Albert Thompson

Walton Isaacson Digital Strategist

Albert has represented some of the largest brands in the strategic communications arena for over 20 years. With communications experience ranging from African American, Hispanic, LGBT, Arab American, Indian, Boomers, Teens, Urban, GM to International, Albert brings a wealth of exposure to clients looking to enhance their brand positioning by rethinking and redefining their Go-To-Market approach.

He has enhanced clients’ Brand building efforts through ROI driven programs that leverage unique consumer insight and deliver relevant customer experience. Brings an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking to solving business problems. Has authored articles and appeared as guest speaker at Universities, conferences, and seminars. Beyond strategy, Albert is more of a futurist when it comes to understanding how technology will transform the landscape of consumer categories.

Meet Albert at:

Forecast 2019 – Fighting the Attention Wars
Date/Time: 9:00 AM
Consumer attention is as fleeting as it is fragmented, and paths to purchase are as chaotic as they are individual. We ask leading media buyers and brands to reflect on their allocation bets for 2019 and what understanding of consumer attention and decision-making informed them? How have consumer behaviors, brand safety, walled gardens, transparency and the increasing invisibility of advertising shaped their thinking and planning? What has caused them to shift dollars one way or the other? And what course corrections may be necessary by year’s end?

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