Peeking Through The New Transparency

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It is the new and improved, super-concentrated, fully decentralized, family-sized, eco-friendly and high-definition “TRANSPARENCY.” Blockchain-infused technologies are promising the battered digital ad industry the cure for what ails it – transparency across the ad supply chain, brand-safe ad placements, relief from fraud, clearer reporting, even greater data control and privacy for consumers. The distributed-ledger of blockchain transactions purports to expose the full cryptocurrency trail – all the parties receiving pieces of the spend, where the ads got placed, and more.

Pipe dream, snake oil or bleeding edge?

At the inaugural MediaPost Blockchain Marketing Forum we do what MediaPost does - interrogate the premise and examine the real-world implementation.

What exactly are blockchain-based technologies promising? How does a more distributed, ledger-based, crypto-currency driven approach propose to clarify and sanitize the ad tech mess? Why and how is it theoretically better than other transparency efforts, and what won’t it solve for? 

But more to the point, with so little media buying actually transacted via blockchain now, where do advertisers and agencies really need to be here?

At the MediaPost Blockchain Marketing Forum we try to being greater transparency to blockchain’s own promises of greater transparency to digital advertising.

We will explore