Ethan Rapp

Simulmedia SVP, Program Management

Ethan Rapp is Simulmedia's Senior Vice President of Program Management, responsible for the company's Closed Loop Measurement programs. He joined the company in March 2015. Mr. Rapp's media career includes Senior Vice President for Knowledge Networks (Acquired by GFK); Director of Custom Research for Conde Nast Publications; Vice President of Research for AOL when it was part of Time Warner; and a number of positions with DoubleClick, Inc including Product Sales Director, Director of Research, and Research Manager. He started his career as Knowledge Management Director at Monitor Company an international strategy consulting firm founded by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter. Mr. Rapp holds a BA in Economics from Clark University. Interview with Mr. Rapp that ran recently:

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The Data-Driven Plan: Precision Buying
Date/Time: 10:45 AM
While programmatic and addressable TV platforms are just getting started, the mountains of digital data around consumer media habits has already fundamentally changed the way planners look at TV. They can find their audiences watching shows and during dayparts that traditional data never imagined. The implications are profound. The buy side can now find value and efficiencies in places sellers never anticipated. The buyers now know more about the audience than the seller. How are media buying decisions now being made, and how does it disrupt the relationship among seller, buyer and distributor?

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