October 16 - 19, 2016
Mohonk, NY

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Sunday, 10/16

6:30 PM

Monday, 10/17

7:00 AM
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Day 1: The ABCs of Programmatic
8:00 AM
8:15 AM
Sponsor Breakfast Presentation
9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost 
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:15 AM
Keynote: Transparency And The Next Generation of TV
The controversy over transparency that blew up the conversation about Internet advertising this year is poised to migrate to advanced TV. Assembly’s Chief Investment Officer discusses how arbitrage, fee structures, rebates and media data transparency are evolving in the programmatic TV space. How is Assembly advising clients about when, how and why to use these emerging platforms?
Catherine Warburton, Chief Investment Officer, 360i 
Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost 
9:45 AM
Discussion: ABCs of Advanced TV…Or What The Hell Is “Programmatic” Now?
Let’s clarify both terms and technology. Does “Programmatic TV” actually exist in any form that resembles programmatic channels in digital video and display? Or is it the new catch-all for advanced uses of data and targeting across all linear, addressable and automated channels? And how are the agencies now organizing their buying practices across these approaches – as extension of digital or TV teams? We start the TV Insider Summit with a table-setting question – what are we talking about when we talk about programmatic TV?
Elizabeth Murphy, Media Planning and Strategy 
Ashley Evenson, Director, Emerging Media and Ad Solutions, Ciceron Digital Media Group 
Veronica Luik, Programmatic Group Planning Director, NEO@Ogilvy 
10:30 AM
Presentation: How Are People Watching T-Video Now?
How have the video view patterns shifted? Who are we targeting, where?
Karen Ramspacher, SVP, Consumer Insights & Trends, GfK 
10:45 AM
Panel: Is TV, Still “TV?”: Following The Screen-Agnostic TVideo Viewer
Who really is viewing what forms of sight, sound and motion where and when? There are tons of bromides in the field: “It’s all video now,” “Viewers don’t care which screen their content is on,” “Millennials are fleeing TV,” and more. Media planning has always had to follow media habits. But as the content delivery and ad insertion technologies across digital video and TV lurch towards merging, what are those habits now and how must plans adjust? From binge-watching to delayed viewing to snacking on online show clips, how can data-infused and automated systems better align with how American consume and conceive of TV now?
Tim Hanlon, Founder & CEO, The Vertere Group 
Kevin Hung, SVP, Strategy and Innovations Director, Havas Media 
Karen Ramspacher, SVP, Consumer Insights & Trends, GfK 
Nicole Tramontano, Senior Research Director, Turner 
11:30 AM
Case Studies: Linking Addressable TV To Outcomes
The connection between TV exposure and conversions has always been tenuous, at best. But as Daniel Solarz shows across several real-world cases in different categories, addressable platform can help make firmer connections from impression to KPIs like tune-ins, dealership visits, dollar and penetration gains.
Daniel Solarz, Supervisor, SMG 
12:00 PM
What Is Programmatic TV Anyway? - Elizabeth Murphy, SVP, Media, DigitasLBi
The Evolution in Viewing Habits - Fariba Zamaniyan, SVP, Audience Insights, TiVo


1:00 PM
Golf at Mohonk Golf Course
Biking Tour
6:00 PM
Cocktail PartyParlor Porch
7:30 PM
Dinner ReceptionEast Dining Room

