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Please check back for Agenda updates. Meanwhile please take a look at the content from the previous Summit.

Previous Event Agenda
Data & Programmatic Insider Summit: Aug 2018

6:30 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception
8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Beeswax - 2018

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8:50 AM Day 1: Branding and Performance

We open the Summit exploring the intersection of brand strategy and data driven advertising. How are marketers building their first party data war chest to bring to battle? And how are they deploying the data and technology beyond just immediate performance and towards building brands?

9:00 AM Opening Remarks
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote Q&A: Flipping the Model: A Bottom-Up Approach to Planning

In recent years Bayer has taken much of its digital media buying in-house. As Head of Programmatic Paul Gelb will explain, the process has involved more than just staffing up, jettisoning vendors and restructuring agency relationships. It also has resulted in a new approach to media planning  - now from the “bottom up.” Gelb explores how the brand has flipped the traditional marketing mix modeling to put digital reach at the center of the plan to help drive smarter and more efficient use of all other channels.

Paul Gelb , Head of Programmatic & Social ,Bayer
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
9:45 AM Panel: Solving for First Party Data

First party data is the new gold for marketers. But collecting, governing, mining and activating that trove is a multipart challenge. How are brands solving for siloed customer data points, normalizing that data, and using it to drive advertising campaigns in particular? Are they conducting format data and audience audits? What unexpected sources of customer data are they assembling? How are they organizing their marketing teams around a data-centric approach? Our panel shares lessons learned, missteps and fair warnings for fellow marketers.

Nina Lentini , Editor, Events and Research ,MediaPost
Evan Hanlon , President ,[m]PLATFORM US
Dillon Lockett , VP, Head of Display ,iProspect US
Libby Snead , Director of Marketing ,Avvo
10:30 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight Ogury - 2018
11:00 AM Case Study Interview: Digital & Data Make 174 Year Old Beer Relevant to the Next Generation

After years of leveraging its literally blue ribbon iconic beer brand and POS tactics, Pabst is going all-in digital. As Pabst Brewing pursues new and younger customers in a challenging and highly competitive environment, we explore how the company is building its first and second party data, charting new segments and planning a major rebrand. At the same time it is breaking another of its long traditions – in-house media buying. Why all of these changes, now? We discuss with the brand and its agency.

Jillian Davis , Director of Marketing Technology ,Pabst Brewing Company
Trisha Stecker , Director of Channel Strategy & Digital Media ,RR Partners
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
11:30 AM Panel: Can Programmatic Build Brand?

A decade into the programmatic revolution, have marketers moved much beyond the direct marketing models that fueled its growth? Are any brands actually using programmatic for branding? What sort of messaging is involved, targeting who and where, with what goals and metrics? As more media buying moves towards automation, it begs the question whether it will push out brand considerations altogether. Discuss.

Lora Parker , Vice President of Media Services ,PMG
Ahmed Al-Waili , Director, Programmatic ,Active International
Melissa Bonnick , SVP Programmatic Strategy ,Havas Media Group
Rob Jayson , EVP, Insights & Analytics ,USIM
Yuting Zhang , Senior Strategist, Search & Programmatic ,The Media Kitchen
12:15 PM Roundtables

Building First Party Data - Libby Snead, Director of Marketing, Avvo
Programmatic Branding - Rob Jayson, EVP, Insights & Analytics, USIM
Agency, Clients and The Hybrid Model -
Trisha Stecker, Director of Channel Strategy & Digital Media, RR Partners

1:00 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Ciceron - 2018

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
5:00 PM One on One Meetings

One on One Meetings, by invitation only.

6:00 PM Cocktail Party at Gar Woods on the Lake Dish Media Sales - UPDATED 8/2018

Shuttle buses WILL depart from lobby at 6:10pm sharp!

6:30 PM Evening Activity: Speedboat Ride on Lake Tahoe @ Cocktails

Experience Lake Tahoe aboard Wild Goose II! A tradition for the past 100 years. The early era of cruising on Lake Tahoe included  the original "Wild Goose", a double-ender frequented by dashing and debonair visitors to the lake. Now, Wild Goose II brings the grace and elegance of that time to life again. Wild Goose II is a 36-foot Grand Craft Commuter boat in the style and quality of the original wooden boat era.

7:30 PM Dinner Reception

At the Famous, Gar Woods Restaurant & Pier

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:50 AM Day 2: Programmatic Next

Automation everywhere. Today we explore how programmatic approaches and data infused plans are informing emerging channels like audio and out of home as well as transforming the role of video in marketing strategy.

9:00 AM Keynote Q&A: Targeting the Post-Channel Customer

Consumers don’t think in channels. They just know how they want to shop. Nordstrom has re-engineered both its in-house programmatic buying and creative teams around maximizing retail and ecommerce options for different regions and individual customers. Evan Barocas explains how the company applies both a geo-location and behavioral lens to their customers so that the right offer reaches the right customer with the right channel options at the right time.

