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Monday, March 4

6:00 PMMezzanine @ The Driskill

Tuesday, March 5

Day 1: Scaling The Data Driven Brand

Scale is the chief challenge of most bright shiny DTC objects. The Brand Insider Summit opens on the big questions - how do performance-driven digital native pivot to old-fashioned brand building. And as they grow the base, how are these organizations acquiring new customers off of thinner, walled data?

8:00 AMMezzanine @ The Driskill
Registration & Breakfast
8:15 AMDriskill Ballroom
9:00 AMDriskill Ballroom
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:15 AMDriskill Ballroom

From its roots in the print magazine world, to its pioneering of online genealogy, Ancestry has been at the center of every stage of the digital revolution. As it moves into the next stage of its direct to consumer marketing, the company is centralizing its data, obsessing on customer service, consistent branding across channels, and finding the right personalization approaches that deepen relationships. KathrynDavidson shares lessons learned by one of the original digital-first brands.

Kathryn Davidson, Director, Marketing Operations, Ancestry 
9:45 AMDriskill Ballroom

Famous for their mastery of performance media and metrics, the new generation of DTC products and services now look to the next level of brand building. But how do data-driven organizations devoted to sales metrics and performance add brand building to the equation? And as traditional branding media like TV and print contract, has brand building itself moved towards other channels? DTCs at this inflection point explore how their culture and media models need to evolve to achieve scale.

Ly Tran, Chief Media Officer, Proof Advertising 
Andy Anderson, Media Planning & Buying Management, Aflac 
Eric Bandholz, Founder, Beardbrand 
Valori Moore, Director, Global Brand Strategy, 
Dan Rosen, Creative Director, Hubble Contacts 
10:30 AMMezzanine @ The Driskill
11:00 AMDriskill Ballroom
How do you build brand beyond a single product or even category and align with broader values and experiences that infuse many different products? More than movies and wine, the Family Coppola brand now includes cafes and resort getaways, dining adventures, a literary magazine, tasting events and more. DTC lead Janiene Ullrich explains how authentic “family values” and creativity are the through lines that frame such a diverse product set. But how do you build it? Ensure all touchpoints represent it? And then create a marketing infrastructure and direct-to-consumer channels that support it?
Janiene Ullrich, Executive Vice President, Direct to Consumer, Francis Ford Coppola Winery 
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
11:30 AMDriskill Ballroom

Younger DTC brands often point to their quick rise via DIY in-house marketing. But at some point, even self-made brands need to partner, asses internal investment, consider where agency and vendor involvement becomes key to growth. Several marketers bring us inside that decision process. From media buying to creative, data management to attribution, how are newer brands rethinking the perennial outsourcing conundrum and even the client/agency relationship?

Rich Zeldes, EVP-Managing Director, Stella Rising 
Jadey Chow, VP, Brand Marketing, Curology 
Lori Gatto, VP of Marketing, TomBoyX 
Jennifer Muse, Global eCommerce & CRM Manager, General Mills 
12:00 PMDriskill Ballroom

Pivot to Branding - Andy Anderson, Media Planning & Buying Management, Aflac
Acquisition Strategies - Lewis Gersch, CEO, PebblePost
Do You Need an Agency Now? - Lori Gatto, VP of Marketing, TomBoyX
Does the Subscription Model Work for Me? - Jadey Chow, VP, Brand Marketing, Curology

12:45 PMDriskill Ballroom
1:00 PMDriskill Ballroom
Brewery Tour
Axe Throwing at Urban Axes
5:30 PMConference room
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6:30 PMItalic Restaurant
7:30 PMItalic Restaurant

Wednesday, March 6

Day 2: New Models, New Media

Emerging digital native brands have famously mastered the levers of data-driven performance advertising. What can all digital advertisers learn from their approach to media and analytics? And as they seek scale, how are these brands migrating into TV advertising at the same time they explore new marketing channels like podcasting, pop-ups and experiences?

