May 15, 2019
New York, NY

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Wednesday, 05/15

8:00 AM
8:00 AM ET
Registration & Check-In
9:00 AM
9:00 AM ET
Opening Remarks
Chuck Martin, Editor, Net Future Institute, AI & IoT Daily 
9:15 AM
9:15 AM ET
Keynote: Breaking Through the Distractions: Balancing Reach and Relevancy
With the flood of new technologies and marketing capabilities facing brands today, it’s critical to let the brand values live at the center, like Jack Daniel’s, a 150-year-old brand, leveraging augmented reality to create a new customer experience. In this keynote, Jeff Cole, Modern Media Director for Jack Daniel’s family of brands, shows how futuristic features can break through the noise while still remaining true to a brand’s story and history.
Jeff Cole, Modern Media Director, North America, Jack Daniel's Family of Brands, Brown-Forman 
9:45 AM
9:45 AM ET
Panel: What Is Your Amazon Strategy?

Amazon has opened up a wealth of new possibilities for CPG. It gives them a direct sales platform, a way to test products and gain new consumer insights, multiple brand and direct ad channels that are powered by unique data sets. So what does an Amazon strategy look like in how it blends merchandising and advertising, research and testing? How do brands organize efforts differently for this platform and what KPIs are they looking for in such a complex system?

Travis Johnson, President, Sellwin 
Bevon Dormer, Amazon Media Strategy & Activation, The Hershey Company 
Diana Gordon, Managing Director, Shop+, Mindshare 
Rob Griffin, Co-Founder, Rise-Alliance 
Nicholas Morrissey, SVP, Performance Media, Havas Media 
10:30 AM
10:30 AM ET
Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight
11:00 AM
11:00 AM ET
Case Study: Why Influence Is More Than Influencers
The idea that third party voices - consumers, journalists, celebrities, friends, family influence the actions of consumers is something that predates the emergence of social media platforms -  yet identifying and leveraging these influential voices is often pigeonholed as a social media activity. Moving beyond this and establishing a successful influencer program requires deconstructing the very idea of an “influencer” and answer key questions like: Are reach and media value even valuable metrics? How do we quantify area expertise? What does success look like in a campaign to shape influence?
Randi Jachino, VP of Marketing, Weleda North America 
11:30 AM
11:30 AM ET
Panel: Influencers: The Art of Scaling and Measuring Authenticity

Working with social influencers has become a standard part of the CPG media plan. But how are traditional targeting and measurement of media adjusting to these still unorthodox channels? How are the basics of reach and frequency being attained? What KPIs like share of voice, media value, sales life work here? And are the various platforms promising to standardize and scale influencers really working?

Jeremy Simon, SVP, Influencer Marketing, Lippe Taylor 
Randi Jachino, VP of Marketing, Weleda North America 
Juliette Leavey, Director of Digital Strategy, Deutsch New York 
Andrew Reichgut, Executive Vice President and CMO, Veggies Made Great 
12:00 PM
12:00 PM ET
Panel: Friction Over Price: Mapping the DTC Path to Purchase

The explosion in online CPG sales forces everyone to rethink the CPG path to purchase. The consideration-to-impulse-to-buy cycle is often compressed, so marketers need to learn how to make the process as frictionless as possible. A new set of bottom-funnel skills are needed. what are they? What can legacy brands learn from the new generation of DTC challenger brands? And how do any of this online consumer mapping aid innovation at real world retail?

Amy Lanzi, EVP, Commerce Lead, North America, Publicis Media 
Suzanne Darmory, VP of Integrated Marketing and Creative, Jackson Hewitt 
Jesse Horwitz, Co-CEO/Founder, Hubble Contacts 
12:45 PM
12:45 PM ET
12:55 PM
12:55 PM ET
Sponsor Luncheon Presentation
1:45 PM
1:45 PM ET
Keynote: Think Like a DTC, Act like a CPG
One thing is for certain, no matter what vertical you are in there are always opportunities to learn and reapply from one another.  In CPG we have long salivated over the remarkable advantages DTCs have over Consumer Packaged Goods Companies.  CPGs must work with third parties to activate, measure and analyze data that revolves around our most prized possession… The consumer.  Come hear how Hershey’s has taken a page out of DTCs book and unlocked the “sweet spot” found when media, technology, business and the consumer all merge together to drive successful outcomes.
Ashlee Carlisle, Media Audience Strategy & Activation, The Hershey Company 
2:15 PM
2:15 PM ET
Presentation: 4 Simple Ingredients, 4 Simple Strategies
Bag Balm, Vermont’s 120-year old iconic skin care brand, is made with four simple ingredients and focuses on four key principles to drive growth. Bag Balm President Reid Greenberg details how to keep the shiny stuff in context while connecting and engaging with customers.
Reid Greenberg, President, Bag Balm 
2:30 PM
2:30 PM ET
Innovation or Glitter: When AI Meets Your Toothbrush

The one thing that never changes about the CPG category is that it must always be changing, developing new products, mastering accelerated taste cycles. How are brands leveraging digital channels and higher tech both to drive innovation and drive consumer interest. AI and SmartHome driven products, mass customization, connected goods have all grabbed headlines. But is this where digital and data are best used if CPG brands want to survive into the next decades?

Vito Ellison, Head of Media Strategy, Jellyfish 
Reid Greenberg, President, Bag Balm 
Chris Pyne, Founder/President, Junction 37 
Chad Vavra, Managing Director of Innovation Services, Isobar 
3:00 PM
3:00 PM ET
Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight
3:30 PM
3:30 PM ET
Case Study: Organic Valley’s Paid Media Evolution
Organic Valley will discuss the evolution of their brand's campaign and paid media strategies over the last three years, sharing results of their paid marketing efforts.
Tripp Hughes, Sr. Director of Consumer Strategy, Organic Valley 
3:45 PM
3:45 PM ET
Presentation: Delivering Value Beyond Convenience: How Subscription-Based Businesses Can and Need to Offer More than Function

Meghan Taylor, VP of Brand + Creative at Freshly, gives us an indepth look at the current state of the subscription industry and what brands need to offer in order to retain engagement and brand love.

Meghan Taylor, VP, Brand & Creative, Freshly 


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