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Previous Event Agenda
Search Insider Summit: May 2016

6:00 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception Doubleclick Search
7:00 AM Registration Opens
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Bing - 2016 LOGO

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9:00 AM Opening remarks
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote: Seize The Moment Through Data In Stores, Online

Technology creates a paradigm shift as it continually changes the way consumers use search and create new paths to purchase. It has forced brands to rethink how to seize each moment in physical stores and online with help from technology, data and search. How should marketers prepare for the future of search? Join Karthik Viswanathan, director of search marketing at, as he explores ways to capture and engage with consumers across different devices and diverse apertures.

Karthik Viswanathan , Director, Search Marketing,
9:45 AM Panel: Scaling Audience-Based Optimization with First-Party Data

Google now allows advertisers to leverage CRM files in Customer Match, offering an advertising product similar to Facebook to target consumers through first-party data. The key piece points to the ability to target in real time, but how do advertisers scale and optimize campaigns?  Join a panel of experts to talk about best practices and advanced strategies.

Simone Watson , Digital Marketing Manager, iContact
Jessie Dearien , Regional Director of Paid Search, MidWest, iProspect
Stefanie Hineman , Online Advertising Marketing Manager, Intuit
Amy McClain , Director, Search & Performance Marketing, Beeby Clark + Meyler
10:30 AM Coffee Break
10:45 AM Q&A: The Role of Automation in Your SEM Workflow

Join Adam Quint, lead search analyst at Seat Geek, as he walks through the role of automation in managing large Adwords accounts - from bidding to campaign management, running tests, and finding new opportunities.

Adam Quint , Marketing Analyst, SeatGeek
Amanda Valle , U.S. President & Chief Strategy Officer, Mavens of London
11:15 AM Panel: Biometrics and Search: How marketers Use the Data

Many consumers have a biometric device these days, whether on their wrist or on an Apple iPhone. From staying healthy to general awareness, these devices hold data for search marketers from health to travel to retail. What data are search marketers useing and how are they using it to target better? Join a panel of experts to learn how to find and tailor messages to the 10,000 per day steppers, and how marketers can combine this data with search advertising and marketing.

Bryson Meunier , SEO Director, Vivid Seats
Ryan Gibson , EVP, Marketing Strategy, Merkle/RKG
Stephanie Quintal , Director of Digital Marketing, Firewood
Todd Ulise , Vice President,
12:00 PM Roundtables

Seizing the moment through data - Jonah Feld, Dashboarding, Analytics and Quantitative Reporting, Acronym Media
Scaling audience-based optimization with first-party data - Jessie Dearien, Regional Director, Paid Search - MidWest, iContact
Using biometrics, search, and other Internet-connected device data in campaignsBryson Meunier, SEO Director, Vivid Seats

1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities

Golf at Hammock Course
Deep Sea Fishing
Eco Kayaking Tour

5:30 PM One on One Meetings
6:30 PM Cocktail Party Yieldbot
7:30 PM Dinner Reception Yahoo!
9:30 PM After-Party Acronym
7:30 AM Registration Opens
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Keynote: Outside-In Marketing: Using the Correct Data for Content

Marketers have long sought to understand their audiences so they could target messages. Never before have they had such a rich source of audience data as they do today. The benefit resides in keyword research. For any audience segment and any stage in the buyer journey, they use keywords to find the content they need to make intelligent purchasing decisions. Join James Mathewson, distinguished marketer for search at IBM, to discover how marketers will use data in search campaigns, and how IBM uses data to guide its content marketing discipline from one end to the other. From market research to product marketing to messaging to digital publishing to digital analytics, keyword data is the natural resource IBM uses to drive the business results executives expect.

James Mathewson , Distinguished Technical Marketer, Search, IBM
9:30 AM Panel: In Search of Cross-Channel Advertising

Search marketing is in the midst of a sea-shift from data and campaigns in silos to a more cross-channel approach. Keywords and match types are giving way to audiences, devices and attribution. When marketers think about cross-channel approaches they must also consider life-time value and retention of consumers. This panel explores the transition and the impact this shift is having on marketing strategies, the tools marketers use, the change in priorities of marketing departments and the challenges and opportunities that the transition presents.

