March 22 - 25, 2015
Scottsdale, AZ

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Sunday, 03/22

6:00 PM
Welcome Cocktail Reception
Alhambra Terrace & Foyer

Monday, 03/23

7:30 AM
Registration Opens
8:00 AM
8:45 AM
Opening Remarks
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:00 AM
Keynote: A Journey Into The Abyss: A Brand’s Programmatic Journey
Lenovo was among the first major brands to fully embrace the promise of programmatic platforms, but not without growing pains. Gary Milner will explore why automated systems will be the main media buying method for Lenovo and how it is fitting into the larger media strategy. He will share insights into choosing partners for the programmatic journey and use case materials to foreshadow the next steps for improving creative execution and testing.   
Gary Milner, Director, Global Digital Marketing, Lenovo 
9:30 AM
Panel: After Performance: RTB, Branding and Integrating Ad Tech With Strategy

Despite its many protests to the contrary, the programmatic industry and RTB in particular have been driven by performance metrics, direct marketing sensibilities and more often than not remnant inventory. We ask several leading buyers and marketers to tell us more than just “branding is coming” and show how they are using richer metrics and strategic thinking to integrate programmatic with overall brand and sales goals.

Chris Wexler, SVP, Director, Media and Consumer Engagement, Cramer-Krasselt 
Nick Fairbairn, VP, Brand Marketing, Dollar Shave Club 
Adam Heimlich, SVP Programmatic, Managing Director of HX, Horizon Media 
Igor Krakovsky, VP, Online Acquisition, Beachbody 
10:15 AM
Presentation: The Changing Economics of Programmatic Ad Buying
As programmatic buying of display ads becomes more prevalent – and given the current economics in the market – we are seeing a trend toward insourcing of this function.  This session will cover the rationale behind this movement, what the key issues are from a technical, staffing, analytic, and governance standpoint, and what the business case is for managing programmatic ad buying internally.  We will also review a case study for a client who has done this globally and what key challenges and risks are involved – as well as the best procedures for overcoming those issues.
Craig Macdonald, Managing Director, Digital Lead for Communications and Media Practice, Accenture 
10:45 AM
Panel: Bringing Programmatic In-House: A User's Guide

Brands want greater control of their data, their messaging, and their costs – not to mention a break from dodgy transparency from agency trading desks. But what does it really take to get there? How much needs to be in-house and how much can be outsourced and partnered in? What are the real staffing needs, and how does owning your own trading desk really impact the rest of a marketing team. But more than added efficiency and control, what does it take to make the most out of the torrents of data brands will own – in integrating them with other systems to maximize the upside? This user’s guide offers practical advice for marketers looking to own the stack.

Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost 
Bob Dashtizad, Director of Digital Media, Hawthorne Direct 
Ryan David, President, Lean Media 
Oscar Garza, Global Director of Programmatic, Essence 
James McNamara, Platform Strategy & Operations, eXelate 
11:30 AM
Panel: Programmatic Direct: What Is The Holdup?

In its ability to streamline outmoded ad ops inefficiencies yet maintain valued relationships between publisher and buyer, programmatic direct seems like a good idea. Let’s do it. But most measures still show but a small fraction of overall media spend using these platforms. We explore why and how the transition is not as simple as it seems. Disagreements continue over what technology works here and how it reorganizes both publisher sales and agency ad ops. Can this inventory integrate well with trading desks? Should it even live there? Worse, there is still incompatibility between the sell and buy side in the technologies they favor and over whose goals are being satisfied. We discuss how programmatic direct needs to evolve in order to expand.

Scott Harkey, President, Owens Harkey 
Carol Chung, SVP, Media Technology, DigitasLBi 
Jack Dempsey Southerland, SVP of Programmatic Solutions, PulsePoint 
Harshal Vadnere, Product Manager, Microsoft 
12:15 PM

Can Programmatic Really Serve Branding? - Chris Wexler, SVP, Director of Media and Consumer Engagement, Cramer-Krasselt

Taking Programmatic In House - Kevin Rettig, Senior Manager, Global Media Management, Accenture

Making Programmatic Direct Work For Publishers And Buyers - Scott Harkey, President, Owens Harkey

1:00 PM
2:20 PM
6:30 PM
Cocktail PartyKasbah Patio
7:30 PM
Dinner Reception
Kasbah Patio

Tuesday, 03/24

8:00 AM
Registration Opens
8:15 AM
9:00 AM
Keynote: David and Goliath: How One Small Shop Takes On Digital Through Programmatic Creative
In a ever-crowded digital marketplace, it is not enough to just be present. The best brands achieve breakthrough by remaining relevant and timely with their messaging. So what's a small shop to do with limited budgets and even more limited people resources? Find out how Emory University's Goizueta Business School challenged the norms by using programmatic creative solutions to meet - and exceed - their lead generation goals, ultimately emerging as a champion.
Angela Lee-Bostick, Associate Dean of Marketing and Communications, Emory University  
9:30 AM
Panel: Adventures In Creative Programmatic

“The messaging needs to catch up with the technology.” That has been the mantra in the programmatic industry all year. But where are we seeing any progress? We ask the doers, not the talkers, to explore how they are proving that smarter personalization and versioning, prioritizing segments for custom creative, and even dynamic ad creation are proving their value. How are they using data to inform more segmented messaging, and how are they leveraging the technology to scale the creative to make it affordable?

