• Campaigns Reorganize For Fractured Electorate
    Run for Something works with only local and state candidates from those running for the state legislature to the local dog catcher. Rocketto spoke on a panel, "Follow the Money: Allocation (And Reorganization) Forecasting 2020," at our Marketing Politics conference in Washington, D.C.
  • Making Space For A Younger, Diverse Generation
    What if Martin Luther King had had Twitter? Jara Butler, National Training and Services Director, for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, mused about that as well as #ihaveadream and #marchonwashington. It's a great question!
  • Insurgent Republican On Running For President
    Was that a primal scream?
  • Activating, Not Alienating, To Get Out The Vote
    The old way of reaching potential voters used to be about volume. If you sent out five direct mail pieces, send a sixth. Now, the methods have shifted and the focus is on quality of message rather than volume.
  • Creative Gets Political Operatives Around Ad Bans
    In navigating the new social "etiquette," political operatives haven't got any answers because the "ground is still shifting," said Laura Carlson, Digital Director of the Democratic Governors Association, at MediaPost's Marketing Politics conference in Washington, D.C.
  • RNC Gets A Look At The Day Ahead Via Twitter
    Kevin Zambrano looked nervous. Which was odd since this chief digital officer of the Republican National Committee should be sitting pretty, having known three years ago that this year's nominee would be Donald Trump.
  • DNC Is Stuck In 'Plug And Play' Mode, Readying For Nominee
    The DNC is developing easily transferrable assets. "One thing that we really can provide for them are volunteer and donator lists," said Patrick Stevenson, Chief Mobilization Officer for the Democratic National Committee.
  • 'Media Is Media' Should Guide Campaign Planning
    Asked what is missing from today's political campaigns, he said that, "metric-wise, they are so archaic. The way we look at the impact of a program. Using clicks, CTR doesn't makes sense."
  • CPG Goes D2C: Learning the New Brand/Performance Tango
    When Clorox bought Nutranext, it didn't set out to absorb the company into its CPG-ness, but instead let Nutranext continue on its D2C path.
  • Sometimes What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You
    "As we on-boarded a new agency, we did some digging. We found that a lot of spend was used to target children under the age of six, specifically." You see, kids that young don't know to hit the skip button.
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