Frank Gamboa , President, Frank Gamboa Consulting
David Kaufman , Product Marketing – Direct Response, Facebook
Sid Shah , Director of Business Analytics for Advertising Solutions, Adobe
Justin Sieve , Product Manager, SEO, Trulia
10:15 AM Presentation: Wyndham Hotel Group

Google’s changes leave search marketers on their toes. There have been a lot of changes during the past few years, but the most impactful likely occurred in 2015 when the company removed the ads running down the right side of the query results page. Join Richard Mastriani, director of SEO at Wyndham Hotels as he shares his experience and walks through a case study on the impact of the removal of right side ads on both local and organic search.

Richard Mastriani , Director of SEO, Wyndham Hotel Group
10:45 AM Panel: AMPing Mobile Attribution and Optimization

Did the Accelerated Mobile Pages project change the mobile landscape for search marketers? With Google serving more paid search ads on mobile devices, marketers have seen rapid growth of paid ad inventory above the fold. Some 60% of searches occur on mobile devices, but advertisers were opting out of mobile search or significantly reducing their bids due to poor performance. Join a panel of experts to discuss changes seen since being implemented.

Chanel Gold , Search Engine Marketing Manager, Spark Networks
Tom Murphy , Associate Director, Search Marketing, DigitasLBi
Ryan Sullivan , SVP, Performance Services, Performics
11:30 AM Keynote: Using Mobile as a Marketing Strategy: Digitizing the customer experience.

There are many pieces to a mobile campaign, from content to search to display advertising. The combination allows Hilton Worldwide to find success to connect with highly targeted consumer segments. Join Peter Norris, digital marketing director at Hilton Worldwide, as he walks through this cross-channel mobile marketing approach. Discover how Hilton uses the latest advances in mobile marketing to identify and drive mobile traffic, as well as connect guests' experiences.

Peter Norris , Digital Marketing Director, Hilton Worldwide
12:00 PM Roundtables

How to use data for content-driven campaigns - Patrick Berzai, Group Account Director, Search and Social Media / SEO Lead at Mediacom
In search of cross-channel advertisingFrank Gamboa, President, Frank Gamboa Consulting 
AMPing mobile attribution and optimization - Ryan Sullivan, SVP Performance Services,   Performics

1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities

Snorkeling at John Pennekamp Coral Reef
Everglades Alligator Farm Trip
Relaxing at The Ocean Reef Pool

6:30 PM Cocktail Party Bing - 2016 LOGO
7:30 PM Dinner Reception Doubleclick Search
7:30 AM Registration Opens
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:45 AM Keynote: How Hotwire Succeeds In Mobile SEM

How does Hotwire succeed in a fast paced mobile environment wrapped in data? Join Alex Otrezov, Senior Director Of Paid Search Operations at Hotwire, as he walks through how the travel site drives attribution, first party-data, user stitching, bid modifiers, and today's marketplace trends.

Alex Otrezov , Senior Director of Paid Search Operations, Hotwire
9:15 AM Presentation: Paid Search Marketing: Beyond the Keyword

This energetic session will cover how to target specific audiences, how to make brand+ non-brand search work, and how to leverage audience insights across multiple digital marketing channels. Diving into case studies and best practices, you’ll leave this session with actionable ideas for your own brand targeting.

Aaron Levy , Manager of Client Strategy, Elite SEM
9:45 AM Panel: A Recap of the May 2016 MediaPost Search Insider Summit

Join us for a recap of some discussions from panels that went on behind the scenes during roundtables at the Search Insider Summit.

Laurie Sullivan , Editor, Search Marketing Daily, MediaPost
Ryan Gibson , EVP, Marketing Strategy, Merkle/RKG
Stefanie Hineman , Online Advertising Marketing Manager, Intuit
Keith Posehn , Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Uber
10:15 AM Roundtables

How Hotwire Succeeds In Mobile SEM - Alex Otrezov, Senior Director of Paid Search Operations at Hotwire
Moving Beyond The Keyword For Targeting - Aaron Levy, Manager of Client Strategy, Elite SEM

11:30 AM Conference Concludes

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