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April 6, 8PM, EDT

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An Alternative To Your Basic Savings Account 

App: WinWin Save

APPY Category: Finance

Developer: FatCat Financial, Inc.

Free for the first month. After that, a $2 a month charge for automatic savings. No fees for deposits or withdrawals.  Must be 17 to download.

WinWinSave was created by a co-founder of Stash, an app that has helped over 1.7 million people start investing,  In a regular savings account, save $200 at the average 0.01% APR, and you’ll earn only 2 cents a year. With WinWinSave, you have the chance to play a game to win instant cash prizes. Every week, you’ll enter to win a grand prize drawing for $1,000. For every dollar you have saved, you’ll earn another entry. The more you save, the more chances you have to win. You can auto-save as little as $5 per month, and get entries to win $1,000 every Friday. Additionally, there is a chance to play a game with 1,500 instant prizes every day. 
Your money is FDIC-insured, and you can take it out any time.

Need Help With Your Homework? Ask An Expert. 

App: tutit - On Demand Tutoring

APPY Category: Education

Developer: 2TorHelp, LLC

Free App Download, sessions billed by the minute.

The Tutit app allows students to search from a pool of qualified teachers, professors professionals and graduate students who will immediately provide them with the help they need. The app enables students and tutors to participate in sessions virtually while using chat, photo/homework upload, audio and interactive whiteboard features. Available tutors will respond to a session request within 60 seconds. Each session is billed by the minute, after a five-minute minimum.Tutor applicants are screened and must be qualified in the subject(s) that they tutor. Tutor ratings are routinely reviewed and any tutor that falls below Tutit's minimum acceptable standards are removed from the app

Everything But The You Know What 

App: Cuisinart KitchenSync
Category: Marketing/Branding/Advertising

Cuisinart's KitchenSync app gives you the ability to augment your cooking skills and use your cuisinart products to their maximum advantage. The app allows you to search and share recipes, save recipes to your recipe box, and cross reference recipes with your pantry so you can develop a shopping list. You can also search recipes that are tailored to your existing pantry items. Recipe images and videos are also part of the experience.  Recent upgrades now allow you to quickly convert cooking measurements, set an alarm with the cooking timer, cook flawless eggs to perfection with the new egg timer, and access a glossary of cooking terms at your fingertips. Cuisinart will also send you a recipe of the day, and chances to enter photo contests of your creations to the Cuisinart.com site.

Teach Your Children Well 

App: ChorePal
APPY Category: Family/Parenting
Developer:  COUNTRY Financial/Solstice

Presented by COUNTRY Financial, ChorePal provides families a modern way to reward working together and saving to achieve goals. Parents can create and assign chores while rewarding kids for being responsible. As parents establish both  short- and long-term goals for their kids, they help to instill both the value of hard work as well as the basics of financial planning and what it means to save towards a specific goal. As kids complete chores and earn points or money towards their goals, they see in real time how their hard work translates to achieving their goals. ChorePal’s rewards system also helps show kids the difference between cashing in on short-term goals like additional screen time or a trip to the movies, and saving to achieve larger goals like a new bike or video game system. With thousands of users and over 200,000 chores completed since its launch, ChorePal is helping to instill the value of hard work and the importance of saving in the next generation.

Forgot Your Password? 

APP: Dashlane

APPY Category: Online Privacy/Security

Developer: Dashlane


The average user has over 150 accounts across multiple devices. That is a lot to remember. And, as there were 2.6 Billion online accounts breached last year, having unique passwords across all your accounts is mandatory for security but impossible to manage. Dash lane's password manager is easy to use, uses strong encryption and is compatible with a variety of operating systems and browsers. It offers a password generating tool, smart form autofill, digital wallet and security alerts.

Dashlane has won critical acclaim by top publications including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. In addition to the free app, there is a premium version which provides unlimited back-up of your data, use of the app on multiple devices and added security via a U2F security key.

Up And Far Away From Airport Lines 


Developer:  ArcTouch

Fractional ownership of a jet allows companies or individuals the freedom associated with aircraft ownership but almost none of the responsibilities and with only a portion of the cost.
The Flexjet app enhances the Flexjet Owner experience and delivers their clients  more control over, and greater value in, the coordination of their travel needs.
The app gives owners the ability to book and manage trips from their phones, and view account information on the go. Fractional owners can book trips, order catering, request ground transportation and get real-time travel notifications for upcoming trips. Along with a detailed itinerary, customers can see photos of their pilots, run flight-time estimates and perform destination research. The Flexjet app provides easy access to pre-flight information, directions to airport fixed-based operators (FBOs) and destination weather.

Your Remembrances, Your Way 

My Eulogy

Developer:  Davison Design


How will people remember you at your funeral? Why leave this to chance?

The My Eulogy App lets you create and share multiple eulogies for your loved ones thru Text, Photos or Videos. Eulogies are created for a future date under “Date of Activation” with an option to select an authorized person who will trigger the eulogies. SMS or e-mail notification will be sent to eulogy recipients upon triggering a eulogy. You can also use this app to create eulogies of your loved ones.

APPY Award Finalist: Make Your Smart Things Smarter 

App: Stringify
Developer: Stringify

2017 APPY Award Finalist Stringify allows people to connect all their physical products and digital services together in one place so they can take better care of themselves, their families, and their homes.  The service connects to over 600 smart products such as Nest, Hue, Ring, Google Home and Amazon Echo as well as digital services like Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox. All can be accessed without hopping in and out of multiple apps. Users can easily add automated experiences Stringify calls "Flows": two or more “Things” connected together to create a unique experience. Users can edit any Flow or create Flows from scratch with an easy to use, drag and drop interface. Anything can be connected to anything in virtually limitless ways with multiple inputs, outputs and conditions. Users can even share their Flows with friends, family, or any of the enthusiast communities by tapping a button. Between iOS and Android, Stringify carries a 4.5 star rating across hundreds of customer reviews. 

Searching For The Right Word? 

Developer:  Dictionary.com
Dictionary.com helps its users master the art of language to benefit them in all aspects of their lives. The power of the written word has perhaps never been so important as it is today, thanks to the democratization of the web and the rise of self-publishing. As the world’s first and largest digitally-native dictionary, Dictionary.com provides reliable access to millions of English definitions and meanings, spellings, audio pronunciations, example sentences and word origins. The app offers trusted reference content with more than two million English definitions and synonyms, and is the most comprehensive tool for word discovery. Features including audio pronunciations, voice word search, translations for over 30 languages, word origins, spelling suggestions, and more. Additional features of Dictionary.com include editorial posts about language usage in historical and current events as well as advice and insight, quiz widgets to test vocabulary, local look-ups, favorite words and search history, and an advanced learner’s dictionary.

Simplifying Life for Transplant Patients 

APP: Transplant Hero
Developer: Stanfy

A transplant is a life-saving procedure. But, it is only the first step in the patient's long term health. There are many medications that need to be taken and at all hours of the day to avoid organ rejection. The Transplant Hero app helps patients gain control of their medication schedule. Patients can also invite family and friends to help them stay on track.  Transplant Hero Guardians (caregivers) get access to the medication regimen and get alerts for taken or missed doses. Recognizing that a strong support group is key to success, this closed network is a tool to increase communication and medical adherence.
Many transplant patients are children, and this app makes their medical regimen and its adherence into a game.