort
Snowmobiling at Red Pine Canyon
Snowshoe Tour at the Deer Valley Resort

4:00 PM Apres Ski Party Doubleclick Search

Troll Hallen Lounge slope-side at Stein Eriksen Lodge

5:30 PM One on One Meetings
6:30 PM Cocktail Party Yieldbot

Flagstaff Room

7:30 PM Fireside Dinner at Empire Canyon Lodge, Deer Valley Resort Yahoo!

Empire Canyon Lodge (via 10-minute shuttle ride)

7:30 AM Registration Opens
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Bing

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9:00 AM Keynote: The American Dream

Western Union created a multi-channel campaign leveraging customer insight and a variety of rich content after the company's marketers learned success didn't rely on becoming the center of the message. Join Nidhi Gupta, senior marketing manager for the Americas at Western Union, as she walks through the campaign.

Nidhi Gupta , Senior Marketing Manager, Americas, Western Union
9:30 AM Panel: With An Eye On Image Search

Sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Google are making machine-based image recognition real and scalable. How does this change the role of search marketers, and what are some art-and-science tactics to optimize for image recognition. High-quantity images increase click-through rates and engagement, but how do marketers understand the algorithms behind the scenes to take advantage of visual search. Join a panel of experts as they debate some of the strategies and the tactics marketers can deploy to scale campaigns.

Neil Doshi , Senior Analyst and Managing Director, Mizuho Securities
Rebecca Ehnert , Marketing Manager, Digital Media, Verizon
Ada Pally , Sr. Director, Client Services, 3Q Digital
Brian Valentini , VP/Director, Search Marketing, Digitas LBi
10:00 AM Presentation: Why Vivint SmartHome Substantially Increased Its Investment In YouTube, Rather Than TV

Jason Owen, VP of acquisition at Vivint SmartHome, a smart home security company, found the measurement of YouTube more effective than television when connecting the media to search campaigns. Join Jason as he walks though the campaign detailing YouTube's direct impact on the company's search advertising campaigns.

Jason Owen , VP of Acquisition, Vivint
10:30 AM Panel: Planning For A Total Cross-Channel Attribution Strategy

Brands want to embrace advanced attribution and cross-channel measurement and targeting, from offline to online, but it becomes more difficult as search advertising matures and the list of data sources and Internet-connected devices grow. How do marketers build a road map for successful marketing measurement? Join a panel of experts as they discuss the options.

Alan Osetek , President, Resolution Media
Caroline Ballard , Associate Director, Starcom MediaVest Group
Alex Porter , President, Location3
Debbie Tarvin , Senior Consultant – C/SMB Media, Windstream
11:00 AM Presentation: Monetizing Search Outside Search Engines, a ten year old company, has become a top source for credit card information thanks to aggressive online marketing investments. Primarily driven by direct response goals, has relied heavily on search to drive leads, but also became an early adopter of native advertising in an effort to find demand outside of search engines. Join Jered Klima, CMO of, as he walks through the results of a recent campaign.

Jered Klima , CMO on behalf of eClickonomy, Inc,
11:30 AM Keynote Q&A: The Leverage In Search Engine Marketing To Drive Ecommerce Sales

As shoppers increasingly rely on ecommerce and vertical search tools to make purchase decisions, brands have emerging options for gaining relevant paid placements to drive consideration and sales. Join Scott Grenz, VP, global head of media at GlaxoSmithKline, as he explores how family medicine and community health (FMCH) marketers like GSK can deliver targeted media in the most critical ecommerce search platforms to influence purchase decisions.

Scott Grenz , VP, Global Head of Media, GSK
Rob Griffin , Chief Innovation Officer, Almighty
12:15 PM Roundtables

With An Eye On Image Search - Neil Doshi, Senior Analyst and Managing Director, Mizuho Securities @neildoshi

Planning For A Total Cross-Channel Attribution Strategy - Alan Osetek, President, Resolution Media @alanosetek

The Link From Search Engine Advertising To YouTube/Television - Jason Owen, VP of Acquisition, Vivint @JasonROwen 

The Challenge Between Increased Online Sales And Merchandising - Ada Pally, Sr. Director, Client Services, 3Q Digital

1:00 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Facebook

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities Magnetic

Grab a Go-Pro and hit the slopes for Magnetic's Third Annual SIS Ski Competition!
Skiing at the Deer Valley Resort
Snowboarding at Park City Mountain Resort
Tubing at Gorgoza Park

4:00 PM Apres Ski Party

Dutch treat - pay as you go.

6:30 PM Cocktail Party Magnetic

Join us for drinks as we check out this year’s ski competition highlight video and announce our winners!
Olympic Ballroom foyer, 1st floor

7:30 PM Dinner at Wahso, Downtown Park City Taboola
7:30 AM Registration Opens
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Roundtable Report

Roundtable leaders from Day 1 and Day 2 of the Search Insider Summit report on their table discussions.

9:30 AM Panel: How To Protect Your Brand In Search

Other advertisers bidding on your brand's trademark terms can cost a company millions of dollars annually. Join us as a panel of brand marketers debate the growing importance of understanding trademark infringement in search engines and how to protect your brands against it.

Laurie Sullivan , Editor, Search Marketing Daily, MediaPost
Alex Edlund , Director of Search Marketing, Marriott International
Amy McClain , Director Performance Marketing, Beeby Clark + Meyler
Lori Weiman , CEO, The Search Monitor
10:15 AM Discussion: Looking Back At 2015, and Forward Into 2016

What did we learn in 2015, and what technologies and strategies will we need in 2016?

Lisa Woolf , VP & Director of Search Marketing, DigitasLBi
Patrick Cartmel , Senior Vice President, Client Service and Strategy, HookLogic
James Green , CEO, Magnetic
Coy Robison , Director of Digital Marketing, blendtec
10:30 AM Roundtables

How To Protect Your Brand In Search - Alex Edlund, Director of Search Marketing, Marriott International @Alex_Edlund

Looking Back At 2015, and Forward Into 2016 - Lisa Woolf, VP & Director of Search Marketing, DigitasLBi

11:00 AM Conference Concludes

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