• First, Build.... Make, Sell, Learn, Repeat
    Rick Hasselbeck, chief commercial officer at GE Appliances, told our Brand Insider Summit D2C, how his team is bringing good pizza to consumers.
  • CRM as a Business Strategy
    When Francis Ford Coppola Winery's Lillian Nickelson asked attendees of our Brand Insider Summit D2C, "How many of you have heard about the fires in Sonoma County?," everyone raised a hand. Her work in customer relationship management is underway.
  • Unlocking Disproportionate Growth Through Audio Advertising
    There it was, a small tech store in the Big Apple, a store no one had heard of. And then it discovered podcasting, and Policygenius was on a lot of people's lips.
  • Expanding the Brand: Data-Driven Product Development
    When D2C brands look to development new products, how do they use the data they have to help them go forward -- or not?
  • How A Brand Developed A Recipe For Healthy Growth
    In the beginning -- 2015 -- Brett Podolsky was doing all cooking and delivering with his co-founder. They started with just eight customers in the SoHo and Tribeca areas of Manhattan, satisfying customers for a few years while they raised capital.
  • How A Little Red Book (Not Mao's) Made A Brand
    Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand, came up with a very cool idea one day while flying over the Grand Canyon on his way to who knows where.
  • Micro-targeting Is Key To Reaching Audience
    "There is no more linear process to reaching the consumer. We have to blend traditional fundamentals with today's realities. We have to be scrappy, flexible and in constant test-and-learn mode."
  • Identify Opportunities For Proactive Content
    Kelsey Cohen, Director of Growth for Bloomscape, a 20-month-old D2C startup selling plants online out of Detroit, detailed ways to strike up a conversation with your potential customers by creating content. She calls it "content mapping."
  • D2Cs Shift Strategy In Order To Achieve Scale, Sustainability
    Attendees at our Brand Insider Summit D2C perked up when they heard from Mark Wynohradnyk, Brand Director of Gravity Products, which markets blankets. (Check them out, very interesting.)
  • Consumer Shopping Changing At Breakneck Speed
    "What was cool is no longer cool anymore," said the former CMO of Boxed, offering virtual reality as an example.
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