Evan Barocas , Senior Online Advertising Specialist ,Nordstrom
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
9:30 AM The Programmatic Ether: Audio, Voice, OOH

Programmatic has proven its value not only in the tech but in the technique. Data can be used to both target and automate advertising far beyond digital display or even video. We explore how programmatic is poised to transform out of home, digital audio, and voice search. How will the approaches across new channels alter the approach, scale, and integrate with other data driven advertising?

Shannon Bartholemy , Director, Digital Strategy ,Ocean Media
Moriah Lynch , Senior Strategist ,The Media Kitchen
Clayton McLaughlin , Group Account Director ,Green Line Digital
Natalie Silvagni , Director, Digital Media and Innovation ,Quigley-Simpson
10:00 AM Case Study: Keys to Unlocking Your DMP

DMPs have become commonplace among the larger brands, but unlocking the data and power within is another matter. Silos, ownership, governance, standardized naming conventions – all become critical challenges to making the DMP investment worthwhile. AARP Senior Digital Strategist Hoan Tchen shares her lessons learned in the journey towards optimizing a DMP at a multi-tiered, siloed legacy brand. From getting access to the right data to defining use cases, creating audience naming conventions to unearthing hidden features in the stack, she shares her DMP adventure.

Hoan Tchen , Senior Digital Strategist, Programmatic ,AARP
10:30 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight Datorama - 2018
11:00 AM Panel: Performance Video: Tell Stories, Do The Math

Countless new products have exploded onto social and data driven video channels to build brand and sell the goods. How are they combining fun and varied creative with tight performance metrics? How are they calculating ROI, containing creative costs, managing video inventory? What can we learn from this new generation of digital-first brands about data driven storytelling, brand vs. performance, and attribution?

George Leon , Chief Strategy Officer ,HawthorneDirect
Benton Crane , CEO ,Harmon Brothers
Shannon Marcotte , Director, Performance Marketing ,Sunbasket
Swapnil Patel , Executive Director, Media ,McKinney
11:45 AM Keynote: The Journey of Marketing and Media Effectiveness: Enacting Change In Large Organizations

Diageo spends over $500m on advertising in the US alone - being able to bring objectivity, logic and analytical rigor into our marketing investments is critical to the success of our business.

In this talk, you’ll learn how Diageo tackles marketing and media effectiveness at both the macro and micro level. From allocating spend across brands and geographies, to optimizing in-flight across channels and publishers, Diageo has a suite of tools and ways of working to maximize marketing effectiveness at all levels.

Chris Cable , Director, Data, Analytics and Strategic Planning ,Diageo
12:15 PM Roundtables

Audio, Voice, OOH - Clayton McLaughlin, SVP, Ecselis Managing Director US, Havas Media
Video and Performance - John Taranto, VP Sales, TiVo
Care and Feeding of A DMP - Hoan Tchen, Senior Digital Strategist, Programmatic, AARP

1:00 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Oath - 2017

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
6:30 PM Cocktail Party Tivo - 2018 PNG
7:30 PM Dinner Reception
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:40 AM Day 3: Brass Tactics

We round out the Summit drilling into the latest tactics for data driven advertising. How are the new dynamics of the marketplace changing bid tactics and brand strategy? And how and where are buyers ensuring greater transparency about the buys themselves?

8:45 AM Keynote: Valuing Context and Character Over Clicks and Conversions

Buying insurance remains a highly individual decision based on many very personal factors. A brand like State Farm must ensure that its data-driven advertising acknowledges the humanity and individuality of the process even as it uses algorithms, AI, and automation to help drive results. Brittany Mitchell explores how she is pushing against the limits of the programmatic environment to understand in a deeper way precisely where and how her ads are being served and how people respond differently to messages in certain contexts. Ultimately a brand needs to look beyond immediate KPIs at the entire advertising ecosystem they are building and how customers feel about making their way through it.

Brittany Mitchell , Marketing Manager ,State Farm
9:15 AM Panel: New Dynamic: First Price, Header Bidding, Bid-Shading - What Buyers Should Know

The programmatic marketplace has matured but not stood still. New practices like first price auctions, the new arts of bid-shading and the wide adoption of header bidding among publishers have changes the art of the bid. We ask buyers in the pit to share their experiences with the new dynamics of programmatic and how it should inform marketer expectations around price, targeting tactics, impact.

Lee Elliot , Vice President, Digital Media ,VaynerMedia
Ed Camargo , VP of Paid Digital Media & Programmatic Lead ,PMX
Ben Hovaness , Executive Director, Digital Activation ,Hearts & Science
9:45 AM Presentation: Media At The Speed Of Politics

How do marketers operate with the speed of politics?  How does the fast pace, agile nature of campaigns translate into brand and DTC strategy?  Abe will discuss how to leverage the erratic news cycle around current events, shrinking creative life cycles and shorter consumption habits. This includes harnessing emerging technologies while navigating the finite timeline of an election cycle.

Abe Adams , Managing Partner ,Targeted Victory
10:30 AM Roundtables

New Trading Tactics - Lee Elliot, Vice President, Digital Media, VaynerMedia
Learning from Political Marketing
- Abe Adams, Managing Partner, Targeted Victory

11:30 AM Conference Concludes

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