8:00 AMMezzanine @ The Driskill
8:15 AMDriskill Ballroom
9:00 AMDriskill Ballroom
Quip taught us all that consumers were ready to subscribe to their toothbrush. Now one of the pioneers of this generation of DTCs may show us what DTC brand expansion means. As Quip aspires to become an overall oral health brand, we explore its strategy for new product development and expansion beyond the toothbrush.
Elliot Friar, Brand Marketing Manager, Quip 
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:30 AMDriskill Ballroom

DTCs have gone back to the future in looking for scale via TV advertising. But are they coming at an old media in new ways? For targeting their buys? Measuring impact? Leveraging new inventory on OTT and addressable TV? Is this just old DRTV or something fresh and new for TV advertising?

Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
Adam Gassman, Senior Director, Growth Marketing, Freshly 
Ulli Haslacher, Founder and President, Pour Moi Skincare 
Herb Jones, CMO, Fracture 
10:45 AM
Crowdfunding can be more than a way to launch a product, it can proving ground for product marketing. From our learnings from three Kickstarter campaigns, video became a compelling storytelling tool for novel functional products and laid the groundwork for primed for paid acquisition video ads.
Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Co-Founder & President, Ministry of Supply 
11:15 AM

What do digital native brands know about performance media the rest of us don't? We ask several marketers to share their special tricks for integrating data with their digital media plans. What have they learned about combining display, video, email, social and search to move their customers through the purchase journey? How are they managing user behaviors, triggers, the media mix and creative in real-time environments?

Ben Gaddis, President, T3 
Trang Dao, VP, Performance Marketing, HungryRoot 
Ricky Joshi, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Saatva 
Brant Schmitz, Director, Performance Marketing, BLU DOT 
Branden Windle, VP, Marketing, Tecovas 
12:00 PMDriskill Ballroom

DTC Meets TV - Adam Gassman, Senior Director, Growth Marketing, Freshly
Attribution and Measurement - Matt Sattel, RVP Brand Solutions, MiQ
Performance Media Best Practices - Trang Dao, VP, Performance Marketing, HungryRoot
Product Development
- Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Co-Founder & President, Ministry of Supply

12:45 PM
1:00 PMDriskill Ballroom
Top Golf Outing
Real Austin Guided Bus Tour
Buffalo Billiards - Pool, Foosball, Darts & Fun
6:30 PMVictorian Balcony @ Driskill
7:30 PMVictorian Room @ Driskill

Thursday, March 7

Day 3: It's The Relationship, Stupid

New consumers are embracing newer brands that make more human connections and communicate personally. We cap the summit exploring how the brands are establishing, deepening and scaling these relationships...and how they plan to scale them.

8:15 AM
8:45 AM
Building a values-driven brand runs much deeper than giving profit shares to good causes. KEEN Footwear demonstrates that corporate values must come from the top and come from within long before they become part of an authentic marketing mix. From underwriting employee volunteerism to corporate giving to infusing ethics into the supply chain, genuine corporate values require multi-level commitments, as well as an understanding you won’t always get it right. Senior Director of Global Marketing, Ash Williams, shares both the history of KEEN’s commitment to realize a more ethical brand and the lessons learned about communicating those values internally and to customers.
Ash Williams, Senior Director Global Brand Marketing, KEEN 
9:15 AM

From personalized emails to chat, social media to direct mail, call centers to SMS, next-gen brands are using every imaginable channel to make a difference in their customers' lives. But where does the personal touch most matter in building a brand relationship? Where does marketing tech start and stop driving smart personalization? How are growing brands scaling the process? And how are they measuring and optimizing their efforts?

Nina Lentini, Editor, Events and Research, MediaPost 
Dennis Chang, Co-Founder, Cut Golf 
Valeria Cole, Founder and CEO, Teadora 
Kellen Fitzgerald, Senior Marketing Manager, Digital and Client Experience, Tarte Cosmetics 
10:15 AM

The Farmer’s Dog is on a mission to reimagine how food for our pets is produced, delivered, and consumed. As part of this mission, they build authentic, personal relationships with every single customer (canine and human alike!). Growth manager Adrian Evans explores how the company continues to maintain and build these relationships during exponential expansion.

Adrian Evans, Growth Marketing Manager, The Farmer's Dog 
10:30 AM

CRM and Personalization - Adrian Evans, Growth Marketing Manager, The Farmer's Dog
Values-Driven Branding - Ash Williams, Senior Director Global Brand Marketing, KEEN

11:00 AM
Conference Concludes