Deep into the digital age, TV still reigns supreme for most automotive marketers. How are today’s digitally-empowered consumers relating to top-of-funnel brand messaging in 2018? How are OEMs justifying the ROI of Big Idea brand advertising in a world where price-conscious consumers conduct their own research and use social media as a forum to endorse, criticize and challenge brands publicly? How is money being diffused across digital channels, in particular, especially since mid to lower funnel is where most decision-making takes place? And where do ROI and attribution fit into all this?

At MediaPost’s fourth-annual Marketing Automotive conference, we ask OEMs to discuss assess the channels and messaging tactics that are working for them, single out those that are not, and demonstrate how their consumer messaging is evolving alongside consumers own shifting media habits.  

Attendees can expect to learn:

  • How OEMs are evolving their brand positioning and media messaging
  • How OEMs assess ROI for traditional and digital channels
  • How to assess which data is most valuable to the bottom line
  • How artificial Intelligence is changing auto marketing