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Previous Event Agenda
Search Insider Summit: Jun 2015

6:00 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception
7:30 AM Registration Opens
8:00 AM Full Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation boost MEDIA

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9:00 AM Opening Remarks
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote: Social Search: Identifying Emerging Trends and Consumer Patterns

Consumers often flock to social media during current events and create trends before they become searchable on traditional search engines. Social channels are search engines in themselves, and we need to treat them as such to harness consumer data and optimize search. Join Whitney Drake, GM lead for Social Strategy, as she shares insights on how search patterns of the digital consumer help us understand our social communities, tell better brand stories that resonate with fans, and access real-time data to react to things in a relevant and timely manner. 

Whitney Drake , Lead for Social Strategy and Care, GM
9:45 AM Panel: Consumer Behavior As Search Engines Lose Their Interface

The marketing funnel is about to change again. Options vs. answers will dominate the next phase in search engine marketing, as consumers shift to mobile, and voice options become more prevalent with help from Cortana, Siri, Google Now, and others. The transition means engines will return fewer options in exchange for more answers. How do marketers advertise when search engines lose their interface? Join us as marketers discuss how to rethink search as consumer needs change.

Liam Walsh , Director of Digital Marketing, Primacy
Sean Kainec , Senior Manager, Search Engine Optimization, The Home Depot
Omer Navaid , Manager, Acquisition Marketing,
Todd Ulise , Senior Director,
10:30 AM Presentation: Search, The New Iguana

Marketing strategies are often based on assumptions about how individuals phrase search queries or terms that appear in their Web analytics platforms. This makes them bias to search terms they already know. Analysis from former Forrester Research Analyst Nathan Safran examines changing consumer behavior patterns and reveals differences in how individuals search online depending on the device and media they choose.

Nathan Safran , CEO, Blue Nile Research
11:00 AM Panel: Mobilegeddon: The Art Of Mobile Ranking

Google guarantees better ranking opportunities for mobile-friendly sites, as mobile algorithms change to rank Web sites in real time, application deep linking, and automate traditional tasks held by search engine optimization professionals. In April, Google expanded its use of "mobile-friendliness" as a ranking signal.eMarketer estimates U.S. advertisers will spend $40.24 billion in 2016, to reach consumers on tablets and mobile phones. Join us as experts discuss changes in mobile and ways investments can reap higher rewards.

Eric Papczun , Chief Solutions Officer, Pure Oxygen Labs
Patricia Atrian , SEO Director, Live Nation and Ticketmaster
Mike Grehan , Chief Marketing Officer, Acronym
Richard Mastriani , Director of SEO, Wyndham Hotel Group
11:45 AM Presentation: Bright Shiny Objects I -- Stores, TVs, and Cars

A primary role of the traditional agency is to act as a filter on bright shiny objects in the market for clients and identify the technologies and trends truly worth pursuing. We end each morning of the Search Insider Summit leaning far forward, asking a senior agency executive to present three "picks" of startups, apps, ad formats or technologies that should be front and center on marketers' radar in 2015.

Jason Hartley , VP, Search Marketing Practice Lead , 360i
12:00 PM Roundtables

Consumer Behavior As Search Engines Lose Their Interface – Facilitator: Liam Walsh, Director of Digital Marketing, Primacy

The Next Faces of Search—Facilitator: Nathan Safran, CEO, Blue Nile Research

Mobilepocalyse: The Art Of Mobile Ranking— Facilitator: Eric Papczun, Chief Solutions Officer, Pure Oxygen Labs

12:45 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Bing

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities

Golf at The Ocean Course
Near Coastal and Reef Fishing
Dolphin Encounter Shelling Charter
Marsh Kayaking 

5:30 PM One on One Meetings
6:30 PM Cocktail Party & Oyster Bake Yieldbot
7:30 PM Dinner Reception Yahoo!
8:00 AM Registration Opens
8:15 AM Full Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Doubleclick Search by Google
9:00 AM Welcome Back
9:15 AM Keynote: Emerging and Disruptive Technologies in Search

Data science, social integration, beacon and geo-fencing technologies, wearable devices, and visual and voice search make marketing more local, personal, predicative, and targeted than ever before. The technology helps marketers present consumers with what they want before they even have a chance to ask for it. The next phase of search means gathering insights and data, and crafting strategies that define an omnichannel experience for consumers connecting traditional brick and mortar store and online ecommerce sites continue. Join us as Amy Labroo, senior director of Innovation, IT, Wyndham, takes us through that journey.

Amy Labroo , Senior Director of Innovation, IT, Wyndham
9:45 AM Panel: Beyond The Box: Driving Conversions Without Keywords

Mobile devices change consumer buying behavior, prompting search advertisers to break their reliance on keywords. Join a panel of experts as they explore the future of search advertising without a search box. The discussion will delve into deep linking, native advertising on wearable devices, and the connection through the Internet of things. Discover the unique attributes from data that the next phase will provide search marketers.

