• As OTT Surges In Ad-Supported Media, How To Choose A Channel?
    As OTT stands out in the period of flux, how do agencies go about finding a trusted partner? Do they vet them or do they just work with them so long that they come to know?
  • Job Platform Indeed Finds Gold In Long-Form Content On TV
    "What we see is that linear TV is the biggest driver for us," Indeed's Paul J. D'Arcy told MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit via Zoom, "because of its reach and scale. It's a powerful channel."
  • Brands, Agencies Work Through Media Planning One Day At A Time
    A lively panel discussion on Day One of MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit heard a pet food marketer and two agency operatives acknowledge the difficulty in planning during uncertainty.
  • Skullcandy's Content-to-Commerce Journey Gets Shorter By The Year
    On the first day of MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit, we heard from Skullcandy CMO Jessica Klodnicki, who outlined how the brand developed a successful content-to-commerce model.
  • In The Year 2025, Will The Upfront Still Be With Us? What About COVID-24?
    Tim Hill, EVP, Integrated Investment at UM, foresaw a smaller scene. "Flexibility will be generated by negotiations but some clients will want more than upfront can provide and may decide to opt out."
  • Media Buyers Ride Out Uncertain Times By Proactively Looking At All The Options
    Discussions seem to be all the rage. Gibbs Haljun, managing director, media investment at GroupM, agreed, adding that one of the benefits is that "it has allowed us to be more thoughtful."
  • Publishers Talk Strategy Around Pandemic Crisis
    Nick Johnson, Vice President and Head of Advertising at McClatchy, said the sales team moved to a "full-court press on educating advertisers why a pause made more sense" than a cancellation.
  • Half Of Slate's Revenue Comes From Its Podcasts
    "The essential mission of Slate is to help people understand what's important," said CRO Charlie Kammerer. Since there has been a lot going on with the pandemic, Slate is seeing big increases in podcasting and web traffic.
  • 'The Week Junior' Aims To Give Gen Alpha An Outlet To Be Heard
    "Age 8 or 9 is the pivot point, where children become interested in the world that is wider than their families," said The Week's Kerin O'Connor, adding frankly, "There is also a lot of money in it."
  • From The Ashes Of Crises, Publishers Find A Spirit Of Generosity
    Already struggling under digital pressures, media companies faced the COVID-19 epidemic head on and, in some ways outlined by our Publishing Insider Summit panelists on Thursday, actually are coming out on top.
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