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Sunday, April 27

Location: Town Hall Lawn & Patio

Monday, April 28

Day 1 of Conference
8:00 AM
8:45 AM
Introductory Remarks
Chris Copeland, CEO, GroupM Next
9:00 AM
Organic search. Paid search. Paid inclusion. Paid optimization. Earned rank. Earned listings. Quality back links. Optimized content. Intent marketing. Multichannel. Omni Channel. Holistic integration. Whew; the list, exhausting. Today's CMO gets inundated with buzzwords, pivot tables and databases, but must comprehend how each marketing channel moves consumers through the journey. Search remains a major part, and those connecting the dots and measuring campaigns beyond the click know this best. Direct conversions have made search the most popular yet misunderstood darling of digital marketing. Join us in a fireside chat between thought leaders Chris Moloney, Wells Fargo Advisor CMO, and Kevin Ryan, Motivity Marketing founder, in a no-holds-barred discussion about search, advertising, attribution, and search's role in the customer journey.
Chris Moloney, CMO, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Kevin Ryan, CEO and Founder, Motivity Marketing, Inc.
9:30 AM
What is the total value of each customer throughout their life cycle, and how do marketers determine and improve the return on the investment for each? Search marketers refine their ability to acquire customers, but often fail to extend the process by building campaigns around the life cycle of the customer. The advent of new technology and science enables marketers to scale their businesses and prove the value of marketing to the C suite where it matters most. Join a panel of experts as they discuss how to determine a customer's total lifetime value, cost associated with developing and maintaining a relationship, and how to determine the best return on investment through science, strategy, and technology, along with the politics behind each campaign.
Ryan DeShazer, EVP, Managing Director, inVentiv Media 360º
Dale Edman, VP of Ecommerce, Wasserstrom
Ian Gilyeat, President at ERT America, ERT America
Brandon Hartness, Marketing Cloud Evangelist, Adobe Systems
Effie Philippakos, Director of Analytics, AIG
Dean Skonieczny, VP of products, Adlucent
10:15 AM
Search budgets rose 18% during the past five years, with some specific categories such as Legal Services and Real Estate Services spending higher, about 60%, compared with 2008 levels. During that time challenges such as an increase in churn rates and price competition surfaced to influence the revenue generated from the media. Will the next five years seem as bright or will the industry see a dip in spending? Will brands reap rewards from spending more? Join Corey Elliott, director of research at Borrell Associates, as he sheds insight into where marketers will put ad dollars during the next five years and what industries will invest more and why.
Corey Elliott, Director of Research, Borrell Associates
10:45 AM
Great strides have been made in attribution modeling during the past year. Platform that support a real-time view now integrate historic data. Although requirements for companies may differ based on respective business models, understanding and optimizing click paths across channels has finally become a real-time practice, making automated campaign management smarter than ever. A panel of experts will discuss the latest cross-channel attribution strategies, methods and tools for 2014, and what's possible in the future.
Janel Landis Laravie, Co-Founder, Chacka Marketing
James Green, CEO, Magnetic
Anna Klayman, Senior Marketing Manager, E*Trade
Mike McMeekin, Director, Advertiser Analytics and Insights, Microsoft
Rory O’Flaherty, Group Media Director, R/GA
Dave Ragals, Global Business Director for Search, IgnitionOne
11:30 AM
Search advertising has become its own worst enemy. The direct-conversion metric and last-click attribution model made search a money machine. While marketers continue to improve at attributing conversions to other forms of marketing, search has yet to graduate from being a direct conversion vehicle in the minds of CMOs. This session will ask senior brand managers to explore the potential of search as a critical brand marketing ad vehicle. How can we better define search metrics? Can search be considered a brand advertising tool with the same GRP value proposition as other forms of media? What will it take to get there?
Paul LaPointe, Business Development & Marketing Director, Rondack Media Group
Laura DeGraff, Assistant VP Digital Marketing , Barclaycard
Jason Hartley, Group Media Director of Paid Search, 360i
Herndon Hasty, Director of SEO, iProspect
Elizabeth Jackson, Chairman, Advisory Board, HookLogic
Sharon Mostyn, ecommerce Marketing, RoamRight
12:00 PM
Marketing from Acquisition Through Lifetime - Table Lead: Ryan DeShazer, inVentiv Media 360
Predicting Power In Search Dollars - Table Lead: Corey Elliott, Borrell Associates
How Real-Time Data Changes Attribution - Table Lead: Janel Laravie, Chacka Marketing
Moving Away From Direct Conversions Table Lead: Paul LaPointe, Rondack Media

12:45 PM
Golf at Dolphin
Deep Sea Fishing
Eco Kayaking Tour
Location: Palm Court (near main pool)
Location: Ocean Room

