Colleen Hotchkiss

Zenith EVP, Managing Director

As EVP, Managing Director of the NYC office, Colleen Hotchkiss began her career over 10 years ago at Zenith working on the Verizon account. Colleen serves as lead in the US on Coty, Reckitt and Kering, and Toyota where she oversees a vast portfolio of brands. An expert in bridging media planning with creative data strategy, Colleen has lead clients through countless campaign launches, portfolio mergers and industry shifts with a sharp eye and keen sense for the future. Named a 2018 Game Changer by SheRunsIt, Colleen is an active speaker on the conference circuit and a member of Publicis Media’s Viva Women group. After a short stint away from the agency, Colleen returned in 2007 to work on the General Mills business. During that time she honed her portfolio management experience, helping to and eventually leading planning for a variety of brands over the course of her tenure on the account. During her time on General Mills, Colleen was a key driver of the launch of a recipe driven VOD channel for Pillsbury with Cablevision, showcasing Pillsbury’s ‘How To’ recipe videos and content. Today, she is an esteemed leader and mentor with a wonderful zest for life.

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Forecast 2019 – Fighting the Attention Wars
Date/Time: 9:00 AM
Consumer attention is as fleeting as it is fragmented, and paths to purchase are as chaotic as they are individual. We ask leading media buyers and brands to reflect on their allocation bets for 2019 and what understanding of consumer attention and decision-making informed them? How have consumer behaviors, brand safety, walled gardens, transparency and the increasing invisibility of advertising shaped their thinking and planning? What has caused them to shift dollars one way or the other? And what course corrections may be necessary by year’s end?

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