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Previous Event Agenda
Marketing AI: May 2017

8:30 AM Registration Opens
9:15 AM Opening Remarks
Ross Fadner , Director, Event Programming, MediaPost
9:30 AM Panel: Chatbots 101: Existential Questions, Do’s, Don’ts and Pitfalls

So you’ve decided that your brand needs a chatbot, but before you build, buy, or borrow your new virtual customer service rep/company flag-bearer, you’ve got plenty of questions to answer. Such as: why are you building a bot? What are your goals? What are best practices surrounding disclosure to your customers? Can a bot really replace your customer service team? When and by what process should the bot refer sophisticated or complicated queries to an actual human? What are best practices around data handling, storage and security? How can you ensure your bot is sufficiently encrypted from being exploited—particularly if you use a third party? We ask brands and agencies how they are answering these existential questions.

Dan Hodges , CEO & Founder, Consumers In Motion
Cory Clarke , Partner, Technology Practice Lead, VSA Partners
Doug Clinton , Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Loup Ventures
Donovan Rose , Digital Business Development Director, Time Inc.
Rahul Singhal , Chief Product Officer, Equals 3
10:15 AM Keynote: Marketers: Get Ready for AI!

In our opening keynote, Sarah Fay, Managing Director, Glasswing Ventures, will walk us through the opportunities and challenges artificial intelligence presents for marketers.  AI will soon change all marketing processes and practices - Sarah will note some ways to get started and point to future experiences where brands will need to reinvent new ways to engage consumers.

Sarah Fay , Managing Director, Glasswing Ventures
10:45 AM Tech Spotlight & Sponsored Coffee Break Cognitiv
11:15 AM Panel: Voice Computing, Bots and…Ads?

We’re at the dawn of the voice computing age, an emerging field of computer science underpinned by natural language processing, technology that both executes and learns from interactions between computers and human languages. In 2017, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are the clearest and most widely distributed examples of auditory chatbots, or voice-powered virtual assistants, but Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others are investing heavily in the technology, too. Are we witnessing the birth of a new medium? Does the emergence of voice come at the expense of other media? Will ad messaging follow closely behind? We assess the implication and application of voice for marketers.

Alan Chapell , Principal, Chapell & Associates
Jacob Budin , Development Manager, Kettle
Ben Gaddis , Chief Innovation Officer, T3
Greg Hedges , VP of Emerging Experiences, RAIN
Doug Robinson , Founder & Chief Executive Officer, FreshDigitalGroup
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Panel: This is Not a Fad: AI and Your Agency

As brands experiment with the bot offerings of IBM, Facebook and Google, media agencies and marketing cloud providers are investing in AI-driven capabilities of their own to streamline clients’ marketing and advertising operations. While few brands have handed their buying operations over to these AI-powered platforms entirely, the early results are absolutely astounding. This is not a fad; so what does the rapid evolution of AI herald for media agencies? Will it force them to compete more directly with big consultancies, marketing tech cloud providers and other third party vendors? What’s really at stake here, and who is best positioned to win the arms race?

Ross Fadner , Director, Event Programming, MediaPost
Jason Jercinovic , Global Head of Marketing Innovation, Havas
Missy Kelley , Product Design Director, A.I, Huge
Kelly Kokonas , EVP Analytics & Insights / Business Accelerator, Starcom Worldwide
Michael Nicholas , Co-Founder | Partner, Born AI
Suffiyan Syed , Director, Product Innovation Lead, SapientRazorfish
2:00 PM Keynote: How AI/Machine Learning Boosts Social Predictive Video

Fairy Tales Hair Care, a producer of natural hair care products for children, participated in a pilot on Facebook whereby a third-party AI/Machine learning provider produced, tested and optimized against different video creative executions for the brand, ultimately delivering an impressive 35 percent lift in engagement. Join CEO Risa Barash as she walks us through her brand's successful AI experiment.

Risa Barash , Owner & Founder, Fairy Tales Hair Care
2:30 PM Coffee Break
2:45 PM Discussion: Search vs Service

Does the AI Age herald a tipping point for the search industry? If mobile phone data, particularly the apps we use, can help virtual assistants deliver greater personalization in their product and service recommendations, then Siri can book you a flight, hotel or a restaurant reservation all using preferences stored in your mobile device. If, over time, she can recommend new products and services based on your past actions, does that eliminate the need to use search engines for discovery? After all, there is a difference between search and service. With that in mind, what affect will AI have on search?

Ross Fadner , Director, Event Programming, MediaPost
Benjamin Bourinat , Global Director, Social Media, Kinetic Worldwide
James Green , CEO, Magnetic
Mike Grehan , Chief Marketing Officer, Acronym
Sean McDonald , Managing Director, Reprise Media
3:15 PM Panel: Choosing the Right AI Partner for Your Brand

AI is everywhere these days, and your brand doesn’t want to be left behind. But the options are overwhelming. How do you go about getting involved? How do you evaluate which AI company will make the best partner for your brand? What’s the difference between this or that offering or platform? Our panel of AI brands will explain what makes their technology stand apart.

Mike Azzara , Principal, Content Marketing Partners
Meg Columbia-Walsh , CEO, Wylei
Greg Dale , Chief Operating Officer, Persado
Mahi De Silva , Co-Founder and CEO, Botworx
Kevin Lyons , SVP, Data Science, Digital Technology, Nielsen Marketing Cloud
Or Shani , CEO & Founder, Albert
4:00 PM Conference Concludes
4:15 PM Cocktail & Networking Reception Acronym

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