2015 Best in Show

Appy Awards

The Definitive American History App by Big Spaceship  for Ken Burns


If Ken Burns thinks that Americans don’t know enough American history then Americans don’t know enough American history. So Burns, along with Big Spaceship, developed The Definitive American History App, featuring interviews with the man himself talking about seminal moments in our history. An App Store Editor's Choice, more than 150,000 downloads of these approximate 30-minute-long and wonderfully produced pieces have already been downloaded. Easy to access episodes, including chronological and thematic links, these in-depth looks at American History are long enough to be informative yet short enough to prevent nightmares of that AP History class.

Credits: Big Spaceship

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Appy Awards 2015 Winners


HuMx: Human Mixtape  by Modern Climate


Wouldn’t life be that much more interesting and so much more fulfilling if you had your own personal soundtrack? Enter a room and – Boom! – the soundtrack of your life starts playing (well, the soundtrack of your day, anyway). Modern Climate has developed that soundtrack and it’s called Human Mixtape. Download the app, select an entrance track from your personal library, and when you pass through an iBeacon hotspot or anywhere a Human Mixtape is installed, the world hears what you hear and sees you as you want to be seen – living life to your own personal soundtrack. Let the self-aggrandizement begin.

Credits: Modern Climate Creative Director: Keith Wolf Technology Director: Shane Mechelke Designer: Shawn Bielefeldt User Experience: Shawn Bielefeldt Illustrator: Bryan Ische Copywriter: Joe Stefanson Developer: Sean Van Dyk

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Elmo Loves You! by Sesame Workshop  for Sesame Street


Who on Earth doesn’t dig Elmo on Sesame Street? The 3-D pop-up storybook app, Elmo Loves You, is the No. 1 book app in more than 20 countries. The real character voices of Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, and Count von Count couple with interactive scenes to support early reading skills and to spread the message of love and friendship on Apple devices. The immersive 3-D pop-up experience drives home the importance of playing well with others. Perhaps we should buy some for Congress.

Affiliated Agency: StoryToys

Credits: Jennifer A. Perry Vice President & Publisher, Sesame Workshop Karen Halpenny Senior Editor & Producer, Sesame Workshop Brittany Sommer Katzin Curriculum Specialist, Sesame Workshop Evan Cheng Art Director, Sesame Workshop Natasha O’Hare Lead Programmer, StoryToys Elaine Snowden Lead Artist, StoryToys Keith Lindsay Lead Sound Design, StoryToys Deirdre Green Production Manager, StoryToys Emmet O’Neill Chief Product Officer, StoryToys

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Branded Content App

Red Stick Staredown - A Game of Chicken by Mithun  for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen


Popeyes’ Red Stick Chicken Staredown app stands out in the branded app category for its simplicity, ease of use and entertainment value. With branding at every corner (the Popeyes theme song plays in the background) and facial recognition, the app might make the consumer wonder why he’s having a staring contest with a virtual chicken in the first place. It's all, of course, a reminder of a new type of spicy chicken meal Popeyes is now serving.

Credits: David Carter - Chief Creative Officer Bill Roden - Exec. Creative Director Jay Morrison - Assoc. Creative Director Ryan Inda - Assoc. Creative Director Josh Boston - Designer Ron Wening - Developer Keldon Ancheta - Developer Chloe Glarner - Producer Jeff Austin - Assoc. Project Director Zach Miller - Account Director

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Branded Gaming App

The Boxtrolls: Slide 'N' Sneak  by RED Interactive Agency  for LAIKA, Focus Features, Universal Pictures


Slide ’N’ Sneak, a mobile game based on The Boxtrolls, takes players on a mission through the town of Cheesebridge to help the Boxtrolls rescue their friends who have been captured by the Red Hats. The game – played via tap-and-swipe controls – features music, voices, and sound from the movie. Users have downloaded the game more than 1 million times and they play the game, on average, for 30-40 minutes at a time.

Credits: RED Interactive Agency LAIKA Animation Studio Focus Features Universal Pictures

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Salesforce Analytics by Salesforce  for Salesforce Analytics Cloud


For today's marketer, real-time data is of urgent importance. The Salesforce Analytics app helps marketers keep pace with the ever-changing data stream that comes from anywhere and everywhere. With its clean design and easy-to-understand charts and graphs, the app houses all of a company's business data, making it a constantly more valuable resource. The app includes Apple Watch support, so its function and data can be accessed by the market’s newest technology.


