Virtual Event - February 2 - 3, 2021

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Forecast 2020 and Beyond: Media+Data+Privacy

The marriage of media and detailed, digital, real-time data consummated long ago. But in 2020, the consumer and their government will begin pushing back on this cozy relationship as well as how the platforms, media and advertisers are using their assets. Things could get uncomfortable for everyone. Users are canceling and curtailing their social media use. CCPA, GDPR and cookie-killing browsers will curtail consumer trackability and heighten corporate accountability. And everyone’s sensitivities are on edge in an election cycle where political campaigns use (and abuse) these same data, targeting, and media tools.

At the 2020 edition of MediaPost’s annual Forecast we argue that no responsible discussion of the evolving media and data terrain can exclude the issues of privacy, consumer and regulatory pushback and accountability.

We will explore

  • The state of media budgets in 2020 and beyond, and what may make plans change
  • How the customer journey and media mindshare will impact spend
  • How CCPA, GDPR and new browsers are impacting trackability and media spend
  • Managing the oligopoly
  • Media, platform and advertiser accountability in a year of feudal politics


The Short and Long Game: The Media Plans of 2019 & 2024

MediaPost’s annual Forecast gathering of the media leaders reviews how agencies and their clients have allocated spending for the current year and where they are placing their bets for the next five.


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