Janel Landis Laravie , Co-Founder, Chacka Marketing
Leo Dalakos , VP, Digital Strategy, Performics
T.J Hunter , Director of Digital Marketing, Rosetta Stone
David Ingerman , CEO and Co-Founder, PlaceCodes, Inc.
Bhavesh Shah , Director of Search Strategy & Execution, Kaiser Permanente
10:30 AM Presentation: What Does Advertising Look Like On Wearable Devices?

The Internet of Things and wearable devices will change search engine marketing through entity driven search, native advertising, location-based features, and content marketing. Join Jeff Carl, Ecommerce Marketing Manager at Angie's List, as he walks through his vision of the future of advertising on wearable devices.

Jeff Carl , Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Angie's List
11:00 AM Panel: The New Don Draper? Meet the "Creative Search Nerd"

What does a kick-ass piece of content look like in the age of technology and data-driven marketing?  Who needs a shiny Cannes Lion for some glitzy TV spot or beautiful microsite when you've got the "creative search nerd" that integrates data sources to inform high performance content marketing, or builds custom bid algorithms that performs with huge efficiencies. Cooking up a next gen YouTube content optimization and amplification strategy? Join a panel of experts to meet the new Don Draper, the mid-ranks unsung hero who translates data insights into actions. 

Jeff Campbell , Managing Director, Central, Resolution Media
Polly Kane , Search Marketing - E-Business, Discover
Clayton McLaughlin , VP, Search Director, Havas Media
Troy Neidermire , Group Manager, SEO, SEM, Digital & Database Marketing, Target Corp.
Stephanie Quintal , AMS Sr. SEM Manager, PPS eCommerce Marketing, HP
11:45 AM Presentation: Bright Shiny Objects II -- Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Wearables

A primary role of the traditional agency is to act as a filter on bright shiny objects in the market for clients and identify the technologies and trends truly worth pursuing. We end each morning of the Search Insider Summit leaning far forward, asking a senior agency executive to present three "picks" of startups, apps, ad formats or technologies that should be front and center on marketers' radar in 2015.

Michael Dowd , Chief Technologist, GroupM
12:00 PM Roundtables

Beyond The Box: Driving Conversions Without Keywords--Facilitator: Janel Landis Laravie, Co-Founder, Chacka Marketing

What Advertising Could Look Like On Wearable Devices--Facilitator: Jeff Carl, Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Angie's List

Meet The Creative Search Nerd--Facilitator: Jeff Campbell, Co-Founder and VP, Resolution Media


12:45 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities

Golf at the Osprey Point Course
Captain Jack’s Kiawah Sailing
Biking Tour
Stand-Up Paddleboarding

6:30 PM Cocktail Party
7:30 PM Dinner Reception Taykey
8:00 AM Registration Opens and Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Keynote: How to Enable a World-Class Search Organization

In today's world, it is no longer enough to coordinate content, search, and technology; companies need to empower their employees to take advantage of their proximity to the customer. By hiring the right people for each role, teaching them the technology behind your data, and giving them the responsibility to own their budgets, companies can give search organizations the power to respond to customer needs faster than ever. Join Aly Chandwany as he shares insights into how some of the world's biggest companies are able to reduce churn, improve response times and, most importantly, grow their business. 

Aly Chandwany , Market Development Consultant, Dell
9:00 AM Panel: Man (Staff) vs. Machine (Organization) - The Power of People in Data-Driven Marketing

Platforms are becoming the standard way in which marketers plan and buy media, and deliver content.  Algorithms, bidding, reporting dashboards, audience segments from various data sources and automation are fantastic, but what's the increasingly required human role in data and tech-driven marketing?  What are the new killer skill-sets and backgrounds that make for success?  Join a panel of experts as they dive into the new organizational structure and discuss the best structure for search teams.

Alan Boughen , Global Head, Ecselis
Andrew Beckman , CEO, Location3
Ryan Gibson , EVP, Marketing Strategy, RKG
Ada Pally , Sr. Director, 3Q Digital
9:45 AM Panel: Audience-Based Search, It's Here! Now What?

Marketers hear a lot about how companies use remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs) that let first- and third-party data integrate with audience IDs and cookies to execute true audience-based search bidding, ad copy, and post-click landing page experiences. Experts will discuss how to make the theory real, explore the necessary key strategies, and ways to overcome challenges that might stand in the way of success.

John Tripolsky , Founder and CEO, JTE Marketing Group
Roger Barnette , President, IgnitionOne
Eric Wu , Sr. Director of User Acquisition ,
10:15 AM Roundtables

The Power of People in Data-Driven Marketing--Facilitator: Alan Boughen, Global Head, Ecselis

We Have Audience-Based Search. Now What?--Facilitator: Roger Barnette, President, IgnitionOne


11:15 AM Conference Concludes

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