Analytics Cloud Mobile team

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Inkspiration App by CP+B  for


Inkspiration, a smartphone app developed by the social platform, empowers cancer survivors to transform their mastectomy scars through tattoos. The app allows women who have battled breast cancer to virtually try on mastectomy tattoo designs by connecting the women with tattoo artists. A Pinterest hub points to collections of tattoo-design inspirations as well as giving links to artists who specialize in post-mastectomy tattoos. Since launching in October 2013, the app has gained more than 10,000 unique users and has accounted for 3,569 tattoos. 


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Yummly by Yummly


Meal planning for a family – or even for one – can be challenging. Yummly, included on the App Store Best of 2014, solves this challenge by utilizing smart searching for recipes. Based on the user preferences – a user’s cuisine favorites, dietary needs, serving size – Yummly generates personalized recipe suggestions and ingredient shopping lists. By partnering and integrating their app with grocery delivery service Instacart, Yummly makes food shopping easier than ever. 

Credits: Brian Witlin, COO, Yummly Yuri Yuryev, Head of Mobile, Yummly Doug Hughmanick, ANML

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Glide by Glide


Glide takes a popular idea – video messaging – and makes it more practical. The app allows users to stream video messages up to five minutes long, which the receiving user can then either view live or save for later. This breaks the limitations of current video calling, which Glide says requires all participants to be present at the same time. Additionally, the videos shared via Glide don’t take up space on the user’s phone.

Credits: Ari Roisman, CEO & Co-Founder, Glide Jonathan Caras, CTO & Co-Founder, Glide Adam Korbl, Chief Product & Marketing Officer & Co-Founder, Glide

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Consumer Magazine/Newspaper App

issuu by issuu


Global news junkies rejoice! Check out 18 million pubs — from lifestyle to news to academic journals — in 30 languages. Explore the Issuu app’s 93 categories or trust editor picks on everything from health to fashion. This is what is known as being informed. And the price of erudition? Zilch. It’s also easy to read offline by saving pubs and customizing feeds to peruse later. To prevent eyestrain, unlimited zoom aids clarity. The design is clean and streamlined. Reading never looked so enticing.

Credits: Jeremy Lacroix, VP of Product Design

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ChemCrafter by Bluecadet  for The Chemical Heritage Foundation


The ChemCrafter app provides tutorials to guide students though experiments with water, acids, and salts. Following instructions, users can witness color changes, fire and smoke, gas releases, and equipment shattering. The “Chem-o-Convertor” helps measure energy released, which racks up points to unlock new experiments, equipment, and chemicals. The look and feel of this app is thanks to the collaboration between the Chemical Heritage Foundation and the Emmy Award-winning digital agency Bluecadet. The app, which features retro-style custom illustrations, was created for ages 12-15 but appeals to anyone who thinks chemistry experiments are awesome.

Credits: Josh Goldblum: Creative Director Troy Lachance: Art Director Rebecca Smith: Producer Kathryn Stracquatanio: Developer Jason Marziani: Developer Aaron Richardson: Designer The Chemical Heritage Foundation: Client

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Whipclip by Whipclip


There’s no need to Snapchat, Vine, or Instagram videos from televisions anymore! Like a mobile mini-DVR, Whipclip lets users clip snippets from television shows, music videos, and even live television and then share these instantly with friends through social networks. This app drives massive social sharing, tune-in and interaction with a brand. The platform is easy to use, similar to many of the other social networking apps, but now users can legally share as many clips from the #BieberRoast as they want. If any.

Credits: The Whipclip team

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PGA Championship TV App by Turner Sports  for partnered with Samsung to deliver a highly interactive experience for the 2014 PGA Championship media coverage. For users with Samsung Smart TVs, the PGA Championship TV App could be launched to make the experience even richer. The TV app featured the ability to watch live videos, keep track of scores, player and course information, and to enjoy exclusive behind the scenes content. Through the mobile and desktop apps, avid golf fans were also able to watch live video, keep track of scores and participate in interactive voting.

