• If You Open Legoland Star Wars Days Email, You'll See Instagram Ads for the Event
    Email data offers the most insight for Merlin Entertainments than any other channel, but the company uses a multichannel approach to help drive conversions.
  • The North Face Emails Focus on Brand DNA
    Data collection starts in the store for The North Face Europe. In a keynote at EIS EU, Chiara Rossitti, revealed that the company collects email addresses during events. "It is the perfect occasion to collect the data," she said.
  • Advertising On OTT: Digital Or TV? Maybe Both
    Plenty of advertising promise and results exist on OTT platforms -- although TV advertisers can be resistant. Definitions can be a problem.  Is it digital? Is it TV? “We looked at it as a completely different platform,” says Sara Axelbaum, senior vp of client services for the Fox Network Group, speaking at MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit. “The most innovative things don’t fit into spreadsheets.” For example, on OTT platforms for its FX network, she says, “we are purposely decreasing our [commercial] supply.” FX limits one commercial per commercial pod for its shows; one advertiser ...
  • Seeing The Light: Musical TV Creative And Light Bulbs
    Longtime digital video marketers moving to linear TV video have an unusual creative task — especially for companies with a more business-to-business emphasis. 1000bulbs.com targets electricians, maintenance professionals, building owners and architects that buy in bulk. A highly musical number was the way to go for the company.  At MediaPost TV & Video Insider Summit, Jeremy Foster, vp of marketing and product development of the company, said inspiration for the creative came from marketers such as Dollar Shave Club and Free Credit Report.  “When we watch TV, it needs to be distracting,” says Foster. “We need to be entertaining.” ...
  • The Russians are coming to boost your Instagram likes? Not Really.
    You want some influence marketing quickly -- with not much accountability, or even reality? The Russians have something to sell you. In speaking at the OMMA LA event, Jeff Suhy, president and partner of creative agency Mop Op, says you can get lift from influencing marketing via fake Instagram “likes” through a “Russian Vending Machine”. The actual vending machine has seen in an upscale shopping center near the Kremlin in Moscow, according to Refinery29 story. One can purchase as many as 10,000 followers (from dummy accounts) for under $70. For 50 Russian rubles, one can buy ...
  • Influencer Marketing: There's A Lot To Clean Up
    About 74% of marketers still struggle with the return on investment from influencer marketing because it's difficult to define a strategy, said Maria Sipka, cofounder and chief evangelist at Linqia.
  • VIP Membership Has Its Privileges For This Marketplace
    The privilege is having access to consumer data. Consumers love this network of brands that make up TechStyle Fashion Group so much that they are willing to give them data. Lots of data.
  • Predictive Technology: Going Beyond CPA
    Speaking at the OMMA LA conference, Sujay Kar, head of data science of TechStyle Fashion Group, says predictive technology is a key for the marketing efforts of its fashion business -- even allowing it to spend more on advertising. The group, whose brands include Fabletics, JustFab, ShoeDazzle and FabKids, has 4 million VIP members, 80% repeat consumers, and 65 million products shipped. TechStyle spends close to $180 million in advertising -- with 24,000 active creatives on Facebook, 36 unique TV commercials (150 iterations that are tested), and 3,300 email creatives. Kar says the company can ...
  • Do Humans Interpret Context Better Than Robots?
    I'm beginning to wonder, as Google, Bing and others build platforms that teach humans how to team them. We're at OMMA LA today to talk about robots and programmatic creative.
  • Cross Channel Consistency is a Challenge When Marketing Departments Are Siloed
    Creating a consistent customer experience across channels is a challenge for marketers, according to a panel of brands at Email Insider Summit Barcelona today.
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