April 23 - 26, 2017
Captiva Island, FL

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Sunday, 04/23

6:00 PM
Welcome Cocktail ReceptionGolf Course behind Golf Shop

Monday, 04/24

Day 1: Trusting The Data If programmatic is the new engine, data is its fuel. The Summit opens exploring how brands are learning to rethink their customer data. We will explore the how agencies/clients/publishers are sharing data responsibly, the best practices around cross-device tracking and more creative approaches to segmentation and targeting.
8:00 AM
Registration Opens and Breakfast
Captiva Ballroom
8:15 AM
Sponsor Breakfast Presentation
Captiva Ballroom
9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:15 AM
Keynote: Transparency - The New Table Stakes

In the world of performance media, staying ahead of the ad-tech curve is vital. Marketers, however, are unable to effectively compete when they are blind to the true effectiveness of their advertising. Transparency in data and partnership is the currency to leverage for greater scale and insurance.

Alex Sutton III, Director, Digital Acquisition, Avis Budget Group 
9:45 AM
Panel: Data Sharing and Transparency In A Walled Garden World
Data may be the fuel that drives the machine of programmatic advertising, but one octane does not seem to power all engines. Consolidation, walled gardens, black boxes of unclear processes, and incompatibilities across partners are adding complexity and cost to every stage of data-driven advertising. This is leading some major brands to wonder aloud if all of this tech and hyper-targeting really is worthwhile. How are agencies and clients learning to streamline the process?
Denise Zimmerman, President and Chief Strategy Officer, NetPlus Marketing, Inc. 
Nick Cavet, Associate Partner, Digital Strategy, VSA Partners 
Jared Del Prete, Group Digital Director, SYZYGY 
Jason Dille, VP of Media, Chemistry 
Justin Scarborough, VP Client Results, Accordant Media 
10:30 AM
Coffee Break sponsored by Traverse
Captiva Ballroom
10:45 AM
Presentation: Don’t Get Crossed Up With Cross-Device Tracking
Cross-device tracking and other data matching techniques are becoming common place in the ad tech industry. Now self-regulatory organizations and regulators are catching up. Therefore, every participant in this ecosystem should ensure they are following best practices as a customer or provider of such solutions.
Gary Kibel, Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP 
11:15 AM
Presentation: IAMS and Agency Partners Design Programmatic Campaign to Deliver Custom Messages to Dog Owners
In this session, IAMS and the brand’s agency partners will showcase how a different approach to problem solving led to a never been done before programmatic solution. IAMS collaborated with Tribal Worldwide and Starcom to find the best way to deliver specific creative messages about IAMS product benefits to specific groups of pet owners at scale. With multiple data sources and no turnkey solutions, the brand’s creative and media agency designed a programmatic solution that helped IAMS achieve their goals.
Elle Cordes, Director, Starcom 
Kinney Edwards, Executive Creative Director, Tribal DDB Worldwide 
Brian Nugent, Director of Marketing, Mars Petcare 
11:45 AM
Data Across The Walled Gardens - Denise Zimmerman, President and Chief Strategy Officer, NetPlus Marketing, Inc.
Compliance In A Cross-Device World - Gary Kibel, Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP
Header Bidding for MarketersCraig Swerdloff, CEO/Co-founder, Traverse

12:30 PM
Captiva Ballroom
12:45 PM
Sponsor Luncheon Presentation
Captiva Ballroom
Tarpon Fishing
Yoga on the Beach
Pool Outing
6:30 PM
Sunset Cruise Cocktail PartyAboard the Lady Chadwick
8:00 PM
Dinner ReceptionKings Crown Lawn

Tuesday, 04/25

Day 2: The Data Driven Buy

From creative segmentation to onboarding first party data for precise targeting, marketers and agencies share how they are best leveraging the latest tools for data-infused media buying. Through campaign case studies we explore best practices in achieving marketing goals as well as optimizing for transparency and accountability.


8:00 AM
Captiva Ballroom
8:45 AM
Keynote: Nature's Testing Engine
Captiva Ballroom
The internet is functionally about 35 years old. Advertising is about 200 years old. Nature is at least 14 billion years old. It knows a thing or two. The natural processes that created the universe, life itself, and of course us, are the state of the art when it comes to test and learn. What principles can we "borrow" from nature to give brands a shortcut to reaching the top of the marketing food chain? What are nature's "best practices"? How did our brain evolve from an amoeba in a puddle to the most complex computer in the universe? Get ready for a very provocative session.
Jon Bond, Co-Chairman and Chief Tomorroist, The Shipyard 
Ben Clarke, President, The Shipyard 
9:15 AM
Panel: Media Meet Bot: AI And The Next Generation Agency
Will AI, machine learning and bots form the marketing team of the future? Automation and algorithms are working their way up the media and marketing supply chain, into operational tasks once requiring human toil and judgement. We explore here how smarter technology is, could, should (or should not) change the way agencies do business. As agencies build their own proprietary technologies are they starting to compete with cloud and martech providers? Does it require new staffing and internal organization? And ultimately, will greater automation of the media buying and creation field liberate or obsolete agencies?
Sarah Fay, Managing Director, Glasswing Ventures 
Max Fresen, Co-Founder, BORN 
Michael Horn, Managing Director, Data Science, HUGE 
Stephanie M. Long, VP, Performance Account Director, Havas Media 
Brett Moore, Director of Consumer Acquisition - Advertising, FordDirect 
10:00 AM
Presentation: Finding The Prince Fan Base: Creative Segmentation in a Fragmented Media World
Most of today's musicians are scattered across digital channels. From artist websites to Facebook pages, YouTube channels and more, there are plenty of sources to collect important audience data. Music legend Prince, on the other hand, had minimal digital presence and audience data. Join us to learn how we implemented audience collecting tactics to identify Prince fans and successfully launched cross-channel digital campaigns.
Jesse Coolbroth, Senior Director of International, Warner Music Group International 
Ashley Evenson, Director, Emerging Media and Ad Solutions, Ciceron Digital Media Group 
10:30 AM
Coffee Break
10:45 AM
Presentation: Using the Right Data to Identify, Target and Personalize Experiences in the Expectation Economy
We as individuals and consumers are sharing more personal data and advertisers often get overwhelmed with the amount of data at use. But what is an accurate and valid data point and what is waste? Hear from Staples and iProspect on how to use the right data and technology to identify, target and personalize messaging to enhance the consumer experience.
Jay Poropatich, Digital Marketing, Sr. Director, Staples 
Eleanor Smith, Director, Display, iProspect 
11:15 AM
Panel: ROAS, Incremental Lift And Getting Real With Measurement