Credits: Gary Treater - business operations, Turner Sports Beth Vertino - business operations, Turner Sports Rob Smith - product development, Turner Sports Jim Doeden - product development, Turner Sports Brian O'neil - dir of technology, Turner Sports Molly Goings - design director, Turner Sports Rich Danielson - technical operations, Turner Sports Lauren Shannon - video producer, Turner Sports Hongwei Yan -technology architect, Turner Sports Luther Lotz- design, Turner Sports Chris Gonzalez- developer, Turner Sports

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The Definitive American History App by Big Spaceship  for Ken Burns


If Ken Burns thinks that Americans don’t know enough American history then Americans don’t know enough American history. So Burns, along with Big Spaceship, developed The Definitive American History App, featuring interviews with the man himself talking about seminal moments in our history. An App Store Editor's Choice, more than 150,000 downloads of these approximate 30-minute-long and wonderfully produced pieces have already been downloaded. Easy to access episodes, including chronological and thematic links, these in-depth looks at American History are long enough to be informative yet short enough to prevent nightmares of that AP History class.

Credits: Big Spaceship

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ChoreMonster by ChoreMonster, Inc.


As anyone who lives amid messy children might have exclaimed once or twice (or 700 times), getting underage household denizens to contribute to cleaning the premises isn’t exactly a linear experience. To that end, ChoreMonster makes the grind of cleaning – or the grind of divvying up tasks – both fun and motivating. The key to the app’s success is a reward framework. The app more or less gamefies the chore-completing experience. Hard-core users swear by its positive effect on productivity and minimizing chore-related tensions.

Credits: Chris Bergman, Founder/CEO Paul Armstrong, Founder/CCO Ben Stafford, Director of Technology

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Fashion & Apparels

YouCam Makeup by CyberLink Corp.


YouCam Makeup incorporates digital photo editing techniques and facial detection technology to enable users to try out makeup virtually. Users upload their image and experiment with a variety of makeup options. In Taiwan, the developer partners with Estee Lauder and Maybelline, enabling users there to try out the brand products and colors before making purchases. The app's “Beauty Circle” feature lets users connect to other people to share tips. So far, the app has been downloaded 13.5 million times.

Credits: CyberLink Corp.

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Moven  by Movencorp, Inc.  for Moven


The free app and debit card Moven aims to help people improve spending habits by providing real time feedback on money decisions. Users have access to tools including a “Spending Meter” -- a predictive algorithm that compares how people are spending in a given month to how they typically spend. This lets users know when to slow down their spending. A “Money Path” tool offers a graphical view of predicted spending for the month ahead, so people can anticipate and manage upcoming expenses.

Credits: Brett King, CEO Alex Sion, President Bob Savino, CTO Ramy Serageldin, COO Mohamed Khalil, Head of Product, Data & Distribution

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Games: Action/Arcade/Sports Home Run Derby by MLBAM


MLB Home Run Derby has got millions of fans swinging for the fences. This sports arcade app lets players test long ball hitting prowess, playing as one of the home run hitting stars from past MLB All-Star games. The graphics are detailed and the controls involve only a simple drag and release. The game includes a multiplayer option that allows competitors to climb the leaderboard and compete against the world’s best players.

Credits: MLBAM

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Games: Board/Puzzle

SpongeBob Bubble Party by Nickelodeon


SpongeBob Bubble Party lets gamers and jellyfishers dive into the ocean and join their favorite characters in Bikini Bottom. This fast-paced app is a match-three puzzle game in which players connect three or more of the same bubbles to pop them, unlocking new powers, characters and locations. Match-three games have been an ongoing trend in the gaming app world. Any SpongeBob fan would find this game fun, engaging, and addictive.

Credits: Nickelodeon

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Health & Fitness

Fitnet by Fitnet


Whatever a person’s excuses for not getting in a daily workout, they’re no longer valid with Fitnet mobile app. Fitnet personalizes 5-minute workouts for any schedule, skill level, or any location. More than 200 free workouts range from cardio, strength, and mind/body each for light, medium and intense levels. All workouts take 5 minutes and can be mixed and matched from any category to create a custom workout plan. Fitnet claims to be the only fitness application that uses a combination of biometric sensors, workout buddies and trainers.

