February 2 - 3, 2021
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Tuesday, 02/02

2:30 PM ET
Opening Remarks
2:40 PM ET
Connected TV: The Future Will Be Streamed
While the explosion of CTV/OTT viewing in 2020 gave media buyers more eyeballs and inventory than ever on these channels, it also pushed more of our media time behind ad-free paywalls. Our panel locates the CTV opportunities in the coming year - the best performing and accountable places to find shifting audiences. Beyond this year, however, how are they rethinking advertising for radically new TV screen consumption outside of traditional advertising's reach?
Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost 
Gibbs Haljun, Total Investment Lead, GroupMā€™s Mindshare 
Brad Stockton, Vice President-Video Innovation, Dentsu 
3:40 PM ET
Data and Programmatic: More Inventory, Tighter Data
As inventory, pricing and usage patterns settle down after 2020, how are data-driven digital marketers planning for the rest of the year? Cookie-blocking is kicking in across Web and mobile, joined by CCPA restrictions to constrain third-party data use. Meanwhile, on the supply side there is much more diverse programmatic inventory available across new social and mobile platforms, retailer media, audio and more. Our panel explores what is driving programmatic planning as the options expand and the data restrictions tighten.
Andrew Eklund, Founder and CEO, Ciceron 
Dr. Ram Singh, Chief Analytics Officer, Performics 
Karima Zmerli, Global Chief Data Science Officer, Wavemaker 
4:30 PM ET
We're All 'Up for Review' Now!: How Can Agencies Stay Relevant?
It's not just agency accounts moving around like never before. The legitimacy of the traditional agency model is itself up for review. How are agencies large and small managing the client relationship now? As clients bring more media tasks in-house? As advertising models contract? As fee transparency persists? How are agency leaders pitching and retaining the client base?

Wednesday, 02/03

2:30 PM ET
Welcome Back/Media Survey Results
2:40 PM ET
Search and Performance: After the ECommerce Tsunami
After an historic, pandemic-driven migration of retail buying online, how will the performance ad market recalibrate in 2021? Upper-funnel prospecting, keyword prices, shopper ads and inventory levels were all in flux. We explore how and where search and performance markets have become more and less predictable going forward. Performance budgets were flush last year as everyone competed on the same channel. What is happening now?
Amie Owen, SVP, Head of Shopper, UM Worldwide 
Jessica Richards, EVP, Managing Director, Commerce North America, Havas Media 
3:30 PM ET
Social Media and Infliencers: Rebalancing Paid, Owned and Borrowed
Social channels swelled with activity last year, but did the role of these platforms in the customer journey change? On the paid side, will social remain efficient even as more players enter the market with a range of new ad products like shopper ads? Meanwhile, are Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok drawing dollars from almighty Facebook? The influencer model was already contending with concerns about pricing, measurement, and transparency. And the crisis helped many brands cultivate deeper relationships through organic media. What is the new balance for different brands?
Debbie Hutchings, Associate Director, Investment Solutions, Social, Kelly Scott Madison 
Stefanie Smith, VP, Head of Social, iProspect 
4:20 PM ET
OOH in 2021: Reading the Rebound
Crowd density and pandemics do not mix, and so the core value proposition of Out-of-Home will have a very uneven return in 2021. How will location-based advertisers navigate this halting rebound? Which spaces are coming back on and when? Are digital OOH more effectively finding more available spaces in a social distancing environment? And what are media buyers' expectations for OOH impact, scale and role in a post-COVID customer journey?
Jill Nickerson, EVP, Managing Director, Horizon Media