To get "beyond the click" advertisers need to get beyond the click...and mean it. Real transparency in digital advertising requires commitment by all parties to understand the true Return on Ad Spend, the incremental sales lift produced by discrete campaigns, and then leveraging that data for smarter buying on the next campaign. We ask advertisers and agencies to share their best practices for making measurement matter.


Tara Morrissey, Head of Programmatic Marketing, Southern New Hampshire University 
Brad Chamberlin, Media Director, Sapient Razorfish 
Andrew Duffin, Digital Media Strategist, Progrexion 
Samantha Gaw, Director of Analytics, H&L Partners 
Edward Kim, VP, Strategy, Nielsen Catalina 
12:00 PM
Building the Better Testing Engine - Jon Bond, Chief Tomorroist, Tomorro LLC; Ben Clarke, President, The Shipyard
AI and The Modern AgencySarah Fay, Managing director, Glasswing Ventures
Creative Segmentation Across ChannelsAshley Evenson, Director, Ciceron Digital Media Group

12:45 PM
Captiva Ballroom
Golf at the private Sanctuary Course
Catamaran Charter Remote Island Hop
6:30 PM
Cocktail PartyQuarterdeck
7:30 PM
Dinner ReceptionQuarterdeck

Wednesday, 04/26

8:00 AM
Captiva Ballroom
Day 3: Content Matters Programmatic advertising continues to struggle with mundane, transactional creative. We end the summit focusing on marketers leveraging automation and targeting to tell richer stories. What can we learn from the massive, high-speed buying of Election ’16 and its use of dynamic creative? Are the tools around automated creative, native ad/content distribution and cross-platform messaging  bringing art to the machine? And how will these technologies and techniques migrate to the king of storytelling media – TV?
8:45 AM
Keynote: Winning the White House: Trump's High Frequency Ad Machine
Captiva Ballroom
Gary Coby and Gerrit Lansing rewrote the marketing playbook in last fall’s Presidential election: Competitive buying teams, 40,000+ daily ad variants, a first ever 50/50 Digital vs TV media split, and over a quarter billion raised online in just 18 weeks. Come hear how they pioneered new techniques for massive programmatic buying and the most money raised from small dollar donors in the history of politics.
Gary Coby, Director of Advertising, Republican National Committee 
Gerrit Lansing, 2016, Chief Digital Officer, Republican National Committee 
9:15 AM
The Poet In The Machine: Are We Telling Better Stories, Yet?
We keep telling ourselves that the creative will catch up with the technology...any day now. But what practical steps are marketers and their agencies taking to turn laser-targeting tech into channels for richer relationships, brand building, iterative, compelling stories?
Andrew Eklund, Founder and CEO, Ciceron 
Dinesh Boaz, Managing Director, Direct Agents 
Greg Cordaro, Director, Marketing Strategy & Analysis, SapientRazorfish 
Otmara "Omi" Diaz-Cooper, CEO, Diaz & Cooper 
10:00 AM
Next Screen Agenda: Planning for Programmatic TV
Many marketers look to programmatic video inventory as a training ground for an increasingly digital and data-infused TV future. But is it? Experts already playing in this space report back on what advertisers need to know about the evolving advanced TV universe and how it does and doesn't dovetail with digital video. Is any TV really "programmatic" now or ever? Will the technologies and techniques and creative really port seamlessly from online to TV?
Adam Herman, EVP, Chief Integrated Media Officer, Zimmerman Advertising 
Tripp Boyle, VP, Emerging Platforms, YuMe 
Adam Gassman, Senior Director, Growth Marketing, Freshly 
Andrew Susman, Vice President, Empower MediaMarketing 
10:30 AM
Learning from Election 2016 - Gerrit Lansing, 2016, Chief Digital Officer, Republican National Committee; Gary Coby Republican National Committee Director of Advertising.
Can We Tell Programmatic Stories? - Andrew Eklund, CEO and Co-Founder, Ciceron
11:00 AM
Conference Concludes


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5400 Plantation Road
Captiva Island, Florida, 33924
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