Credits: Bob Summers, Chief Geek of Fitnet Laurie Maddox, Director of Fitness Nate Dicken, Lead UX Daniel Burgess, Senior Software Engineer Todd Bowden, iOS Engineer Kevin Hill, Data Czar

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Games: Educational/Family/Kids

ChemCrafter by Bluecadet  for The Chemical Heritage Foundation


No more experimenting in your mother’s kitchen or fooling around with a 1990’s chemistry sets. Bluecadet and Chemical Heritage Foundation have developed a game that recreates the fun of filling test tubes and exploding beakers. In ChemCrafter’s virtual experiments, bubbles, flames, and patterns of explosions are designed as accurately as possible so users can have fun and learn at the same time. Facts and educational videos are unlocked to further learning.

Credits: Josh Goldblum: Creative Director Troy Lachance: Art Director Rebecca Smith: Producer Kathryn Stracquatanio: Developer Jason Marziani: Developer Aaron Richardson: Designer The Chemical Heritage Foundation: Client

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Home/Garden/Interior Design/Lifestyle



As much as you may praise yourself for putting together that Regissör bookcase from Ikea, assembling a faucet can be a much more challenging undertaking. The BILT App provides interactive, 3D, voice-guided assembly, repair, and installation instructions on iOS and Android tablets. The manufacturers hosted on the platform provide instructions for the DIY items. This, in turn, digitally enables consumers to find the product best fit for them and assemble it as quickly and easily as possible.

Credits: d.Studio BILT Team SAP Labs| User Experience and Design |Products & Innovation

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iPad/Tablet Publishing

Color Alive Action Coloring Pages by Crayola  for Crayola


Every child’s dreams that their drawings could come to life. With Crayola Color Alive Action Coloring Pages app, Crayola changes coloring forever with coloring books that come to life on a mobile device that uses augmented reality. Each coloring book also includes a new Crayola color crayon that unlocks special effects during the experience. The books feature Barbie, Skylanders, Enchanted Garden, and Mythical Creature themes. The experience mixes traditional mediums with modern technology.

Affiliated Agency: Golin, PR Agency representing Crayola

Credits: Crayola created the Color Alive Action Coloring Pages and app.

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Speak & Translate by Apalon


Hallelujah! The wildest dream of every tourist has come true. Here is the app that lets a traveler dictate what they need to say and have it translated. Was that too much to ask? The Speak & Translate App features advanced voice recognition technology and either speaks the translation or allows the user to read it on the device. iCloud integration lets users save translations and switch the information from iPhone to iPad (or vice versa). The history of translations is similarly synced across various devices.

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Location or Place-Based App

SpotHero by SpotHero


SpotHero uses real-time place-based data to save its users time searching for parking spots, a task nobody enjoys. The company claims the average driver spends 15 minutes searching for a place to park. Using the app, users can see available parking spots near them — and prices — from a single map interface. Drivers can then reserve parking spaces via the app, which will also give them directions to the reserved spot.

Credits: Mark Lawrence, co-founder and CEO, SpotHero Jeremy Smith, co-founder and COO, SpotHero

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A Walk in the Park by Hill Holliday  for Friends of Public Gardens


The Boston Public Garden, an iconic landmark, is America's first public botanical park, but few people appreciate its history. Friends of the Public Garden wanted to change that, so Hill Holiday built an app to improve the experience of being in the park. The solution was an interactive audio tour with different chapters that played based on where the user happens to be in the Garden. The interface became their legs. Enabled by iBeacons around the gardens, visitors can hear the park’s history from an app on their phone.

Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Lance Jensen Creative Directors: Scott Noble, Bob Gates Art Director: Kar-Kate Leung Copywriters: Nate Kerbin, Eric Gorodetsky Designer: Dylan Gould, Kyle Koenig, Kyle Ernst Digital Producer: Jenny Villone Account Team: Kate Linzmeyer Planner: Katherine Coyne Integrated Operations: Mike Rubenstein Social Media Strategist: Michelle McCudden Digital Director: John Running Developers: Nat Wales, Eric Callan, Michael Walton Interface Designer: Kyle Mitchell QA Specialist: Chris Martin Media Team: Derek Welch, Elyse Szostkiewicz Sound Engineer Mark Wong Voiceover Talent: Allie Pirolli, Lawson Clarke Business Affairs: Marie Rafanan, Val Thomas

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weQuit by TBWA\Chiat\Day  for GlaxoSmithKline


When someone quits smoking, such long-term behavior change requires support. weQuit offers a social network of support to help people quit by providing motivation, and identifying and avoiding daily triggers. Users receive rewards with motivational badges, as well as real-life benefits, such as NiQuitin product discounts. The longer the user stay smoke-free, the greater the reward. In just over a month, weQuit users logged more than four million smoke-free minutes. There's also a Distract Me button for those who need extra help.