Tuesday, 10/18

7:30 AM
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Day 2: Addressable and OTT
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Case Study: Taking A Sip Of Targeted TV
For its spirits client William Grant (Glenfiddich, Tullamore DEW) Resolute Digital moved the brands from pre-roll video and display into addressable/programmatic. Jarod Caporino reports on how the campaigns performed as well as Resolute’s view on the pros and cons of these platforms as well as the pricing efficiencies it has found here.
Jarod Caporino, Managing Partner, Resolute Digital 
9:30 AM
Panel: Battling The Boxes: Planning Across OTT
Barely a few years old and the Over-The-Top landscape is already fragmented. Roku, Apple TV, game consoles, Chromecast, and now connected TVs are all drawing people away from Input 1. How can marketers and media buyers ever get a handle on this morass of apps, operating systems and hardware to target audiences, find scale, and work with recognizable formats and metrics? How does OTT get beyond the niche?
Crystal Chou, Associate Media Director, MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER 
Dan Callahan, VP, Programmatic Sales, Fox Networks Group 
Oleg Korenfeld, Global Chief Platforms Officer, Wavemaker 
Kris McDermott, Director, Resolution Media 
10:15 AM
Coffee Break
10:45 AM
Discussion: The Numbers Game: Measuring TV 2.0
Decades of ratings and GRP hegemony are fast devolving into their own babel of metrics around national and local TV, VOD, OTT, programmatic, etc. GRPs? Measured impressions? What metrics make sense as digital video tech and approaches encroach on legacy and entrenched measurement? How are buyers and planners translating across these channels, integrating them with both old and new metrics? Clearly the end of Nielsen hegemony is at hand, but how many companies will it take to measure audience and performance under TV 2.0?
Nick Cavet, Associate Partner, Digital Strategy, VSA Partners 
Jeff Boehme, Senior Vice President, Television Research, ComScore 
Brian Hughes, Senior Vice President-Audience Intelligence & Strategy, MAGNA 
11:15 AM
Panel: How Many Middlemen Does It Take To Screw Up TV?
Fraud, data-scraping, vendor clutter, lax brand safety and more have all constituted the dark side of online ad automation and bidding systems. When digital opportunity knocks, you can be sure that a mob of middlemen is posed to rush the door to put more distance, cost and complexity between advertisers, clients and providers. How does the emerging TV 2.0 infrastructure prevent this from happening here? Two agency executives grill a vendor and provider on how many middlemen will we really need and what value is being added by and for whom?
Ross Fadner, Director, Event Programming, MediaPost 
Oscar Garza, Global Director of Programmatic, Essence 
Walt Horstman, President, AudienceXpress 
11:45 AM
The ABCs of OTT - Dan Callahan, VP, Programmatic Sales, Fox Networks Group
The New Metrics - Nick Cavet, Associate Partner, Digital Strategy, VSA Partners
1:00 PM
1:10 PM
Sponsor Luncheon Presentation
Horseback Riding
2:00 PM
6:00 PM
Cocktail PartySunset Porch
7:15 PM
Dinner ReceptionWest Dining Room

Wednesday, 10/19

7:30 AM
Registration Opens
Day 3: The Data Driven TV Revolution
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Keynote: TV’s Paradigm Shift
Is TV in terminal decline or it’s watched by more people, more often, for longer than ever before? Such a dichotomy is representative of the powerful forces changing the definition of TV. More screens (mobile, tablet, PC), more platforms (VOD, SVOD, OTT, game consoles, Smart TV, streaming devices, social), it’s a pie that’s growing and this best describes the vast opportunity for everyone in TV. The dramatic pace of change, highlights the current “inadequate” and “incomplete” measurement of TV (across screens and platforms), which significantly hinders the ultimate goal of delivering true (comprehensive) Total Video (audiences & advertising) measurement.
George Musi, Executive Vice President – Chief Data, Analytics & Insights Officer, Blue 449 
9:30 AM
Panel: Leveraging Third Party Data and Navigating Walled Gardens
Every TV network has its own data solution, but that is not necessarily what media buyers really need if they are to take a more audience-centric approach to TV and fully streamline their purchasing practices. Third party providers are emerging to challenge the walled garden approach, but networks have a lot at stake in maintaining control over how to define their audiences. At this spring’s Up Fronts some networks started letting buyers apply their first and third party data to delivery guarantees. Does the buy side now know more about the value of the audiences and inventory than the sellers? We ask buyers and sellers to discuss cracks in the garden walls and what data sets and segmentation will be necessary to move the industry forward.
Evan Barocas, Director, Media Operations at T-Mobile, T-Mobile 
Carly Costantino, Media Director, Razorfish 
Keith Johnson, EVP, Strategic Data Solutions, Wunderman 
Michael Piner, SVP, Video & Data Driven Investments, MullenLowe MediaHub 
10:15 AM
Third Party Data and Garden Walls - Evan Barocas, Director of Display Advertising, PointIt
New TV Metrics - George Musi, SVP, Head of Analytics & Insight  Optimedia
11:00 AM
Conference Concludes


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