Joe Mandese

MediaPost Editor-in-Chief

Joe is one of the most respected journalists covering the advertising industry. 

He has unparalleled access to some of the most influential thought leaders in media, from agency CEO’s to Fortune 500 CMO’s.  Joe has built his reputation over 30+ years, and is the only journalist to have held prominent positions at all the industry’s Big 3 trade publications (MediaPost, Advertising Age and Adweek).

Joe has a unique talent for contextualizing news and information for media buyers, planners and brand marketers in a way that is relevant to their day-to-day media decision-making process. He is routinely sourced in news stories about advertising and has frequently been called upon by industry leading organizations to serve as moderator or guest speaker at their events and symposia. He is the rare journalist who has earned the status of a true thought leader in the industry he covers.

Meet Joe at:

Forecast 2024 – Brave New Media World?
Date/Time: 10:30 AM
Is technology really driving media to a brighter future of higher creative engagements, personalized interactions with customers, brands that serve rather than sell? Will blockchain technologies build cleaner, more transparent connections across the supply chain, and even between consumers and their media sources? Are VR, AI and IoT moving us to a new stage where the individual customer, their daily habits, locations and wearable tech become the next channels we buy against? Are people the next media?

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