Affiliated Agency: Sutrix Media - Development

Credits: Tasha Dean - TBWA\Chiat\Day - Executive Producer - Digital Experiences Martin Mohr - TBWA\Chiat\Day - Creative Director Eri Miyagi TBWA\Chiat\Day - Art Director Marisa Lim TBWA\Chiat\Day - Art Director Alex Mamorsky -TBWA\Chiat\Day - UX Designer Khara Wagner - TBWA\Chiat\Day - Group Account Director Elektra O'Malley - TBWA\Chiat\Day - Management Supervisor Nora Chivelly - TBWA\Chiat\Day - Account Executive Michael Obermeyer - TBWA\Chiat\Day - Assistant Account Executive Rob Schwartz - TBWA\Chiat\Day - CEO Matt Ian - TBWA\Chiat\Day - Executive Creative Director Chad Hopenwasser - TBWA\Chiat\Day - Head of Integrated Production Aki Spicer - TBWA\Chiat\Day - Head of Digital Content & Strategy Ed Castillo - TBWA\Chiat\Day - Chief Strategy Officer Sami Vitamaki - TBWA\Helsinki - Digital Strategy Christine Goos - TBWA\Helsinki - Copywriter Troy Forster - TBWA\Toronto - Technical Director Sutrix Media - Development Team Paul Aaron - Modern Assembly - Executive Production

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AskMD by Sharecare


Medical issues can arise at any time. AskMD personalizes health consultation by asking relevant questions, factoring in symptoms and meds, then using Pattern Recognition Technology it suggests answers. If an emergency is detected, users are directed to the nearest ER. AskMD recommends qualified physicians nearby that are covered by the user’s insurance. In addition, the app helps people organize their health information and creates a snapshot of their health vitals. When time counts, it’s like a virtual trip to the doctor.


The Sharecare Team

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Weev by V-Poll, Inc.  for Weev


Weev is what the social media Gods had in common when they started the whole thing, which is bringing like-minded people together who would never otherwise meet. V-Poll created a video app that will allow users to find out exactly who they’re speaking to (a scary thought that). Ask a question and see who answers. You'll meet people face to face, sharing interests, arguing politics, flirting. It's a Troll Free Zone. How successful is it? The average user is now on almost one full hour a day. (Productivity be damned!) Weev is social media at its best--it's all about the connection.

Credits: Andrew Sachs - CEO & Co-Founder Stephen Moyer - Co-Founder

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mCommerce or Mobile Payments

Keep Shopping  by Keep


There are millions of fashion apps, style blogs, and online stores. Discovering all of them is nearly impossible. Keep is the one-stop shop to discover and purchase the latest trends in fashion, design, home goods and accessories. Simply put, Keep is the lovechild of Pinterest and online shopping. With the Keep OneCart, users may purchase items they discover from Keep – or from any store on the Internet – all in “the first and only multi-store, web-wide shopping cart”!

Credits: Scott Kurnit, Founder and CEO MaryAnn Bekkedahl, President and co-founder Ryan Quigley, CTO Charles Myslinsky, Head of Product Chris Parcel, Lead iOS Developer Chamara Paul, Senior iOS Engineer

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Ditty for Messenger by Zya


Ditty lets everyone make music. Users open the app, find a well-known track from a pre-selected sample of music, type in up to 70 characters, and Ditty generates a personalized lyric video featuring an automated voice that sings the message. Each cost less than $1 to both generate and send as a text message. Ditty launched as part of Facebook’s Messenger Platform in late March, and has already reached 1,000,000 downloads.