Tuesday, April 29

Day 2 of Conference
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Managing consumers engagement and brand messages on retail sites may seem challenging to some search marketers, but Target has developed a business model to make it easier for brands to connect with shoppers searching for products. Search has become a major part of the discovery experience on retail Web sites. Many times consumers start their purchase journey there. Join us in a fireside chat between David Peterson, Target digital marketing senior group manager, and Laurie Sullivan, MediaPost Search Insider Summit Chairperson, as they discuss proven and emerging ways to reach consumers on retail sites.
David Peterson, Digital Marketing Senior Group Manager, Target
9:30 AM
There has been much discussion of responsive Web design and repurposing television spots for online ad units, but what about responsive content -- the ability to develop creative pieces that change based on the needs of the user? Rather than developing separate pages for each individual user need and then deliver that content formatted for the user device, technology providers must begin to think about building platforms that provide signals to understand the context for each search and deliver the content that best suits the user's need. Join a panel of experts as they brainstorm and develop solutions, strategies, and technology requirements to get the job done.
Allen Gannett, Founder, TrackMaven
David Greenbaum, CEO, Boost Media
Joelle Kaufman, Head of Marketing and Partnerships, BloomReach
Shreya Kushari, SVP, Search Marketing, DigitasLBi
Jeff MacGurn, Senior Vice President, Covario
10:30 AM
Hit or Miss. A survey of 100 search marketers will identify the three biggest gaps in search campaigns today. As Product Listing Ads have evolved, optimization is about more than bidding. New attribution models and Enhanced Campaigns offer new features many marketers still don't use. Should you? We break down the demographics of the respondents and their answers. Find out if you are batting a thousand and hitting a home run -- or striking out.
Alyson Kaye, Marketing Professor, Bentley University
10:45 AM
Consumer data security and privacy became a key focus for Internet companies beginning October 2011, when Google began encrypting search queries. As part of Google's secure search Hummingbird update in September 2013, Yahoo and Bing made a similar transition this year. This shift by Google, Bing and Yahoo to secure consumer data signaled a strategy shift that once required marketers to track keywords through the SEO conversion path, a holdover from paid search bidding. It's time for marketers to move from the "how I got here" to the "why I should go there and what should I do" model. In this session, panelists will discuss adapt-or-die strategies that give marketers new ways to manage and measure SEO performance.
Jim Yu, CEO and Founder, BrightEdge
Lauren MacPhail, Director of Search, Macy's
Dan Perry, Director of SEO, Turner Broadcasting
Jared Powers, Head of SEO Strategy, Autonation
Jeremy Walker, VP, Digital Marketing, Primacy
Dave Zinman, CEO, Infolinks
11:30 AM
Young consumers show intent, but what drives them to take action? As they become attracted to something new, they may drop the old. How do they decide what's important as brands bombard them with choices, platforms, content and the shiny object? What matters and what doesn't? Join a panel of teens as they share their thoughts on credibility and value. Find out what makes young consumers pay attention, and when they are likely to pull the trigger when it comes to brands, tools and platforms as they navigate the murky waters of online content.
Michelle Prieb, Social Integration and Strategy, Edelman Digital
12:00 PM
Figuring Out Responsive Content - Table Lead: Allen Gannett, TrackMaven
Batter-Up: Three Strikes, You're Out - Table Lead: Alyson Kaye, Bentley University

Adapting to Secure Search - Table Lead: Jim Yu, BrightEdge
Influencing Young Consumers - Table Lead: Michelle Prieb, Edelman
1:00 PM
Snorkeling at John Pennekamp Coral Reef
Everglades Alligator Farm Trip
Stand Up Paddleboard Tour
6:30 PM
Location:  Amberjack Lawn
7:30 PM
Location: Palm Court (near the main pool)

Wednesday, April 30

Day 3 of Conference
8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM
It takes an international perspective to share the unique value of search engine marketing and content across borders. Jose Fernando Bazan Athie knows how it's done. He is part of the team that leads the online marketing strategy for the 3M Consumer Business Group in Latin America, and is accountable for all Search Engine Marketing strategy in the region, responsible for six brands in nine countries and sub-regions. Join us as Bazan Athie explains how innovative thinking aligned brands, businesses and consumers needs in 2013, benefiting 3M's campaigns by improving click-through rates by 72%, and reducing the cost of clicks by 31% in LATAM.
Jose Fernando Bazan Athie, eMarketing Supervisor, 3M Consumer Business Group in Latin America
9:00 AM
Smartphones and tablets now drive one out of every three minutes spent with digital media, and by 2017 experts expect more than 10 billion mobile connected devices on earth. In this panel experts will discuss best practices for using social and search to drive the installation and use of app. The panel also will discuss the merits of sending people to mobile apps vs. Web sites, and how to track in-app activity to understand the return on investment. What happens after consumers download the app? Do they use it to browse or make purchases?
Jennifer Tan, Senior Director, Digital Acquisition, Experian
Sean Galligan, VP of Business Development, Flurry
Daryl McNutt, VP of Marketing, Drawbridge
Dan Morris, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Marin Software
Joe Stephens, Senior Manager, Optimization & Strategy, for Search & Native Advertising, Yahoo!
Todd Ulise, Senior Director,
9:45 AM
The role of search engine marketers continues to become more social. More often they take on the responsibility of running and budgeting social campaigns. Advertising agencies are building social divisions filed with SEM expert. And Facebook continues to hire search marketers to support social advertising and Graph Search. Join Jim Grates as he walks through the changes on how the two media will merge, as well as ways SEM experts can prepare for the future.
Jim Grates, Head of Socialyse for North America , Havas Media
10:15 AM
Search marketing teams have begun to take control of social and mobile advertising budgets. The shift influences how these marketers within advertising agencies, platform providers and brands run their business and make decisions. What do these changes in strategies and social media buys mean to the industry and agencies, and how will the model evolve?
Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA/Kelsey
Dan Boberg, Partner at Tallwava and Interim CEO of SyCara Local
Ty Martin, Director of Digital Media Strategy , iCrossing
Matthew Meadow, Director Paid Search, Delivery Operations, eBay Enterprise
David Rodnitzky, Founder, 3Q Digital
Josh Team, VP, Digital Innovation, RAPP
11:00 AM
Mobile's Evolution - Table Lead: Jennifer Tan, Senior Director, Digital Acquisition, Experian
Social's Evolution - Table Lead: Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA/Kelsey 
12:00 PM
Conference Concludes