Jeroen Soethout

100%EMAIL Senior Campaign Developer

Meet Jeroen at:

Case Study: A Brief History of Interactive Email
Date/Time: 9:45 AM
Email has grown from being a static channel to being a lively and dynamic medium. Real-time content updates have allowed marketers to use automation to trigger emails with interactive functions. In this presentation, marketers will gain insights on interactive email and learn how to adopt these techniques in their own email programs.

Panel: Interactive Email: Exploring the Latest in Digital Features
Date/Time: 10:00 AM

Email may be a classic tool when it comes to digital, but it’s anything but old fashioned. New advances in technology such as countdown clocks, real-time weather, quizzes and live streaming have ensured the channel is as relevant as ever. In this panel, marketers will reveal how they are making the most of email’s latest features.

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