Credits: Matt Serletic, CEO and Co-Founder, Zya James Mitchell, Chief Technical Officer, Zya Adam Arrigo, Product Owner, Zya Ricky Kovac, VP of Operations, Zya Dean Serletic, Head of Marketing and Licensing, Zya Albert Lomeli, Chief Financial Officer, Zya

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Shuffle by Media Group of Americaa  for Shuffle


Shuffle's algorithms present news articles on topics related to the user's interests by selecting categories like sports, fashion, finance, or politics. The Android and iOS app presents a deck of card, each representing a story. The user swipes left if she doesn't like the topic, right if she wants to add it to her reading list. Once it's read, the user can delete it or share with friends and family. The filter function also lets users see articles based on trending topics in specific locations nearby.

Affiliated Agency: MGA - Media Group of America

Credits: Alex Skatell, Founder, Shuffle Carl Sceusa, Product Team Leader, Shuffle Adam Wojtonis, Developer, Shuffle

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PhotoTime by Orbeus


PhotoTime's photo organizing app draws on facial recognition technology to automatically detect the identity of people featured in the pictures. The app, which also detects information about when and where pictures were taken, generates keyword tags. These keywords enable users to search their photo collections – on devices as well as social networks and cloud services – without manually scrolling through photos. A bookmarking feature lets users organize images around common keywords.

Credits: Yi Li, CEO, Orbeus Inc. Yushan Chen, Product Manager, Orbeus Inc. Kuang Han, Software Engineer, Orbeus Inc.

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Privacy/Online Security

Good Work by Good Technology

Good Work allows users to share information – such as emails, calendars, messages, documents and contacts – with one another from within one app. The company’s security lies in the “containerization” of the app, which separates personal data and corporate data into standalone containers — meaning a lost or stolen phone isn’t catastrophic for an entire business. Good Work also utilizes Apple Touch ID and voice recognition for additional layers of security when users access the data in the app.

Affiliated Agency: N/A

Credits: o Hemant Sahani – Director, Product Management at Good Technology o Sang Kim – Senior Director, Engineering at Good Technology o Saul Kessler – Principal User Experience Designer, Good Technology o Nigel Thompson, VP User Experience and Product Management

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Yahoo Aviate by Yahoo


Yahoo Aviate is meant to simplify everything on an Android phone. The goal of the app is to bring everything the user needs, when they need it, to the home screen. Aviate does this by taking contextual data -- such as time of day, location and accelerometer data -- to anticipate which information its users will need, and puts that information on their home screen. Aviate also automatically categorizes apps to make them easier to find.

Affiliated Agency: N/A

Credits: Paul Montoy-Wilson, Co-founder of Yahoo Aviate, Yahoo Mark Daiss, Co-founder of Yahoo Aviate, Yahoo Will Choi,Co-founder of Yahoo Aviate, Yahoo Bernat Fortet, Experience Designer, Yahoo Laura Mesa, Product Marketing, Yahoo

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Nglish by Merriam-Webster  for Merriam-Webster/Encyclopaedia Britannica


Merriam-Webster's Nglish aims to help Spanish speakers learn English on their own schedules. The app offers both a comprehensive bilingual dictionary and an educational platform that enables users to practice the words and terms they want to learn. Nglish includes hundreds of thousands of example sentences in English, as well as synonyms, related phrases, and audio pronunciations by native speakers. The interactive Android app features quizzes and flashcards to help users expand their English vocabulary, while tracking user progress.

Credits: Lisa Schneider, Executive Director, Digital Product Management, Merriam-Webster Mike Guzzi, Executive Director, Digital Product Development, Merriam-Webster Jesse DeWitt, Director, English Language Learning Products, Merriam-Webster Jane Mairs, Director of English Language Learning Publishing, Merriam-Webster Matt Dube, VP Business Development, Merriam-Webster Meghan Lunghi, Director of Marketing, Merriam-Webster John Morse, President, Merriam-Webster Jorge Cauz, President, Encyclopedia Britannica

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Domino’s Pizza USA by Nuance Communications & Domino’s Pizza  for Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s Pizza has always been on the forefront of menu innovation and that tradition is carried forward in its apps. With the Domino’s Pizza app, developers added a new Siri-like voice system, where customers can now place orders through its virtual voice ordering assistant, Dom. Dom takes the order, ask for clarification on what type of sausage, what size the Sprite should be, and if you want the latest Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake, all while giving human-like responses.

Affiliated Agency: Nuance, the leading provider of virtual personal assistants and voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers around the world, collaborated closely with Domino’s on the creation of its new virtual voice ordering assistant, Dom.

