Nil Bertran Marimon

DESIGUAL Email Team Leader

Passionate about Marketing in all its aspects, especially for Digital Marketing and CRM. With a powerful background in CRM after working in a high performance CRM team in Desigual, where I have had the opportunity of leading the Email MKT Team. I have recently been promoted to CRM Coordinator leading the worldwide CRM team.  

I firmly believe that success is achieved through hard work, humility and constancy and under these values I try to improve myself day by day. I am a proactive, resolute, ambitious person with leadership capacity.


Along my professional experience I have gained strong data analysis skills and, through the KPIs analysis and a test & learn mindset, I have driven the Email MKT in Desigual to something more than single commercial communications: we have created smart customer journeys which maximize recurring sales.


Meet Nil at:

Panel: Omnichannel Teamwork
Date/Time: 9:00 AM

Email is the workhorse that holds a marketer’s digital toolset together, but a good digital program is only as good as its team members. Without collaboration between email, mobile, social and data teams, customer experience suffers. In this panel, we’ll hear success stories for breaking down the silos in interactive marketing channels.

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