Scott McAndrew, Chief Strategy Officer, LaneTerralever 
Jeff Campbell, Director of Media, iCrossing 
Jared Lake, VP, Digital Strategy, Ocean Media 
Jeremy Leonard, COO, IMM 
Sam Temes, Global Product Strategy, Google 
10:15 AM
Panel: Does One Machine Fit All?: Verticalizing RTB

Now that we have built a massive ad targeting and bidding infrastructure that can parse audiences with uncanny precision, it is time to ask whether this serves everyone equally. Do CPGs, auto, entertainment, retail, b2b, gaming, health and beauty need more discrete solutions? Just like specialized ad networks of old, will programmatic platforms benefit from vertical-specific approaches in their next generation? As some of these vertical pour serious money into programmatic platforms how can they benefit from the greater domain expertise, direct relationships with publishers, and target audience knowledge that comes with specialization? Should different technologies be applied to various verticals? And ultimately the industry has to ask whether and when the massive scale of existing programmatic platforms impede rather than encourage investment from some business segments.

Sara Pfitzinger, Snr Display Account Manager, 3Q Digital 
Rich Devine, Global SVP of Media Services, Possible 
James Green, CEO, Magnetic 
Lesley Pinckney, VP, Digital, Walton Isaacson 
11:00 AM
Panel: The Triumph of the Private Exchange Economy: What Does It Change?

With GroupM’s loud proclamation it would end transactions on open exchanges, and all media buyers clamoring for better inventory, more transparency, viewability and safety, the private exchange model is in vogue. But apart from challenging open exchange businesses, what does a move from open to private markets really entail mainly for publishers but also for buyers? Are the goals and inventory packaging from the sell side well aligned with buyer goals? How are both sides perceiving the distinctions among premium, private and open exchange inventories? Now that everyone seems on board to play the data driven ad game, how have the relationships among buyers and premium sellers changed?

Matias Perel, Founder & CEO , Latin3 
Brian Brownie, Director of Advertising Operations, eBay 
Nemr Elsotary, Global Director, Engagement & Acquisition Marketing, Electronic Arts 
Kelvin Malena, Director of Strategy, Liquid Advertising 
Brian Nadres, Director of Programmatic Media, The Media Kitchen 
11:45 AM

Marrying Better Creative With Advanced TargetingScott McAndrew, Chief Strategy Officer, LaneTerralever

Customizing Programmatic For Specific Business CategoriesSara Pfitzinger, Snr Display Account Manager, 3Q Digital

Why Should I Be Buying Into Private Exchanges, Anyway?Matias Perel, Founder & CEO, Latin3

12:45 PM
2:00 PM
6:30 PM
Cocktail Party
Cortijo Plaza
7:30 PM
Dinner Reception
Castillo Lucena

Wednesday, 03/25

8:00 AM
Registration Opens
8:00 AM
8:30 AM
Keynote: De-Mystifying And Humanizing Programmatic
How can brand marketers make better sense and make better decisions about the programmatic space? Global Chief Analytics Officer for Initiative, Bret Leece will discuss whether, when and how much marketers should be using programmatic advertising. What are its hidden costs, its real capacity to be measured and attributed? How can brands guarantee they show up in safe environments. And how can this acronym-infested double-speak-filled marketplace be made more human and accessible to mere mortals?
Bret Leece, Global Chief Analytics Officer, Initiative 
Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost 
9:00 AM
Panel: Convergence And Data-Driven TV: Already Here?

Whether you call it data driven TV buying or programmatic, the big shift to buying audiences, not just shows, on TV has begun. Buyers are already leveraging online data to find audiences on air that traditional TV data can’t match,. The convergence of OTT, VOD and TV Everywhere inventory both on TVs and devices is building individual viewer profiles that finally can be tracked across screens. Even while ESPN, NBC and the major agencies still experiment with true programmatic buying of TV spots, the impact of the data and tech driven ethos is being felt. Are we getting close to an “audience upfront”?

Patrick Murphy, Media Director and LA Marketing Manager, Off Madison Ave 
Michael Beach, Senior Advisor for Paid Media Optimization, Cruz for President/Co-founder, Targeted Victory 
Zachary Chapman, VP of Digital and Publishing Sales, ESPN 
Janice Finkel-Greene, EVP Buying Analytics, Magna Global 
Steve Silvestri, Sr. Director, TV Advertising and Strategy, AOL Platforms 
9:45 AM
Panel: Best Practices Finale: Make That Bid Count

We end the Programmatic and RTB Insider Summit on a practical note and leave you with rapid fire takeaways for getting the most bang for your RTB buck. A team of seasoned programmatic buyers will share their trove of best advice about when to start bidding, how to evaluate pricing and ROI, balancing open and private exchanges, establishing bids according to the quality of the data informing the bid and the platform being targeted. Soup to nuts – planning to analytics – here is a trove of advice to deploy as soon as you get back to the office.

Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
Reagen Anderes, Senior Director of Media Solutions, Sq1 
Maja Milicevic, VP, Demand Partnerships, Sovrn Holdings 
Clayton Scott, Online Media Director, R2C Group 
10:30 AM

Is Programmatic Really Ready for Prime Time? Patrick Murphy, Director of Media Services, Off Madison Ave

Best Practices for Getting the Most From Your Programmatic BuysJason Barnett, Programmatic Lead, USA,

11:30 AM
Conference Concludes


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  • Conde Nast Traveler 2012: Top 10 Hotels in the Southwest Region
  • 2012: Best of Stay
  • 2012: One of the Most Amazing Wedding Venues in the World
  • U.S. News & World Report 2012: Best Hotels in USA
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