Credits: • Dennis Maloney – Vice President of Multimedia Marketing, Domino’s Pizza • Andy Mauro – Senior Director, Cognitive Innovations Group, Nuance Communications

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Chairish by Chairish


Chairish was voted the “Can’t Live Without” decorating app by Architectural Digest, which worked out well, because the app is all about the selling of new and vintage furniture. For homeowners or renters, for people who live in apartments, condos, their old bedroom in their parents’ house, any place that needs furniture and furnishings -- this is the app. It handles the marketing, sale, shipping and details of a transaction, whether buying or selling. Listings are free and verified. How elaborate is Charish? At the moment 35,000 hand-picked items that are ready to ship.

Affiliated Agency: NA

Credits: Chairish Andy Denmark, CTO Nate Racklyeft, Engineer Thor Denmark, Engineer Steve Lindstrom, Engineer Josh Hudner, Engineer Giacomo DiGrigoli, VP of Product Madalynn Priester, Product Manager

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Search Tools

Blippar by Blippar


The Blippar app augments reality through visual search and image recognition by allowing individuals to hold their phone's camera lens up to an object, rather than using a keyword in a search box. The camera lens reads the image and pulls in an overlay of data and information. AR technology provides a layer of information on top of the physical image. The company recently raised $45 million in new funding from undisclosed investors and plans to use the financing to expand its engineering team and expand globally.

Credits: Ambarish Mitra, co-founder and CEO of Blippar Omar Tayeb, co-founder and CEO of Blippar

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Social Sharing

SameGrain by SameGrain, Inc.


SameGrain is like a dating app but for meeting friends. It’s essentially a platonic version of Tinder that brings people together based on shared interests. The app features sections like Locate (for locating friends nearby), Match (finding the like-minded), Discover (meeting people at nearby venues and event), and Chat (duh!). It is a rather cool idea for those who may be shy to meet new people and would rather be introduced on the Internet.

Credits: Anne Balduzzi, Founder & CMO of SameGrain Eric Eller, Co-founder & CEO of SameGrain Ron Diegelman, Co-founder & CFO of SameGrain Jonathan Seale, Data Scientist for SameGrain

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It’s not just a golf thing, it’s not even a PGA tour golf thing, it’s a PGA Tour iPad app golf thing. With its proprietary data, the PGA tour info is a touch away. Users can download every piece of news, video, stat. They can follow every player, look at tee placements and generally keep up with every shot made on tour (and if you are doing this, you really might have a problem). Then, users can share thoughts and content with others on the site, regardless of the device or operating system or handicap.

Affiliated Agency: Omnigon - App Design and Feed Development POSSIBLE Mobile - iOS Developer

Credits: Jeff Powell, Project Manager, PGA TOUR Ryan Maddox, Project Manager, PGA TOUR David Plant, Director - Product Development, PGA TOUR Brad Rossini, Project Manager, Possible Mobile Bradford Dillon, Technical Architect, Possible Mobile Lindsay Giachetti, Director - User Experience, Possible Mobile Danielle Reubenstein, Director - User Experience, Possible Mobile Elizabeth Morahan , Project Manager, Omnigon Ketan Patel, Project Manager, Omnigon Nick Arcuri , Director - Sports Products, Omnigon Bora Nikolic , Chief Creative Officer, Omnigon

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Television/Video App

Reuters TV by Reuters TV


The Reuters TV App is designed for people who don’t watch a lot of news on television. There are sections including On Demand, Up to Date, Relevant to You, Any Duration, the last of which is exactly what it sounds like—stories from five minutes to 30. The content, both editorial and reporting, originates in London, Hong Kong, New York and Washington and calls on Reuters’ more than 2,500 journalists worldwide. It’s personalized without pandering; it’s real time on any device.

Affiliated Agency: Ueno - Creative Agency

Credits: - Isaac Showman, Managing Director, Reuters TV - Eric Johnston, Engineering Director, Reuters TV - Haraldur Thorleifsson, Creative Director, UENO - Elizabeth Pace, Senior Marketing Manager, Reuters TV - Marcus Eckert, Senior Engineer and Motion Designer, Reuters TV - Pedro Gomes, iOS Tech Lead, Reuters TV - Dan Colarusso, Executive Editor, Reuters TV - Joanna Webster, Editorial Director, Reuters TV - Jenny Harris, Senior Producer, Reuters TV

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Travel & Tourism

A Walk in the Park by Hill Holliday  for Friends of Public Gardens


At 24 acres, Boston Public Garden is a sea of green in a major metropolis. The Victorians established its style in 1837, championing the gardener’s art. It’s also resplendent with memorials, a lagoon bridge and statues, including one of Bagheera, the panther from Kipling’s “Jungle Book.” The app’s goal is to one-up a guided tour by personalizing it. As visitors stroll the garden, they literally move through its history. An interactive audio tour reveals the backstory to its wonders.

Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Lance Jensen Creative Directors: Scott Noble, Bob Gates Art Director: Kar-Kate Leung Copywriters: Nate Kerbin, Eric Gorodetsky Designer: Dylan Gould, Kyle Koenig, Kyle Ernst Digital Producer: Jenny Villone Account Team: Kate Linzmeyer Planner: Katherine Coyne Integrated Operations: Mike Rubenstein Social Media Strategist: Michelle McCudden Digital Director: John Running Developers: Nat Wales, Eric Callan, Michael Walton Interface Designer: Kyle Mitchell QA Specialist: Chris Martin Media Team: Derek Welch, Elyse Szostkiewicz Sound Engineer Mark Wong Voiceover Talent: Allie Pirolli, Lawson Clarke Business Affairs: Marie Rafanan, Val Thomas

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iMeet Agenday by PGi


Productivity at work on the wrist makes PGi's iMeet Agenday Smart Calendar App for Smartwatches an interesting app. It runs on an iOS or an Android interface allowing wearers to schedule meetings, view calendars, and set agendas. It offers a variety of pre-set features such as running late icon, join meeting reminder, and polling feature. When employees run late, they can send an update directly from the smartwatch. The app also offers video features. Employees also can join any meeting through the app's video collaboration service iMeet.

Credits: Boland T. Jones, PGi founder, chairman & CEO David Guthrie, PGi chief technology officer Daniel Graff-Radford, PGi VP Technology - iMeet Agenday Kaushal Panjwani, PGi Lead Developer - iMeet Agenday Therese Mushock, PGi chief designer - iMeet Agenday

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Utilities/Device Enhancement

Automatic by Automatic Labs


Automatic is like a wearable technology for cars. It’s a matchbox-sized car adapter synced to the Automatic app that provides drivers with a real-time driving data collected straight from the vehicle's onboard computer and transmitted via bluetooth to the driver’s smartphone. Automatic provides technological solutions to automotive challenges like engine diagnostic, collision detection, and real-time feedback on driving habits. The app essentially increases the awareness of the car and driving behavior.

Credits: N/A

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Sunnycomb by Fueled  for Weathernews Inc.


Weather apps largely boast the same features and functionality: current conditions, alerts, longer-term forecasts and the like. Thus Sunnycomb feels both novel and a little bit quirky at the same time. While it offers all the usual weather-app standbys, it also attempts to make weather personal. Owing to a well-nurtured community, Sunnycomb boasts an abundance of user-submitted photos as well as shared, decidedly non-scientific information about weather conditions and patterns wherever its users happen to find themselves.

Credits: Ryan Matzner-Strategist Glenn Hitchcock-Designer Lead Joe Mortell- Designer

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Adobe Brush CC by Adobe


Adobe Brush CC allows designers to capture real-world elements in a photograph to create a custom brush that can be used in other Adobe tools such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and the Illustrator Sketch mobile app. It is easy to use for beginners and complex and refined enough for professionals. The app allows designers to manipulate and edit the size and color of the brush and also save them to a Creative Cloud Library for sharing with friends and colleagues.

Affiliated Agency: Edelman, PR

Credits: Chris Nuuja, senior engineering manager, Flash Player, Adobe Systems Sebastian Marketsmueller, Senior Programmer, Adobe Systems Werner Sharp, Software Engineer, Adobe Systems, Inc Tinic Uro, Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Mas Kagitam Adobe Yinan Liu, Software QE Developer, Creative Cloud, Adobe System Erik Natze, Principal Designer, Adobe Will Eisley, Principal Product Manager, Adobe Eric Snowden, Director of Design, Adobe/Behance

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